You’re special plate DIY

Today for Flashback Friday is the “You Are Special” plate. I’ve seen this plate around for years and wanted to make my own version of it. Here’s the original idea:


In 2005 I went to a local “paint your own pottery” shop and created my own version.


The plate is mainly for my children so I added this on the back:



My favorite part of the plate are the swirls:


I’m mostly pleased with the plate I made. It’s definitely more my style than the original plate. What matters most though is that my kids love it because it helps them to feel like the king/queen for the day.

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  1. You know, I’ve always wanted to paint on glass and dishes.. gave me a bit of inspiration.. I might try it… nice job!

  2. cuteness. Mine reads god thinks you are special today…and every day. Love that you made your own.

  3. that turned out so good! I agree, the swirls are the best.

    Thank you for linking this up too!

  4. So precious! Your kiddos must love it.

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