pillows & candles & tables, oh my!


The family room is s-l-o-w-l-y coming together.

Can you believe I found that candle holder @ GW in LA before I moved? Can you double believe I was actually going to paint it??

I’m totally diggin’ the green now!

Last time I showed you my family room it looked like this:


Ack, I can’t even look at it. It’s blinding me. Except my baby girl. She’s cute.

So I’m strollin’ through el Tar-jay-o and I come across these adorable little pillows on clearance for $6.97 each.


Score baby!

Adorable, right? I was a puddle right there in the store. Good thing it was payday!


So I scooped those puppies up and took them home.

And then I broke about 20 laws and might go to jail for even admitting this ONLINE, but…

I tore the tags off.


Gasp. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

And, on a side note. Yikes! Look at that thumb nail. I seriously need to stop biting my nails (such a disgusting habit) and get myself a mani STAT.


So back to the pillows…

Don’t they look great?!

I’m just loving how this room is coming together!

I swapped the ottoman for a black round coffee table I had upstairs. I LOVE the way it looks with this couch!

And for an exact side-by-side, or rather a top-to-bottom comparison…

Here’s the living room a month ago and now. And please TRY to imagine that all the walls are painted lovely colors and I’ve got moulding everywhere.



Now here’s where we play one of those games that’s always in the back of People magazine. Circle the differences you see….

Fine. I’ll just tell you.

So, let’s see… in addition to removing the huge dryer and most of the CRAP from the background, I changed out the candles on my candle holders on the wall behind the couch, I moved the cute little girl to the left of the couch ;), I swapped the ottoman for the round black coffee table and added some stuff to the table, and I added the pillows.


I threw this little ensemble together from My personal Goodwill I’ve got set up in the dining room (which is rapidly becoming depleted. How come no one donates to my GW store?).

I’m thinking the stark-white pot needs to be painted, but I like everything else.

Except that ca-ute clock from Ikea? Ya, that damn thing tick-tocks and it’s so LOUD. I feel like the Capin’ on Peter Pan whenever he hears the tick-tock of the croc coming his way. So I am now boycotting winding it up every day. It’s just a cute little thing that doesn’t really tell time.


For some reason I’m really diggin’ the red candle and green holder together. I didn’t plan for them to be together. It just happened. Like destiny. I needed a candle for the holder, and it was the only one I had in my stash. True love.

And just to keep it real here…

This is what my beautiful family room looked like LESS THAN ONE HOUR after I took the above photos…


Oh, yes, my friends. My little minions err, I mean munchkins, can mess up a room in a New York minute.



I was tempted to get mad and irritated. Maybe I did a little at first. Okay, fine, who am I kidding? I was pretty ticked. (“Keep your toys upstairs in the game room!!”)

But when I took the picture of the mess I realized that one day these little babies of mine won’t even play with these little kid toys anymore. And then one day after that they won’t even live in my home anymore.

And that made me sad. And then I smiled at their toys and tried to enjoy them because one day my babies will be all grown up and I’ll be sad that there aren’t any build-a-bears or pillow pets or baby doll bottles or blanket forts laying around my family room.

One day my room will stay clean.

And I’ll miss them.


But, seriously. Aren’t these pillows adorable?!

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  1. Yes, the days are numbered my friend, that’s why the Polly Pockets have continued to multiply and take over my house…and I have let them! 😮

  2. Just wanted to say that your post totally made me laugh tonight! My room would look like that (or worse….yikes!) after an hour too! Thanks for reminding me that one day my room will not be messed up anymore…..I needed that reminder. Bad. On a side note, I still can’t wait for school to start!

  3. The house is coming along great!!! Thank you so much for linking up to Fab Friday –


  4. They are cute- and I love that you have a label for Target, that is fantastic!

  5. What a beautiful room… I love it! And that couch… that is exactly what I need for our living room. It is gorgeous and big. Perfect!!

  6. I love how it’s coming along Allison. I love the “before” with the toys. That’s my family room too. I like that green candle pillar – it’s a pretty green.

  7. I adore that table and your family room is coming together quite nicely!

    But my favorite part of this post was about the kids’ toys…so, so true. Gives the incessant tick-tocking another meaning too, eh?