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Today (June 1) was my birthday. 30th birthday to be exact. 🙂

After a FUN day at the Santa Monica Pier, I’m now about to enjoy a movie with my hubby and my sister. What is the best thing to eat with a movie?


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE popcorn.


I’ve tried all sorts of types of popcorn and after lots of trial and error, here is my FAVORITE way to make a yummy bowl of popcorn.


First off, you need a popcorn air popper.

Trust me, buy an air popper if you don’t have one. I got mine at Wal-Mart for like ten bucks. In the long run, you will also save bookoos of money popping your own instead of buying microwave popcorn.


Next, and this is important so listen closely… buy a bag each of yellow and white popcorn. In a large ziploc or container mix both bags together.

(I buy the generic popcorn and it’s about 20x cheaper than the name brand and IMO tastes the exact same.)

These two bags will last you foreveh!

The trick to amazing popcorn is using both yellow AND white popcorn mixed together.


You’ll also need some butter and white cheddar popcorn seasoning. Oh, and a little tiny microwave safe bowl.

(In case you care, my little glass bowl is Pampered Chef – came in a set of 6 I think – and holds a cup. LOVE IT.)


Here’s a close-up of the seasoning in case you want to see exactly what it looks like.


Take about 2 TBSP butter and melt it in the microwave in the little glass bowl.

Now take about 1-2 tsp cheddar popcorn seasoning and mix it INTO the butter.


The seasoning and butter should now look like this. I don’t usually use a measuring spoon. I’ll just shake a bunch into the melted butter.


Now the fun part!

See that cup on the top of the popper? That is not for melting butter! It is for measuring the popcorn kernels.

Add one scoop of popcorn kernels to the popper and plug it in. It will take a few minutes for the popcorn to start popping.


Once the popcorn starts to barely fill the bowl, sprinkle a small spoonful of the butter mixture over the popcorn.


Continue sprinkling spoonfuls of the butter mixture over the popcorn as is fills the bowl.


The idea is to get as much of the popcorn coated as possible while it’s popping.


Once your popcorn is popped, if you have any butter mixture left at this point you can drizzle the rest of it over the popcorn.


Now just toss/stir your popcorn mixture a little more to make sure it’s all coated pretty well.




This is my all-time favorite way to eat popcorn. I’ve tried making popcorn several different ways over the years and this is my perfected recipe!

Mixing the yellow and white popcorn gives it added flavor.

After several attempts at using cheddar popcorn seasoning on my popcorn, it finally dawned on me that the seasoning might actually stick to the popcorn better if it’s wet – hence the butter (which I always add anyway). Might as well mix the two!

I make this at least 2-3 times a month. My kids BEG me to make it for them.

It might look like a pain based on the sheer number of pictures I just posted for you, but trust me, it’s so easy! I usually get the butter melted and mixed after I plug in the popper because it takes a few minutes for the popcorn to pop anyway. Once you have the supplies on hand, you can have this fresh bowl of popcorn made in about the same time it would take to pop a bag in the microwave.

Happy popping!

Time for me to enjoy my birthday movie and delicious fresh air popped popcorn!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I’m new to your blog and I look forward to learning from you!
    Santa Monica eh? It was a bit windy today (I live in Brentwood). Hope today was awesome! Again, Happy Birthday! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday!! I LOVE popcorn too. My absolute favorite is Target’s popcorn. I go to Target just to get a soda and some popcorn! When we started cutting out processed food, we bought a popper. Popcorn popped that way tastes so much better than microwave. And you’re right, it is cheaper too! Also, I read awhile back that there are chemicals on the inside of the microwave popcorn bags that leach into the popcorn while it’s popping. Ewwww!

  3. Happy birthday to you!! Mine is tomorrow I m not thirty tho : ) but I can assure you I have had many many more birthdays than you 😀
    Hope your year is a blessing in every way!!

  4. Happy Birthday.

    I am a huge popcorn fan but like it as plain as plain could be. No butter and no salt and no flavorings.

  5. Happy Birthday to you! Have a wonderful day. I can never go to the movies without getting the largest bucket of popcorn – love it, but it has to have salty butter and lots of it!!

  6. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the GREAT tip! I love Popcorn too! I need an Air Popper!

    Artful Blessings,

  7. Happy Birthday Allison! Popcorn is my most favorite thing in the world! We used to make popcorn just like that when I was a kid.

    I like popcorn so much that 2 years ago I asked for a “Whirly Pop” the popper that you crank the handle and use on your stove top. I even buy good popcorn…ones that have small kernels…I could go on! 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the popcorn tips, I am not fond of micro corn, just takes yucky!

    Glad you enjoyed your day!

  9. Growing up we had an air popper. I guess with the prepackaged microwave popcorn I just forgot about it. I love that you added the cheddar cheese seasoning to the butter. Sounds like a really delicious flavoring.

  10. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the great popcorn tips…I may just have to run to Walmart today.

