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Easy Ways to read BLOGS!

Do you know you can read hundreds of blogs quickly and easily using a Reader? Did you know you can have your favorite blogs email you whenever they make a new post? Do you hear the words "Reader" and "RSS" and "Subscribe" and have no clue what they mean? Today is your lucky day! I'm going to attempt to give a tutorial on how to use Google, Google Reader, and your email to your advantage. (Hopefully I won't confuse the hell out of you!) First off, create a Gmail account and an iGoogle Homepage. How? I'm glad you asked! Go to Google. (Or as my sister and I like to … [Read more...]

DIY Sprinkler System Repair

Just because I am capable of fixing something does not mean I want to fix it! But sometimes we have to do things we don't really want to do. We've been in our house for 4 weeks (can you believe it's been 4 weeks already?!)! When we moved in 4 weeks ago our backyard looked this green. Well, after 4 weeks of watering 3x a week with our sprinkler system, the grass kept getting yellower and deader in a few areas. I put it off for a few weeks, but finally decided I better go out and deal with the sprinkler system. Something was obviously wrong with it. What I found were TWO … [Read more...]

You asked, I listened {finally}

A few weeks ago I made a post called Give Your Windows Special Treatment Included in my roundup of great Model Home window treatments was this one... This is my favorite treatment ever. The fabric is just to die for. Beautiful, right? Well, I'm not the only person who loves this fabric! You do too! I've been FLOODED with emails and comments about this fabric. Unfortunately, I didn't know ANYTHING about the fabric. It was just another fabric in a Model Home I was in. BUT, after over two weeks of CONSTANT emailing from you guys, I've FINALLY tracked it … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #14

Awesome link ups last week, peeps! Dang, I had a hard time choosing just a few links to showcase today. Here are just a few of the many many amazing projects from last week: (You can click on each picture to take you to their blog link.) My friend Emily over at Decor Chick linked up two excellent projects. I couldn't pick just one. She made over her pantry with lazy-susans and bead board... AND she created the most gorgeous board and batton for super cheap and easy. This girl has some serious talent! Lindy at Cottage Hill decorated her guest bedroom for her little twin … [Read more...]

New crazy neighbor

So, I've got this new crazy neighbor lady on my street. Today, she came home from the pool and took a CHAIN SAW and cut down a HUGE crepe myrtle in her front yard. Did you catch the part about her coming home from the pool? Yup, she was out in her yard with a chain saw chopping down a huge tree while wearing a swim suit and thongs flip-flops. And when I say "crazy neighbor" what I really mean to say is that's what all my neighbors are saying about ME. *I* am that crazy neighbor. BEFORE the chain saw episode this afternoon: That crepe myrtle needed to be trimmed back … [Read more...]

TDC gives me anxiety

Anyone ever heard of a little blog called... Ya, I already knew you know her. Who doesn't know her? She's like, the hottest blog in town. Trust me, with almost 6,500 "google friends" (compared to my 600+), I'm pretty sure everyone knows Sarah. I'm not here to convince you how amazing her blog is. It speaks for itself. What I am gonna do is to show you why I get serious fits of anxiety whenever I stalk read her blog. There's one word that throws me into a fit of heart-racing, cold-sweating panic like no other. MOULDING. Here is Sarah's most recent family room … [Read more...]

Breakfast is served

My kitchen is coming along quite nicely! Here's the kitchen when we moved in: So much potential! Unfortch I haven't painted yet (dagnabbit!) but in other good news, I have added some furniture, appliances, and accessories! We bought a fridge that I'm totally loving. It's an LG french door freezer on bottom and I'm in lurve. But what I'm REALLY in love with is my new painting by Rodney White! I can't believe that it actually doesn't clash with the horrible paint color on the wall. I'm begining to think that Rodney White's artwork can make anything look good. Hmmm, maybe I … [Read more...]