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Hookin Up with HoH #10

Sorry guys, no awesome features this week. :( But I'm still hosting the link up party, so please link your fun stuff! I loved all the entries last week and have enjoyed looking at all of them in my spare time. However, this week, I've had hardly ANY spare time! ~House Update~ I'm currently in Austin at my parents house where I've been since Monday. The house we previously put an offer on (the short sale one) is not going to work out (it's in worse shape than I thought so we backed out) and I've been searching like a crazy lady trying to find a home to buy. I've got a few … [Read more...]

Capri-sun chaos! Little purses for your littlies.

As promised, here is my other Capri-sun craft I promised you all. Purses! Is it just me, or are they ah-freaking-dorable?! K-bear couldn't have been more thrilled! She snatched them right up the second I was finished. And I'm pretty sure she thoroughly enjoyed every second of her photo-op as well. ;) Now that she has two purses, all she needs now for Christmas are her two front teeth! Uni the Unicorn enjoyed a ride. These bags are the perfect size for a Webkinz or small stuffed animal. I'm seeing lots of animal and purse combo … [Read more...]

Hookin up with HoH #9

Are you ready to hook up your projects? I can't wait to see them! Here are a few that I really liked from last weeks link up. Twelve Crafts 'till Christmas made an adorable play mail set from fabric. The stamps velcro on and off! So fun! Mom. Undecided used leftover canvases and glued scrapbook paper to them to create the cutest wall art. I'm so copying this! Brassy Apple made some ca-ute aprons for her kids barbies. They.are.barbies. How could I not post about them? I love barbies! Clean Mama made over a spice shelf thingy and turned it into storage for her … [Read more...]

Beverly Hills gave me a going away present

Yesterday (Monday) morning we awoke to this: and this: Beverly Hills Police Department. And it wasn't just one or two cops. Their entire night crew was at our complex. There were at least 7, maybe more cop cars swarming our complex. Uh-oh. Uh-oh is right! What on earth is going on?! Let me preface by explaining that our "apartment complex" isn't the kind you'd usually think of. We have a parking garage underground, and then 4 floors of apartments accessible from the inside by an elevator. It kinda feels like I live in a hotel (trust me, it's only fun and cool … [Read more...]

Flip your wipes

I hate to clean. But I hate having a messy house even more. Especially if it's s-t-i-c-k-y. The easiest way for me to clean QUICKLY is with Lysol Wipes. (I only wish they were paying me for this advertising plug! But nope, I'm plugging for free 'cause I love 'em!) One thing that drives me batty though is that the wipes always seem a little too dry. So here's the easiest way to solve that delima - and I *always* do this, no matter what. Store them upside down! (Just make sure the lid is securely closed) It seems so obvious now, doesn't it? It took me years to figure … [Read more...]

Five Minute Frame

~**~**~ Dollar Store Frame ~**~**~ (Can I get any more unoriginal than that?!) Call me Captain Obvious, but just in case you still aren't sure, this frame came from the Dollar Store. It's plastic. Srsly. I know! I was as shocked as you. It's cheap alright - 2 frames for 99 cents? But don't try to tell me it looks like thin flimsy plastic. 'Cause I ain't listenin'. I like the detail on it, but the color? Do you think it could scream "I'm from the Dollar Store" any more than it already does? Yes, it's getting a make-over. But honestly, I don't think there are … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #8

Here are a few cool projects from last week... All Thingz Related made THE MOST adorable bookends. Dittle Dattle sewed this pillow herself. I'm in lurve. Srsly. 2 Giggle Boxes made this wreath from orchids. It is so beautiful. The Hand Me Down House made this light fixture after being inspired by one she saw at Pottery Barn. The Bee Zoo painted this canvas. I love it. Not only is it beautiful but the colors are perfect. Meet The Newcombs used balloons to create this fun festive party wreath. Junk That Has Spunk made a dress using bandannas. Keep … [Read more...]