  11. Well Happy Birthday, lady! We’re popcornaholics over here too, and I appreciate the yummy butter recipe.

  12. Happy Birthday!
    Gosh, that popcorn looks good. I grew up on the air-popped kind – it’s soooo tasty! I miss it. Maybe I’ll have to snag myself a machine next time I’m at Wally World… 🙂


  13. Julie Stewart says:

    You are a girl after my own heart! Popcorn is one of my favorite food groups! LOVE IT! Hope your birthday was picture perfect and you enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks for all you do!
    Love your blog!

  14. Happy Birthday Allison! I hope it was a great one. And thanks for the yummy popcorn!

  15. Happy Birthday! Love popcorn..have you ever tried the Stir Crazy popper? that is the way to go with popcorn.

  16. Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!!!! And thanks for the popcorn tip. I love popcorn too!
    Have a great celebration

  17. Thanks for the tip on the seasoning. I never thought about adding them together. I’ll have to try it next time.
    Hope you had a great day! 😎

  18. Happy {late} birthday! That popcorn sounds really yummy! I haven’t used one of those poppers in a really long time:)

  19. Hope you had a great 30th birthday. They will start coming really fast now:) I love popcorn too and now you have made me want some.

  20. Happy Birthday!! I have an air popper but have never used it. I’m totally going to try this over the weekend! thanks!!

  21. Looks good, but I am going to have to respectfully disagree. Have you ever tried coconut oil.


  22. This looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

  23. Oh that sounds yum! I totally don’t need yet another small kitchen appliance, but an air popper has been on my list for a while!

  24. Airpopped is the best! Thanks for participating in Thrifty Thursday this week! Hugs!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  25. My grandpa used to have one of these pop corn poppers and it made the BEST pop corn balls! Thanks for joining us for Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  26. LOVE THIS POST! Probably because I’m a popcorn lover with you. We had an air popper – amazing!! Your suggestion of mixing the butter and the seasoning together is one I’m definitely going to try. Thanks!

  27. MY birthday is June 1st too!!! Just had my 28th. Same day my van broke down 🙁 Oh well! See ya!


  28. Happy 30th! I will have to try the popcorn… looks great!

  29. Yum is right!!! Thanks for linking up @PonyTails&FishScales!

  30. Yum. Looks so good. I remember the air popper from when I was a child… haven’t seen one in forever! Thanks for linking up with Sugar & Spice.

  31. Mmmmm. someday when I move to Texas, lets get together and eat a big bowl of this stuff!

    Thank you for participating in the Craft Therapy Session with Life in the Pitts!

  32. This makes me want popcorn!!! Payday I am definately getting an air popper! Great tips, and thank you for taking the time to document it with pics! 😛

  33. YUM.
    I am a popcorn addict–this is a new suggestion to me–we air popped when I was a kid, and I always thought it tasted like cardboard, but not with the additions you suggest, I’ll bet!
    I am getting an air popper the next time I am at Wally World!!
    And a bag of white and a bag of yellow!
    Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    You’re not 30–you are celebrating the 1st anniversary of your 29th birthday!

  34. Popcorn might be my favorite snack. I usually am partial toward kettle corn. I’ll have to try this though. Happy 30th – my 30th b-day is in 3 weeks!

  35. just wanted to let you know i featured this post today. thanks again for linking up to “AP Tuesdays!”

  36. Yummy! I am on my way to Wally World to get an air popper….

    Thanks for linking up!

  37. I am going to have to buy a popper! I have always wanted one, just never got one! Happy Birthday!

  38. Happy Birthday! I share the same date as you too! I will try this recipe but put the kernels and butter in the same pot and try it over the stove. Cheers!

  39. Okay, I just wanted to leave you a little message…Everywhere I went to link up my tomorrow post about White Chocolate Popcorn, I saw that you had linked up your AMAZING-LOOKING popcorn just before! I hope my popcorn link in no way gets in the way of yours…It’s just all I had to link up! (I’m still such a newbie 🙂 I did try to wait a bit, to let others jump in ahead of me–so our popcorns wouldn’t be right on top of each other…But, I’m afraid I can’t wait much later–my eyes are starting to get reaaaaaally heavy!

    Also–your popcorn is making my mouth water…sure wish I had some right now!!!

    I know I’ve commented this before about your blog–but I really LOVE your design!!

    Happy happy birthday to you!

  40. I love homemade popcorn, isn’t it the best? I have been eating it from the stove for so long that I cannot stomach the microwave kind anymore. A trick I use for a cheesy flavor is I grate some Parmesan over the hot popcorn and then sprinkle my salt on. That way I can skip the butter.

  41. So true! The microwave stuff just isn’t the same. Thanks for linking up.

  42. You and I share the same birthday! 🙂
    Happy 30th!
    Ever since we started popping corn , microwave is NO GOOD! 🙂
    Thanks for the tips, I’ll be trying the white cheddar for sure!

  43. Happy birthday! The popcorn looks very tasty!
    Thanks for linking up!

  44. Happy Birthday Allison! Hope you find a new home soon.

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