Trash Stand || candle stand from trash DIY

Okay, peeps, I have to warn you up front that it’s late, and I’m in a mood. I’m sure you have noticed I’m a *tad* sarcastic on occasion… well, tonight it’s srsly off the hook.

With that being said, this next project is totally dope.

I’m sure you are scratching your head with the title. It is not a typo!

I took trash – before I threw it in the garbage – I am not a total sick-o, yuck! – and glued it all together with Monkey Glue… and then a Stand was born.

So picture the candlestick I cut apart the other day

(Are you picturing it?)

Now picture that adorable fabulous cloche I made that has become an over-night sensation in the crafting sector of blogland… 😉

Okay, now rewind a little


See that candlestick on the left? Yes, the black one! Which other candlestick in that photo would I be referring to??

What do you get when you combine the leftover trash from the first candlestick and the leftover trash (the top) from the second candlestick?


(Oh, oh I know, this is just like when Glee has mashups, right?!)


“Um… no clue. Two pieces of trash? A candlestick?”

No, silly!!! A candle STAND! Dur!

I glued this project together with Gorilla Glue.

(My creativity only runs so deep. I take apart two candlesticks and create one candle stand. So original, I know.)

Okay, so I took this wonky little stand and painted it… guess what color I painted it?

If you guessed ORB you know me way to well.


(I may know how to use a can of spray paint and some monkey glue, but beyond that awesomeness I’m quite dull. And I like to paint things black.)

Now, what to put on this neat little ol’ thang…


Uh, really? Did I actually even consider that enough to set it on top of the stand and take a picture? And WHAT is going on with the pillar thing and the plant in the background? I promise I do not decorate like that. Usually.

I’m giving the awesome decor ball (you can win one!) a big fat NO!

Maybe a bunny?

Hahahahaha! I’m sorry, this is just so WRONG it’s laughable. Not only does the bunny look totally creepy for some reason, the entire setup reeks of half-off day at the dollar store.

Well, crap. I’ve got nuthin’. Hmmmmmm…. Bueller? Bueller?

Dang it. Now I have to actually leave my house (ah crap, I have to get dressed!) and go to Michael’s. How many receipts can I hide before hubby busts me?

I found this little beady thing for $3.99. Dang it for throwing away my coupon. Grrr.


I lurve beady things – err, except for those bunny eyes.


I also bought a little candle for a dollar.


U likey?


Me likey. A lot.


You know what would be the best most wonderful thing in the entire world? World Peace? A shelf in my living room. Or a mantle. And World Peace. Ya, er, that would be cool too.


I guess for now the only clean space on my bar will work. But I’m telling you what! I’m getting really sick of every. single. photo. having granite in it.


From trash to treasure! One (wo)man’s trash is (the same) (wo)man’s treasure. That’s the saying, right?!


I’m not sure which I like better. The ORB finish or the ball on the base of the stand.


I hope you enjoyed another installment of House of Hepworths awesomeness. If so, leave me a comment. If I’m really annoying, leave me a comment too. All press is good press, right?!

Night folks!


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  1. Me likey a lot too! Love the beady thing. Love catching up with your awesomeness..and love your granite!!!

  2. I’m loving your trash to treasure. It’s gorgeous!
    God’s blessings,
    Sarah 🙂

  3. This is gooood! lol…me likey too… oh yeah and, I ♥ your sarcasticness…

  4. My kinda project! I was planning on putting the jute ball on a pedestal when (oops I mean IF) I win! Maybe not?

    I love the spring look without it being to Eastery….

  5. Me likey too, me likey a lot 😆

  6. I don’t just likey but I lovey it! You just crack me up! Be blessed.Cindy

  7. I was a little sceptical. But, you pulled it off again. That is darling with the candle and wreathy thing.

  8. I like it a lot! The finished product is amazing =)

  9. I likey a lot! I can’t believe you do all this in your apartment! I bet you’re itching to get back to your house.

    FYI-I will be in the Dallas/Forth Worth area next Spring for my brother’s wedding! We should hook up! 🙂

  10. Allison, that is awesome! Your blog is so great! I have been looking deep into the files, and it’s amazing!

    -Jen 🙂

  11. Me likey too!!

    Thanks for the info on MckLinky. I’ve added a blog roll to my blog. I really appreciate your help 😀

  12. Love the text even more than the project. 🙂

  13. Don’t bite my head off if you’re still in a mood… 😉 I think it needs another flared-disc sort of base on the bottom. It looks a little top heavy to me. But I’m all for using what you have. I’m sure you’ll have another piece to cut off of something eventually that will be the perfect fit. And I do love the candle wreath! Great colors.

  14. That is soooo pretty….not the creepy bunny,lol. The candle is way prettier….sorry, it’s late for me as well.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  15. I really like your creation! And, I really really like the conversational tone you use in your writing! Makes for fun, enjoyable reading while you’re learning how to do an awesome craft! Come see me sometime at, I’d love for you to visit and follow, if you’d like. Take care!

