We’re all moved in! Texas House #1 tour

We are HOME!

Oh, where to even begin?

I was going to show pictures of us actually moving, but now that I’m all moved in I’m not really in the mood anymore to even think about all.that.moving.

Plus, I’m sure no one else is interested in looking at pictures of tons of boxes stacked up. 😉

So, I’ll just start from where I’m currently at…

First off, I have acquired TWO Rodney White prints!!!



I have been stalking Craigslist the past month for any of Rodney White’s work. I found the motorcycle one for $70 (already framed!) and the Moment one for only $25! They aren’t the exact prints I’ve been wanting, but I still LOVE them. What a score!

We have been working non-stop since last Friday. By Saturday night we’d finally unloaded the moving van and starting fresh Sunday morning we have spent countless hours unpacking. I’ve worked for 4 solid days (and nights) unpacking boxes.

We are still so far from being done, but at least our living room is usable now.


It needs so much more work decor-wise, but for now I’m just thrilled there are no more moving boxes stacked up and I can actually sit on my couch.


Don’t look too closely or you’ll see lots of piles of stuff in the background. Ugh.


I’m loving our new couch. We were going to buy something leather and super-expensive, but we decided to NOT go into debt on furniture and purchased this sectional instead. We got it at Costco (love that place!) and paid only $699! And believe it or not, it is a very comfortable couch!

Also, do you see our brand new dryer in the background? Our house is gas, so we ordered the gas dryer from an appliance store online. When we moved in the house we realized that although the house is in fact gas, the house is wired for an electric dryer. Ack! We tried to send the dryer back but the appliance store wanted us to pay to ship it back PLUS pay them back for the free shipping they gave us to send it to us, PLUS an additional 10% restocking fee. So now we are stuck with a brand new unopened dryer that we are going to attempt to sell on Craigslist. I’m sure we’ll lose at least $100 on it. 🙁

We might look somewhat put-together, but trust me, we.are.not!


Hubbs is our official hook-everything-up guy. He’s been getting his office together because he’s been working from home this week and needed his computers all set up, so the TV situation is still a total mess.

Here he is working hard (to pay for this house!) while our son plays the new StarCraft2 next to him.


Boys and their toys. Sigh.

My daughter and my sister have been playing hard while I’ve been sorting and organizing.


Notice how I didn’t get around to repainting any walls before we moved in? I’m going to be very busy this year.

As I’ve unpacked I’ve been putting any and all decor, accessories, and pictures in the dining room.


I even set up a temporary shelf for all of it. What a mess!

Now as I put together each room I can go to one location to find all the accessories I need for each space in the house. (Yes, I guess I’m pretty anal organized.)


My husband has officially started calling the Dining Room “Goodwill”. He says he feels like he is shopping at Goodwill when he goes into the Dining Room.


I have no idea why he would even think that!



I love having my own Goodwill! Plus, mine’s free.

When I need an item for a certain space, I’ll just go “shopping” for something that works.


I had the kids rooms pretty much set up, but they have since been playing in their rooms and now they (the rooms, not the kids) are too messy for me to take pictures of. Once the rooms are clean again, I’ll show you them as well.

I have a feeling I’m going to be very busy for a very long time!

Oh, on a side note, I realize I’ve been slacking big-time on my weekly link up party. I’ve been a tiny bit preoccupied… 😀

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  2. YAY for you guys!!!
    And when I was reading about your homemade Goodwill, it struck me that that’s actual a GREAT idea! Imagine gathering up all your stuff from the whole house–knick knacks, flower arrangements, pictures, mirrors, EVERYTHING, putting it all in one place and then redistributing it–i bet you’d come up with some really neat new ideas and it would be like a total home makeover for free! :0)

  3. Lots of future blog post content! ;D

    And they always tell you to go shopping for decor in your own house first. I don’t think they meant to set up an actual store though! ;D

    It really is a great idea though! Can I come shopping?

  4. My fourth bedroom is currently my “Goodwill” and I love going in there to “shop”!! Good luck on getting settled. We are in a rental with some WILD colors and they won’t let me paint 🙁 so I have a feeling I’m never going to feel settled in this house. Oh well, its just temporary until I get my DREAM house!! (at least I hope, hehe)

  5. If the gas line runs anywhere near where you will have the dryer, you might be better off just having someone extend the gas to the laundry area. It might cost some money, but you will save in the long run with the difference between gas and electric cost!

    I love the new couch – my friend has that couch. it is very comfy.

  6. WOW!!! That looks so awesome!!! I am sooo happy for you guys :). I love your Goodwill shop. I WILL be doing that when we move as well! Good going :).

    Cyndee >

  7. Congratulations. How exciting to be in a new home. It takes a while to put everything away and decide where things should go. But that is fun.
    Good luck.

  8. Your in for several weeks of Fun! Congrats on your new dwelling.. I’m sure your so relieved to be in your new home, finally!

  9. Glad you got all moved in and considering it just happened (the move that is) it looks pretty darn good.
    Loving your own personal goodwill store.
    And your two prints that you scored…congrats! They are fantastic

  10. Wow I’m tired just LOOKING at all the work you have to do! On the upside it’s exciting to get to decorate a new house!!

  11. So glad that you’re all moved in. Now the real fun begins.

  12. Congrats Allison, you know what’s funny, I was looking for your cloche on those shelves! Guess I was shopping!

  13. I am sorry, but I just had to laugh at your husbands Goodwill comment. Moving into a new place is very exciting, but getting everything put away takes time. Enjoy your new home!

  14. Congrats on the move! Looking forward to all the fun projects that come out of your “Goodwill” 😛

  15. Ohhhhh, I so know what you’re going through! The “fire room” is my Goodwill, and I promised a house tour next weekend on my blog. I may just be forced to side step that one, LOL.

    It looks really good so far, Allison!

  16. Congratulations! Your house is lovely, but I’m excited to see what you do to personalize it. I love the personal Goodwill store–and that couch! Wow, what a deal!

  17. LOL, Allison, my first thought when I saw your “decor organizing shelf” was Goodwill as well. I agree with you though, that is a perfect way to “shop” for items you want to use! At least they are much prettier things than you find at Goodwill (when they are at Goodwill it’s before you make them pretty). Oh, and I am super sad you are painting over the beautiful dining room. You are going to ruin a masterpiece! (:))

  18. The actual moving is no fun, but it is exciting to get to decorate a new place! Congratulations on your beautiful new house!

  19. Congratulations on your new home. It looks wonderful and I can’t wait to see how you will personalize it this coming year.

  20. so much work!
    love your husbands goodwill comment..lol. I love the goodwill!!
    Thanks for linking up to “AP Tuesdays” @ New Nostalgia! Hope to see you next week!

  21. Welcome to you new home. Happy decorating and organizing! Thanks for joining We’re Organized Wednesday.


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