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The best of September 2010

Let's wrap up September, shall we? (Click on each picture to see the original post.) I started off the month by showing off my new clearance pillows and my semi-finished family room! And then swooned over the new GLASS bowl for the kitchen aid (I still want one!) I showed everyone my Master bathroom renovation I did last year... I embarrassed myself by posting an outtake video from my Sponsor Redi Shade. And then gave you a tip on how to make your morning school routine run more smoothly. Then I gave a tutorial on how to create a cheap (but not … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #18

Oh ya! It's that time of the week again!! Time to link up your totally awesome creations! Here are a few that caught my eye last week... A pretty laundry room makeover @ OCD Often: DIY canas art @ Racks & Mooby: Embroidered Family Hands @ The Mother Lode: Dollar Tree Halloween Plates @ Sustainably Chic Designs: Hand painted pillows @ A Girl and a Glue Gun: Seriously freaking adorable candy corn @ Day Dreams and Pretty Things: Square fall wreath @ Vintage Creations Inc: ~*~*~*~*~ Post about anything you’ve worked on lately! * Put a link to my s … [Read more...]

Calling all Fashion experts…

** edited to add: I blogged about the final selection here. ** *I've updated at the bottom, so make sure to see the new stuff!* We have family portraits scheduled for this Friday. If you've seen my Real McCoy video, you know I have ZERO fashion sense. NONE. I can't decide what to dress my kids in for the portrait. (This is Step 1. I'll address what I'm going to wear once I figure this out.) Do I want earthy colors? Or blues? Or gray and black? BTW, the portraits will be taken outside in NATURE. Okay, so here's where I need your help. I've created several clothing … [Read more...]

Evolution of the mantle

My fireplace mantle has gone through several transformations since we moved in. First we had this... ...which isn't even decorated at.all. I set the Rodney White artwork on the mantle while we were moving in so it didn't get ruined and it just kinda ended up staying there. I hung the artwork and added a few accessories, but the overall look just wasn't working. This setup is a FAIL! I LOVE my art and I LOVE bright bold color, but after a month or so it just started to hurt my eyes. I need my family room to be more subtle and relaxing so I took down the art and … [Read more...]

Picking paint

I've been fretting over paint since we moved in. What color do I want my Family Room? It shares walls with the breakfast area as well as the kitchen so I need a good neutral color that will go well for the majority of the downstairs of the house. Do I want tan or gray? Well, I finally narrowed my selection down to one of these: :) I am so indecisive!! Why can't I just pick a color already and move forward? I don't know why I have such a hard time with this. Colors are not my strong-suite. I can confidently replace a sprinkler head, but when it comes to picking out … [Read more...]

Laundry money saving tip

Wanna save a little money? Cut your dryer sheets in half. They work just as well as the full sheet. Swear. Just take your dryer sheets and unfold them all. This goes quickly believe it or not. Now just cut them all in half. And then stuff them back in the box. Oh sure you could probably put them into a nice fancy container. But I didn't have one, so the box it is! It'd be even cheaper to just stop using the sheets all together, but I like 'em and don't want to stop using them! … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #17

First off, I'm really sorry about not hosting the link party last week! The company that hosts my domain decided to shut down millions of blogs and websites for HOURS without notice. So HoH was out of commission. But I'm back in full force today! Here are some of the awesome links that were posted two weeks ago: Blooming Freckles Frosted some mason jars. Frosted Gardner refinished this hutch. A Girl and a Glue Gun made this vinyl sticker for her car. Organize and Decorate Everything made these art supply organizers. House of Grace has an excellent post about … [Read more...]