Beverly Hills gave me a going away present

Yesterday (Monday) morning we awoke to this:


and this:


Beverly Hills Police Department. And it wasn’t just one or two cops. Their entire night crew was at our complex.

There were at least 7, maybe more cop cars swarming our complex.


Uh-oh is right! What on earth is going on?!

Let me preface by explaining that our “apartment complex” isn’t the kind you’d usually think of.

We have a parking garage underground, and then 4 floors of apartments accessible from the inside by an elevator.

It kinda feels like I live in a hotel (trust me, it’s only fun and cool for about half a second, and then it gets old

We only have about 40 units total here and the complex and parking garage are completely gated.

We must be safe, right?



This is my car. Yes, MY car.

And here’s the other side of my car.


Both my drivers side and passenger side windows were smashed out by some thugs at some point during the night.


They wanted my GPS.


Let me repeat that. Some a-hole smashed in BOTH my windows to steal my GPS.

First off, you’d have to be a total moron to smash windows and steal stuff in the first place. But, to break two windows? This idiot must be beyond moron. I kinda feel bad for the guy because he’s obviously SO STUPID that he’d break two windows.




I’m still cleaning glass out of my car.

As it turns out, my car wasn’t the only victim yesterday morning.

(This is a different car in the garage)

Several cars had their windows bashed in. Lots of GPSs were stolen as well as cell phones, iPods, Golf Clubs, bags of clothes (?), and who knows what else.

I’m just the only one lucky enough to have BOTH my windows smashed out. Everyone else only got to deal with one window, but I guess I’m extra special like that.

(This is yet another car in the garage)

As it turns out, 18 (yes, I just said EIGHTEEN!) cars were vandalized and burglarized Sunday night/Monday morning.

(Hence the entire Beverly Hills Police Department showing up at our complex.)

(Another vandalized car)

Apparently Beverly Hills doesn’t usually have crimes of this magnitude. I guess us crime victims are just lucky like that.

I’m sure I’ll never see my GPS again, but there were several security cameras that got the entire thing on their feeds, so at least the cops now have something to go off of.

Even the Crime Lab came out to play!


Our car was held hostage as part of the “crime scene” until after the Crime Lab could finish getting prints off all the cars.


It was pretty cool watching this lady pick up prints. I’ve never seen anyone collect fingerprints at a real crime scene before.


So whatta ya gonna do? (Channeling my inner Tony Soprano here)

We managed to get our car down the road about a mile where there’s an Auto Glass instillation place. They luckily had the glass for our minivan in stock and were able to get us new windows the same day.

It just totally sucks though because that GPS was probably only worth like fifty bucks because it’s over 3 years old, yet TWO new windows cost us $601. Six hundred bucks worth of damage for a lousy old GPS.


Folks, listen up. I’m living proof that people actually do steal GPS units from cars. Please learn from my mistake! Lock up and hide your stuff!

If I would have put the unit away, my car would have been skipped over. Instead, it cost me a day of hassle, a stolen unit, AND six hundred dollars.

It would have been so much easier if I had just taken a few seconds to put it in the glove box.


And now I’m nervous about going into the garage! Especially at night! What if those thugs had a weapon? What if someone had gone to their car in the middle of the night? Someone could have been killed! The thought of that just totally freaks me out!

I’ve made it 6 months here, and just 4 days before I’m suppose to move away, my car gets broken into and my stuff gets stolen.


I’ve traveled across the US. I’ve lived in Jersey, all over Texas, and in California. I’ve driven into NYC and parked my car at Central Park. I’ve stayed in hundreds of hotels. And out of all the places I’ve been, I’ve never had my car broken into…. until I moved to Beverly Hills. Kinda ironic, dontcha think?

Whatta ya gonna do?

What’s that saying plastered all over parking lots across the Nation?

LOCK your car. TAKE your valuables. HIDE your stuff.


