Oh yes, they did.

Remember my rant the other day (or was it yesterday?) about my porch? (It’s here if you want to catch up.)


I’m staring at a blue tarp. Still.

I received a letter today stating that once they get their permits signed (did you catch that? They haven’t gotten the permits signed. Grrr) They are ASSURING me that the porch will be done in 2-3 weeks from the time the permits are signed. Wait. What? 2-3 weeks? You heard me. 2-3 weeks to finish once the permit is actually signed. Which, let me remind you that I am in California, the state of inefficiency, will be a total of at least 5-6 weeks (but I’m guessing more at the rate their going).

I want my sunlight! I need my sunlight! (Insert small huge temper tantrum here)

How pissed would they be if I tore down the tarp? If I can’t walk on my porch then at least I can have light again.

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  1. hi allison! thanks for inviting me over! Love the blog, and good luck with the balcony situation, bleh! (PS: I read about the bathrobe and I am horrified for you!)

  2. i love how you keep on posting all the time. it’s great fun to have a new post every day on your blog!

  3. Yeah, blue tarp isn’t the nicest thing to have to look out at…but hopefully it will be over soon and you’ll be so much happier!

    Plus, it’s going to be cloudy until then, right? 😉

  4. So sorry about your view… you’d think that they’d have been smart enough to get the permits before they destroyed your balcony 🙄 Hopefully the permit people will come through quick… stopping by from SITS

  5. Uh, yeah, that’s why I just moved out of Cali! Hang in there. It’s raining right? At least it isn’t sunny BBQ weather????

    Stopping by from SITS, I’ll be back soon for sure!

    Alex aka Ma, What’s For Dinner?


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