Reader Submission – Fall $ store wreath

Last week I showed you how to make a Fall Wreath using dollar store items.

Ring a bell?

Karin, an HoH reader, had this to say!

“Thank you so much for the great idea! I read this post last night at 7p and asked my husband to take me to the DT! So at 9p I was gluing leaves to the wreath and it came out great! We’re going back later today to buy more supplies to give these as fall hostess gifts. Thank you again for sharing, my home will look great for fall!!”


Karin also sent me some photos of her wreath she made using my tutorial!




Awesome wreath, Karin!

I have to admit, I’m totally digging how she hung it from the black mirror…

I think I’m diggin’ it even more than mine on the front door.


Thanks Karin, for

a) wanting to copy me!

b) making such a fabulous wreath and displaying it brilliantly

c) sending me the pics to post here at HoH!

If anyone else makes any craft based on anything I’ve posted, I’d love to see it! It would be an honor to post them here and show everyone!

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  1. Karin is one of the most naturally talented people I’ve ever known. No matter what she puts her hand to it comes out beautifully.
    But the best thing about Karin, is one of the most gunuine people you’d ever meet.

  2. It is cute on the mirror! Now I want a mirror to hang a wreath on!!

  3. I just posted mine and linked it back to you! Thanks

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