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  1. Kim @ Starshine Chic says:

    That sucks big time!!! Did Axel Foley show up? My stepson just had his truck broken into a few weeks back right in front of our house. Luckily they didn’t have to break his window as he left it down about an inch. They stole his GPS, his stereo, 2 thumb drives, a back pack full of clothes & his new drill. The cops said you can’t leave anything of value in sight, not even the cord or plug. Even if you hide your GPS, if you leave the cord plugged in, the thieves know you have something hidden. Expensive lesson to learn. At least you had a cool story to blog about. Complete with photos. Let’s hope your final days here in southern California are uneventful.

  2. Apartment TLC says:

    awwwww im sorry 🙁 what a bummer. i can feel the bad day all the way from here. I hoped you cried…it always makes me feel better

  3. I am so sorry about that. Here you are leaving and this has to happen to you. I always put my GPS in the glovebox and I never leave my Ipod etc. out. Hard $600 lesson, wasn’t it?

  4. Man, that downright sucks! Hope they catch the dumbf*k for ya! Seriously? 2 windows? Well, good luck with everything…hopefully insurance can help you out with the $600 🙁

  5. 👿 This happened to me in San Diego! Why do they want the GPS’? whats so significant about them.. Luckily it was only one window… and well it was a 500$ totaly..

  6. Goodness gracious….that is sooooo infuriating!! You have my kind of luck being the only one with 2 windows busted out. Sorry to hear this happened. Hopefully it is all smooth sailing the last couple of days there!

  7. So sorry that happened to you. I can imagine how violated you feel. My sister’s car was broken into one night and a case of beer and her CD’s were stolen. She doesn’t lock her doors anymore. She figures, if they want anything worth taking, she’s not gonna pay to have her windows replaced. Also, if you’ve got any kind of gadget that sticks to the windshield with a suction cup, be careful even if you put that item away. I’ve heard thieves will look for the ring the suction cup made and can tell you have something worth stealing inside.

  8. American Idol AND the Beverly Hills Cops???? WOW!!!

    Seriously though… I’m so sorry!!! What a horrible sendoff!

  9. Man that sucks big time! I once had someone break into my house, they broke out the window NEXT TO THE OPEN FRONT DOOR. Idiots.

  10. Oh man, so sorry! My daughter’s driver’s side window was stuck in the down position so it was easy for the trolls to take her GPS unit. She lives in a small town in Oregon, very quiet, very safe. But thieves are no respecter of persons. Be careful out there!

  11. Oh, that stinks…sorry about that…Kind of cool that you saw that Crime Lab person, though. (Sorry, that was my shallow side showing…slinking way now.)

  12. OMG Allison! More proof you belong back here in Texas! 🙁 Sorry about the car…

  13. Sally@DivineDistractions says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. Kind of kills the trust thing, huh? Sounds like another good reason to get back to Texas…as if you needed one!

  14. That is just so awful! Not only do you feel violated…you have to do all the repairs yourself too! Really sucks!!
    Hope they catch the idiot!! And soon!!!

  15. Oh my gosh! That’s so scary! I’m so sorry that happened!

  16. Oh goodness! I guess that is a big ‘ole sign telling you to get back to TX as fast as you can 😉 I am so sorry about your car. It is devastating. I had my car broke into for my radio and music tapes when I was young. My car was at a resort – go figure. Glad no one was hurt in this crime and that you are safe.

  17. 😥 SAD! My hubby’s in theft/loss prevention and he always reminds me to put all my stuff away — just for that reason — a broken window is a lot more annoying than missing stuff…usually. Sorry about your windows!

  18. How awful? So sorry this happened to you. But on the bright side noone was hurt. Other than in the pocketbook. Have a great week !

  19. Man that sucks. Hope they catch the losers and hang them from the Hollywood sign. 👿

  20. I am so sorry. When I lived in my apt. there were always a ton of car theft and I was always tempted to put a sign on my window saying the doors are unlocked take what you want just please don’t break my windows. 🙄 Nothing of much value in my car. Dumb criminals!

  21. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Allison, you poor poor thing! And right before a road trip? At least the idiots that did this will likely be caught easily.

