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16 hours (but who’s counting?)

Guess what happens in 16 hours?! (1:30pm Friday) CLOSING on our house!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo! In 16 hours, this is all going to be m-i-n-e. bawahahahahaha (Well, er, the kids and van are already mine, but now I get the house too!) And in addition to these two very adorable kids, this will also be mine! I will officially be a slave to the bank. Yippie???!! After we sign our life away we can finally be a slave to the man also to earn enough money to decorate this place. We already ordered a black french-door freezer-on-the-bottom refrigerator but unforch it … [Read more...]

The Stairs

I tend to get focused on one thing and then obsess about it non-stop. It's all I can think about all day and night until I finally tackle whatever it is I'm obsessing about. Right now, it's THE STAIRS. I know I won't get around to this HUGE project any time soon, but it's fun to dream! Here's my big dream that one day I'll get around to doing... Here are the stairs at my new house: (They are nice and have absolutely nothing wrong with them. I just like other stairs better.) And here is what I want to do to my stairs... Absah-freaking-lootly beautiful. I … [Read more...]

Apple Pie, low-cal style

If you know me well, you know I've been on a "diet" since I was at least 14. (You'd think after 16 years I'd actually be thin...) One day while watching The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels shared a yummy healthy recipe. Now, normally I don't make (much less even remember to make) recipes I've seen on the boob tube, but this one stuck (probably because it entails 3 ingredients - water being one of them.) Cinnamon Apples, Allison-style (this is my even easier version of what Jillian shared, and hers was pretty easy!) Or you can also call them Healthy Apple Pie, or Apple Pie, … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #12

Here are some awesome projects from last week! Just Another Hang Up created the most adorable picture frame wall for her children's masterpieces. Paisley Passions took a cabinet door and created the cutest chalk board. Mom.Undecided made peanut butter cups and they look delish! Yummy!! Make the Best of Things hand-made this amazing skeleton key pillow. Tatertots and Jello redid her bathroom. I'm LOVING this board and batton. I'm loving these chair covers In My Own Style made, and not just because they are monogrammed with an "H". The Autocrat made these … [Read more...]

Who wants to see my new house?

I stole these images off a real estate website... So basically they are totally crappy quality photos. I've taken at least a hundred photos of the house, but to post them tonight would require me to get up, go to my car (In 100 degree heat), get my camera, unload the pics, sort through them, upload them, and then post them. No Thanks. Whew. That wore me out just typing it. So for today, you get the crappy quality pics instead. Don't worry my little Padawans, you will be seeing plenty of pictures of my new house in due time. You'll probably see my new house so much that … [Read more...]

No Sew Patches

My son (and husband!) are tough on pants. My rough-and-tumble almost-9-year-old son can put a hole in a pair of jeans in about oh, 5 minutes. I have a quick no-sew solution for all these torn up pants. Denim Iron-on patches. I know what you are thinking... "Iron-on patches? Those are so ugly! That is exactly why I iron them on the inside of the pants. They are seriously so easy and only require an iron and about 2 minutes of my time. Just inside-out the clothing item that needs repair, position the iron-on patch, and you guessed it, iron it on. For … [Read more...]

Rodney White

"We tend to Seek Happiness when Happiness is actually a Choice" Rodney White is the mastermind behind all these amazing paintings. "It'll cost Nothing to Dream, but Everything Not to" Not only are the paintings beautiful, they are also full of inspirational phrases that make me smile. "Sometimes the Heart should Do Things without the Brain's Permission" Rodney White is currently my favorite artist. I cannot stop thinking about these paintings. "The Future is just a collection of Successive Nows" I have got to have one (or two... or three... or all of … [Read more...]