A few updates around the hood…

House of Hepworths is currently undergoing massive transformation!

Halle-freaking-lujah! It’s about time!

This Chick (um, me, dur!) has been hacking and coding and tweaking all.day. (I’m pooped!)

So, what have I done?

Well, I’m so glad you asked!

First off, I totally re-wrote and updated the “Me” tab at the top.

The other write-up was old and stale and just didn’t really fit my personality. Hopefully this new write-up will have you feeling more fulfilled.

If you want to know anything else about me, leave me a comment in that comment section and I’ll think about updating the tab again to answer all of your oh-so-personal questions.

The other thing I did I’m so totally freaking-out proud of myself because it was quite a headache.

There’s another new tab at the top! Yayayayay!


This new Projects tab has every.single.post. ever written by moi categorized by topic.

Which means?… It means that you can easily browse this tab to find posts you may have missed or easily find an old post that you want to look at again! Yippie!

I’d hate for awesome projects like this to get overlooked!

And, just to knock your socks off even more, some of the projects are linked up by image, so you don’t have to hurt your pretty little eyes reading too much.

Yes, they look a little wonky right now. But as time goes on I hope to crop each image the same size so they all match and make a cute nice little row.

I’d love it if you checked out these two new tabs. I put so much work into them, I’d hate for them to get overlooked or go to waste.


Have I told you lately that my readers ROCK?



(This button really has absolutely nothing to do with this post, except it’s about as lame.)


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  1. I like all the updates!! Very cool!! And I can tell it was a lot of work!!
    Good for you!

  2. Love the pic of you 🙂

  3. I found your blog recently and I love it! I am moving into a new house next month and I have bookmarked a ton of your projects. I am going to be a busy lady! Thanks for the ideas. 😀

  4. I rock? Really? Awesome! No, you rock too! :mrgreen:

  5. Love it! It’s like fall cleaning for your blog!


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