Hard at work

I came across some pictures of us hard at work. The pictures of me were taken by my 5 year old on my cell phone, so they are very blurry, but fun anyway!



I’m working hard in our family room! All the switches, plugs, and covers in the house were a tan color, which I loathe. I really REALLY like WHITE accents. White baseboards. White molding. White switches, and plugs, and covers. White blinds. You get the idea….


So here I am changing out all the plugs in the living room. Don’t worry, I switched the breaker. Most of the time. 😉 And, yes, in addition to everything else I know how to do, I also can play with electricity. Thanks dad for forcing me to be a tom-boy against my will as a child!


And poor Ben…


This is what happened when I made him paint the ceiling in the kitchen…


After seeing him I made sure to use a roller to roll on the paint for all the other ceilings that *I* did.


I think he picked paint out of his hair for a week after this.

No matter how well you cover an area or seal off a section of you house everything you own still looks like this when you are finished.




Please don’t ask me why my son’s Superman piggy bank is on our computer desk. No, it is not my home decor!

And one more for fun!


I’m adding a thin layer of joint compound to the walls before we textured them. We had to get them all level and smooth before we could add the texture.  Don’t you just love my pajamas-turned-work-clothes?

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