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Idol – the final recap

This is the follow up to my post about all the famous people I met after the Finale. I promise to not de-rail this craft blog anymore with American Idol updates after this last post. At the beginning of this season I signed up for tickets to see a taping of American Idol. It's not hard - you just fill out a little form on their website. After that it was all just a crap-shoot. I had a friend tell me that she signed up for tickets several years ago and TWO YEARS later got an email telling her there were tickets available for her. So I figured I had no chance and just enjoyed … [Read more...]

My brush with fame – American Idol style

As promised, here is my American Idol Finale experience. Lee DeWyze is the winner!!!!!!! So excited!!!! LOVE HIM. There are 3 parts to this story - beforehand, the actual show, and after the show. Right now I'm going to just tell you about what happened after the best show on earth. After the show was over I picked up my phone from my friends car and hubbs and I headed towards the Nokia garage where his car was parked. On our way we saw a swarm of people and headed over to see what was going on. This is what we walked right into: (All photos were taken on my … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #5

It's that time of the week again! As you know, I spent the entire day at the American Idol Finale. (It was freaking awesome!!!!!) I didn't have time to get together my weekly features this week :( Let's hook up anyway and I promise to post my favorites from last week soon. Also, later today I PROMISE to tell you all about my totally amazing most awesome experience of my life going to American Idol. Seriously, I HUGGED Paula Abdul. I met David Archuleta. Nuf' said. AND I've got pictures to prove it. Did I mention it was the best day of my life?! 'Cause it … [Read more...]

On my way…

Headed out the door right now to line up for... American Idol Finale!!!! I never realized going to a one hour show would require a full day. Wow. I am headed out now (10am PCT) to get in line to pick up the tickets. After that I am headed to the Nokia Theater to wait in line for the show. To get good seats you have to be at the front of the line! At 2pm they will herd us into the theater. Needless to say, today will be a LONG day with lots of waiting in line. Boo. But it's all cool because in the end, I'll be sitting in the live audience while Ryan Seacrest crowns this … [Read more...]

A cooler cooler [painting an old faded cooler]

Eleven years ago my hubbs and I were given a cooler for a wedding gift. It is definitely in the "top 5 best wedding gifts" category. It has gone camping, on road trips, to football tailgating parties, kids' soccer games, and the lake. It has even traveled with us around the entire USA while we made road trips from Texas to new homes in New Jersey and California. Unfortunately our cooler is now old and faded. A shell of what it once was. It is so sun damaged and scuffed up, but it is such a great cooler that I couldn't bare to part with it and buy a new one. No use throwing away a … [Read more...]

I know you’re jealous.

I posted this on my personal blog last November, and I still laugh whenever I read it. Thought you might enjoy. *** This past weekend we went to a little eclectic random shop down in the West End (in Dallas). I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to take pictures of all these little treasures. I have to warn you in advance though, many of the items pictured are making fun of Jesus or Christianity or fat people so if that makes you squirm, go ahead and close the browser window now. *Disclaimer: I love Jesus, and Christianity, and fat people and this is just in good fun.* You've … [Read more...]

American Idol Finale!

Look for me on TV! I just scored four tickets to the season finale of American Idol!!!! Yes, my friends, Me, my husband, and our two kids will be sitting in the live audience this Wednesday, May 26th!! Oh my gosh, I'm seriously freaking out. FREAKING OUT. I am going to be at the actual season finale where they announce this years winner. Me. In person. Who's going to win? Lee DeWyze or Crystal Bowersox? Who cares! I GET TO BE THERE IN PERSON!!!!!!!!!! This is the most exciting news eveh!!! But honestly, my vote is for Lee. I have a huge crush … [Read more...]