It’s just a closet…

Seriously, right? Why bother. Weeeell, just a tiny bit of paint really does help. A lot. Seriously. My favorite colors are neutral tans. White is just to hospital-ish. Just adding some paint to the walls in your closet really makes it so much warmer. Just see for yourself…



I know! Fo shizzle, right?! Check out some more angles:





Ain’t my boy just ah-dorable!

Now I just need to add a better light fixture so my pictures aren’t so dark! Wouldn’t a cute little chandelier be just so… cute?!
Oh, and I painted all the shelves and molding white. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would paint molding a yellow-ish color in the first place. SO GROSS!

So, you wanna hear a totally disgusting story about this closet? Seriously, it’s totally gross. Don’t read if you don’t want to know.

I’m serious!

Okaaay, don’t be mad at me when you are totally grossed out…

So, do you see in the “before” pictures some linens on the shelf? There’s also something blue on the top left shelf. See it?! Okay, well, the previous owner left all those linens for me when we moved in. They were the old curtains (which I promptly donated b/c they were gross).

Anyway, that blue linen is actually a thin Land’s End robe. When I took it down off the shelf to toss it I was horrified to discover that the previous owner had left a HUGE ginormous throw-up-in-my-mouth-disgusting skid mark right where her bum goes. Yup. I’m serious. You know the saying, “You can’t make this sh@! up?” Yup. Literally.

Thanks previous owner. Not only did your paint color choices suck, but your curtains were ugly, you totally jacked up several areas of the house that I had to fix (um, sandpaper walls anyone?), AND you left such a lovely robe for me to boot. You rock.

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  1. Ew, ew, ew! That’s so gross. Don’t you just love the nasties people leave behind? Our house was an estate, so it was filled with all kinds of weird objects, including a little shrine for dead cats with kitty cat ashes!

  2. Goodness, that pretty much takes the biscuit in terms of a previous owner story!
    Sometimes (once in a blue moon?) previous owners leave good stuff – my Dad is still riding a bike which was abandoned in a house we bought in Scotland in 1975 🙂

    • Wow, that is awesome! I did get one good thing from the previous owner. She left behind a Pampered Chef Stoneware Baker. I totally disinfected it though and baked it on 450 in the oven for an hour!

  3. Just found you on NFF. And yes I read it even though you warned me and yes I was TOTALLY grossed out. I am glad we are in the process of building. Nobodies nasty robe will be in there. By the way. Love the closet make over. We are going to build some closet organizers and I just read something the other day about either painting you closet a fun color or adding some fun wallpaper in it. We shall see what we do.

  4. Just found you from Domestically Speaking. All I have to say is that before we moved into our home, I made a deal with my husband that if he painted our master closet, I’d let him paint the garage floor. What a difference it makes. Love the color choice too!!

  5. Oh wow!too bad for me I can’t get rid of the mental picture! lol you are funny…and no! its not just a closet…I ♥ the paint! good choice!

  6. We had a drawer full of toe nail clippings. So gross, but not as bad as your, um, yuck, robe. We also had to sandpaper walls that were all wonky and our trim is that ugly yellowish beige color. What is with people anyway!?

    I told Mr. Sahm that the beige is making me blue and we gotta start painting, pronto. Neither of us has ever done doors or trim, so we’re a bit nervous.

    BTW, your closet looks great. I am actually going to start with closets as my first projects that I tackle on my own. So I get you… a nice closet can make your day so much brighter!

  7. Eew again! The story, not the closet. the closet colors are really nice!

  8. Lol! That does make a huge difference. My kids closets are painted the most dated, scuffed, sad blue ever and it’s been on my to-do list forever. Thanks for the extra motivation!

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