  16. i tell u what…you are SOME hilarious! i cracked up during this whole post!
    dude, i wouldnt mind if you were ALWAYS in a “mood”…srsly genius! 😉
    and me likey so muchy.
    i would love you to pop over to my place and help me name my new girlie-sofa! she’s in desperate need for a name and i have a little gift for the successful namer, too!! 🙂
    thanks so much!!

  17. I do likey! very nice, and very “spring-y”.

  18. this makes me want to craft RIGHT NOW! and hit some thrift stores RIGHT NOW! nevermind it is the middle of the night, i love it :O)

  19. I likey very much! Thank you for sharing the project on the boardwalk Bragfest, but I don’t see a link back to the party. Please insert the link on your post…

    The Boardwalk Bragfest

    You can also copy the code for the button from my site — whichever you prefer.

    I hope you become a regular linker. I love the project

  20. I’m with Marisa, it looks top heavy, it needs a bigger base.
    And… yes, the granite. Get some coloured construction paper, or a piece of fabric or such, and photograph on THAT!

    I still think it’s ever so clever and sweet… AND with a BASE you could make it into a cupcake stand! (Just saying…)

  21. I love how you use your trash! And the candle/bead thing works perfectly on top! 😉 Hope you got some good rest…no more earthquakes! 😉

  22. Oh I love this. You can use this for so many things. Thanks for linking up at my party! Cant wait for your guest post! 🙂

  23. This is beautiful! I love how you didn’t just throw the extras away.

    Thank you for linking this to A Little Craft Therapy with Life in the Pitts

  24. Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day! That bunny did look a little creepy!

  25. I like it with the candle, very cute. I thought you were making a stand for your trash can. I thought, “Now that is some fancy trash!” Thanks for linking up!

  26. What a elagent but easy idea. Love it!

  27. so great! and clever too. great idea

  28. I REALLY likey! Those candles are so pretty! I love that color purple “it is so in right now!” 🙂

  29. That turned out really cute! Very creative idea, I probably would’ve thrown out the other half… I’ll think twice next time. 😉

    Thanks for joining my Flaunt it Friday party. Hope to see you again next week!

  30. This is great! Nothing is ever trash to me! Thank you for bringing ALL your hodgepodge to my party! Hope to see you again.

  31. You’re too funny. Clever idea – looks great! Stopping by from BNOTP.

  32. It looks great!

  33. Now that was clever! 😆

  34. Very clever!

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday! Please join me next week for another great party!

  35. Wow, I’m either really tired or my mind is slowing down because that took way too long for my little brain to figure out. Even though you spelled it all out! I love a gal who doesn’t throw anything away 🙂

  36. How to decide which one is better? Both your transformations of those pieces have been fantastic!

  37. Good thinking! Thanks for linking up to Anything Related Tuesdays!

  38. Your candles are so pretty! They turned out great. Thanks for sharing at ‘Look at me, I’m SO Crafty!’ at Fun to Craft!!

  39. You really are an amazing lady!

    Thanks for linking up with Sugar & Spice!

  40. Oh, this is a great post! I can think of so many ways to do this. Thanks for the inspiration, good instructions and wonderul pedestals!

  41. Love this project!

  42. I love how you used the extra scraps. That’s what I’m talking about!! Great job! Now I have to go check out your cloche. I think I might have to make one.

  43. Lov’n it! I need to get me some of these cute candle stands…I’ll be ion the look out at my next trip to the thrift store! Thanks for sharing at SSB!


  44. Very cool! I love ORB!! 🙂

  45. Looks great and way to use all the parts.

  46. Ooooh, me likey too!!… It came out beautiful, and that pretty wreath was the frosting on the cake! Gorgeous! ~tina

  47. Hey Its Cheri from Its So Very Cheri and the DIY Club inc.

    Thank you for entering the DIY Club inc event.

    I came by to check out your projects.

    The only thing we need to ask of you is that each of your posts are current posts. We have to keep our sponsors happy that are providing the give-a-ways.

    We are working on adding more amazing products to add to the list so you gals will have even more products to work with.

    Cheri for the DIY Club inc

  48. Hi Allison. Great project! Love that you cut the candlestick in half…how clever! Thanks so much for joining The DIY Club this month! We greatly appreciate it! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  49. What a fun(ny) tutorial! 😆 I did enjoy reading it! Anyway, my favorite piece would be the white candle, wrapping around with those little purple flowers. It turned out to be the fancy candle! I love your entire blog. You have many awesome projects! Let’s swap some craft ideas here. I’ve done craft projects and posted on Feel free to promote your blog there!

  50. i’m in bed w/the flu and u have totally made me feel better! so funny, and i love the stand.

  51. Linda Duenow says:

    May I be so kind and lovenly say; I just about died when I saw the saw and your project on the granite counter. Please save your heartache one day and find a cutting board to put your project on first before you work. Saws, gorilla glue does not come off! You can put one of those rubber mats that go under rugs and cut it to size and put under the cutting board so it is not slippery.

  52. i just found your blog this evening and loooved your awesome ideas and the fact that I got a good chuckle, giggle or what have ya as I read. So awesome. thanks!


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