When bad ideas happen to good people…

I had the best idea last night!! I’m living in an apartment right now so I don’t have a garage for my projects. I can’t even do them on my porch at the moment so I did what any creative crafty gal would do. I improvised!!


Best. Idea. Ever. Right?! I was pleased as punch with myself for coming up with such a creative way to spray paint!!

Just pleased as punch until my husband came home from work and tried to cook some dinner… My entire kitchen – floors, counters, stove, even the dog bowl! – was covered in the extra spray from the spray paint.


Ya, for realz.


My amazing sweet patient kind husband was NOT pleased as punch with me.

I have now been FORBIDDEN to spray paint in the kitchen. What am I, a child? Apparently so because honestly, looking back on this, why would anyone in their right mind spray paint in the kitchen?! Ya. Bad idea. But husband and I did enjoy a *legal* high the rest of the night, and a migraine hangover the next morning. Those fumes are potent!

So I found a way to get my stuff painted as well as get back at those mean porch people!


Ha! That will teach them to mess with me!!


Best part is I still get the fumes in my house. Kidding kidding peeps. Calm down! I only liked the smell of fumes when I was preggo. Some weird soap/dirt/fumes deal. Idunno.

And don’t worry, I’m going to share all these awesome spray-paint decor with you as quick as I can post them.

Bottom line… Don’t act like a giddy child on Christmas eve and spray paint in your kitchen. Bad things happen. (And I’m a good person dangit!)

Kinda reminds me of the time when I was about 10ish okay, okay, I was like 15 and I just needed to sand a cool project on my mother’s brand new laminate counter tops. Yup. Not my finest hour. Nothing like scratched up sanded brand new counter tops to make your momma happy. {Sorry mom!} She still has those same counter tops. It’s been about 15 years since then. Oops!

{I wont mention the FOUR Oreck vacuums I broke as a teenager. Rubber bands and paperclips do not like to be vacuumed up. Neither does the power cord to said vacuum.}

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  1. Oops! I’ve been spray painting in the garage lately and still getting lots of fumes because it’s too windy to keep the door open. I think I’ve lost a lot of brain cells this winter. I can’t wait for warmer weather.

  2. See, I told my mom that I could have been making even bigger messes…she didn’t believe me.

  3. Too funny! I am sitting here laughing out loud. I spray paint in my laundry room all the time after hubby and kids are in bed. A Magic Eraser sponge takes that overspray dust right up!

  4. You spray painted in your kitchen! You are crazy!!! If any of my renters ever spray paint in their kitchen……I would be like your husband. I hope you had a great high!!!

  5. Live and learn, right?! 😀 Ugh on the headache! 🙁

  6. ha, I just snorted. I’m glad I’m not the only person whose had this amazing idea go wrong…

  7. Take at look at my post and my daughters feet. Same thing. Stripes, $70.00

  8. Haha. This sounds like the kind of thing I would do or similar to dumb things I have done. Our artsy sides just get ahead of our logical thinking. What can we say?

  9. Uh yeah, I got a little overspray on the car the other day. I’m thinking I need to get that buffed out before my husband gets home from work at the end of the month. 😛 And ok, I thought I was the only person on earth who had the weird smell addiction thing while pregnant. I’m not kidding, I was addicted to smelling Noxema face pads and rubbing alcohol. It was the weirdest thing! Oh yeah, and laundry detergent smelled SO good. lol

  10. You are so funny. I feel as though I am reading about myself. I am the giddy child on Christmas Eve, too. When it comes to my crafts. I’m the same way, thanks for the laugh.

  11. LOL, the bf spray paints in the guest room, but his protection box is a little bigger than the ones you use. It does leave paint everywhere, but nothing that a good vaccuum cant solve. Must read about the porch people now…


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