  22. I am really sorry to hear about this happening to you. I came on the site today to comment on your wipe flipping suggestion, but wanted to comment on this also to say how sorry I am and how frustrating this must be!

  23. No, no, no! I’m so sorry! Aren’t you getting out of that place soon? Hoping to meet you in Texas next summer?

    On a happy note: I am mentioning/linking you in my post tomorrow, it should make you laugh!! :mrgreen:

  24. I know how you feel. Two weeks ago, someone broke down the door to my house. I live in the country. Things like this don’t happen in the country! I’ve lived in Seattle (the big bad city) and nothing ever happened. At least you have them on tape!

  25. So sorry to hear about your awful car damage. We had similar damage done for a lousy cd left on the front seat when our car was parked right outside our house.

  26. Yep…I know just how you feel…I live in a small rural town and was at work while my car windows got smashed for a bag cell phone…right this was way back then and they took a vera bradley bag also. Guesss they had to get something to give the girlfriend. Anyway people don’t care this day and time…they take your life if they want it bad enough. It’s a shame life is like it is today.

    Sorry for all your hassles! Glad you were not hurt in the process!

  27. scrappy buttons says:

    Oh gosh thats awful….I sorta know how you feel….We live in a town of about 200 and have parked our cars on the street out front, for over 10 years with never a problem…in Feb. a drunk rear ended my car, totaled it and my car was pushed over 10 ft into my husbands car and totaled it too!!!! btw his 3rd DUI…good luck on your move…

  28. that stinks! Last year on my birthday (which also happens to be Reading TAKS day- cause I’m cool that way) my car was broken into as well. Over 30 cars in my subdivision were smash & grabbed for GPS units. They also took all my spare change and 2 cds 🙁 I didn’t have to replace a window, but I had to have it detailed to get out the horrid smoke and BO smell. Now I pull the gps off the dash and stick it in the console.

  29. At least the cops were out in force to investigate! lol They sure sent a lot of them! So sorry that you had that happen, but so glad that no one was hurt during the thug fest in the garage! Good luck on your move. I am sure you are really ready to go now!!

  30. Ugh, that stinks! I live in a rural town and have had my vehicles broken into 3 times all for just the radios. It just sucks all the way around.

    Funny side note, the reflection on the hood of the cop car in the foreground in the first picture makes it look like a huge dent. Was worried something REALLY horrible was going on involving the cops!

  31. So sorry that happened to you. Won’t your insurance cover the windows cost. They had it on the news here today in Atlanta that this is happening a lot around Atlanta and for everyone to hide valuables out of sight.

  32. My hubby is a police officer, and he ALWAYS tells me to take ANYTHING that might conceivably worth any amount of money, no matter how small (including pocket change–that’s right, pennies..they break in cars, for pennies) because of crimes like this. I’m so sorry this happened! I hope they catch the guy/s that did this.

  33. Ugh! That sucks! I am so sorry you had to deal with that!

  34. OMG…so sorry to hear this! What a pain in the rear! I am happy to hear no one was hurt in the process. Someone threw a cinder block through my passenger side window when I was in college to steal a purse that was empty…I have never left a purse in my car again! I was finding glass for years after.

  35. That just stinks out loud that it happened to you. On the bright side, they didn’t steal your snacks!

    You’re lucky to have a bazillon police cars and crime lab come to investigate. My car window was smashed and our MP3 player stolen one New Years Eve along with a street’s worth of cars at various New Year’s Eve parties. My local police didn’t come out. They told everyone to phone it in so we could be a police report for our insurance c

  36. OMG! That sucks. I always leave my GPA in plain view, despite the fact that my husband tells me not to! I always tell him he’s crazy, but I guess he’s right. So sorry this happened to you! BTW – I made your cupcakes in cones for my daughter’s school carnival. They were a BIG hit! Thanks so much.

  37. Oh no!!! Does insurance cover something like that?! I am so sorry! I hope they catch those guys!

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