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Hookin Up with HoH #1

The time has come... It's time to Hook up with House of Hepworths!!! Show me the money, peeps! Next Thursday I'll post my favorites from this weeks party, so make 'em good! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Thanks for coming to my first ever linky par-tay! Post about anything your heart desires: crafts, food and gooey glory, thrift store goodness, etc. Simple Rules: (I hate rules!) * Add my orangie button to your link. Or don't. Sidebar. Separate tab. I don't care. Just put a link to my site somewhere on your blog so others can come party with us! * Link directly to … [Read more...]

Rollin’ the DICE || HUGE dice paper mache tutorial

Who doesn't love extra super duper large DICE decor? Today I'm going to show you how to make your own large dice! (Lucky you!...) I've seen large dice all over blog-land, but the first time I actually felt motivated to make my own was when I saw one at Lemon Tree Creations. The first thing I did was hit the dollar store in search of something cube shaped to make my dice from. This should work nicely... I put the box together and stuffed it full of plastic grocery sacks. Then I taped it closed really well. The following technique I learned from my mom's friend … [Read more...]

Thursday link party reminder!

Don't forget my first link party TOMORROW! I'll post the link party tonight before I go to bed (around 10ish Pacific Coast time). Spread the word! Grab a button! ;) … [Read more...]

Inspirational Decorative Plate Trio

Today I'm going to show you how to make a trio of Inspirational Decorative Plates for only $4. Can't beat four bucks! While I was browsing the 99 Cent Store last week I stumbled upon this package of vinyl. It says, "Live well, Laugh often, Love always" I knew I wanted the vinyl, but wasn't sure exactly what to do with it. Platters? Maybe a picture frame? Plates? I walked around the store and finally found these red plates. The plates were perfect. They didn't have a lip inside them, they were large, and they were a nice color. I'll take them! When I got home I cut … [Read more...]

numbered wheat grass decor tins

Anyone remember these hideous things from last month? (I've got nothing against America, just these awful containers.) They had this gritty texture on them similar to sand paper. After about 2 seconds of scraping I figured out if I soaked them the gunk came off quicker. (Ewww - look how gross they made the water...) After I got all the yuck off them I washed them and let them dry. Now the fun begins!! Spray paint! Two coats of Flat black followed by a coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze. Yes, that is a vinyl sticker (you guys are just too sharp, aren't you?!)! If … [Read more...]

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

This mirror certainly isn't the fairest one of all! But it's mini and we all know that anything mini is extra super-duper cauuute. And plus, for 69 cents it was practically FREE. How could I not buy it? So, does anybody know what happens when the whistle blows in five minutes? (I get a time out?) Everyone goes to lunch! Which means this mirror will be... (...Painted?!) Yessssss! I painted a mirror. :D (Can anyone name that movie?) So I popped it apart and scraped the Goodwill price tag off it. Then I gave it a good coat of spray paint primer and two … [Read more...]

Springing the Tiki Platter || dollar store art

As promised, I'm back to deliver a second Spring decor craft! First, I needed a cheap rectangle platter. Isn't this friggin' AWESOME?!! I especially love the huge teethy grin this Tiki is sporting. Who am I kidding? This platter is seriously hideous. Thank goodness it was only a dollar. First thing first, it's plastic, so I painted it with spray paint for plastic. (I didn't want my *real* color chipping off, so I used this first as a base coat.) Looking better already! Next, I added some Timberline Green acrylic paint. Not sure this is going to work or … [Read more...]