The Real McCoy

After reading how dozens of you are laughing your rear ends off at my expense from my redi shade video

I decided to create a rebuttal video proving once and for all that I’m not usually gross and disgusting looking, and that even though my son thinks I have a pretty butt, it’s actually a pretty damn big butt!

If you’ve got a few minutes, turn the sound up, sit back, and watch the magic unfold.

But only if you think I’m actually entertaining enough to waste several minutes of your life listening to me.

** Make sure you switch it to 480p for better quality. **

* I do realize I probably should have covered the window in the background. Next time I make a video I’ll make sure my lighting is better.

xoxo. Gossip Girl.

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  1. you crack me up!!! no not gross, but totally funny yes!
    btw, i shop costco and im lame in fashion too. doesnt help i live in the islands and wear slippers, well all the time! i wear jeans and tshirts and tank tops and slippers. yea, thats pretty much it

  2. hey from someone who knows how it is and lives it each day, IT IS OK. Relax and enjoy life. Those who don’t respect you are not worth your time.

  3. I am worried that our friendship is forever ruined because I was there when you ruined your favorite jeans.

  4. OMG I luuuuurrrrrvvveee you!! I think you and I are twins and would be BFF’s …except for the fact that you pull for TX and I pull for AL ha ha.

  5. To avoid that darkness on your face, next time, don’t film yourself in front of a light source. Good point about not wearing your favorite pants until they fit. What’s your jean patch plan, normally?

  6. You. Are totally cute – and my husband can’t stand the way I get overwhelmed by too many choices – shopping gives me cold sweats. And don’t even mention a new restaurant.

  7. Oh, Allison, your Travis is as ornery as my Aidan (he’s 8 next month). I’m sitting here chuckling & totally relating to just about everything you’re saying & my oldest who’s doing online school at home, is looking at me like I’ve grown a 3rd eye & sprouted horns!
    You are NOT gross & disgusting….like thousands of us, you are a MOM FIRST & the rest falls down the priority totem pole depending on what disaster strikes first.
    Bless your heart for throwing dignity out the door & showing us the REAL Allison…love her to bits & she’d fit in with ALL of my friends…I’m an even more dedicated follower NOW than I was before the videos!

  8. Patty Hibble says:

    Muffin over the waistband! I died laughing. I can so relate to doing the dance, lunges, lying on the bed, etc. PS: Is Costco one of your sponsors now????!

  9. Patty wrote, “PS: Is Costco one of your sponsors now????!”

    I WISH Costco would want to sponsor me! Ha! I do love them though!!!

    ~ Allison

  10. bestest sister ever says:

    So, I may be your bestest sister ever, but apparently I’m not fashionable enough… so now, I kill you.

  11. I laugh-cried at both of your videos! You are hilarious as well as crafty and handy! What a combo…Thanks for doing your blog.

  12. Allison, you are my hero and I love you forver. I don’t know which video I like more, but I was laughing at both and mostly ’cause I could completely identify with you. Seriously, you ROCK! And I own more Costco clothes than I care to count. 🙂

  13. I too have been on the hunt for the perfect jeans and although you have sworn off Old Navy, they have a new style, just for us girls with big butts! They’re called Dreamers and you might give them a try! The other four styles they carry I can’t even get a leg in but for some reason the Dreamers fit great, and no plumbers crack either!

  14. Too adorably funny! You should so be the next Oprah!

  15. that is exactly why any time I spend shopping is for my kids or my house!

  16. Allison, You just crack me up and I love you. I love that you are just REAL all of the time. You are obviously beautiful inside and out….BIG butt and all…lol!

  17. You are killing me! You seriously make me laugh so hard…I’m contemplating moving to Texas *just* so we can be friends! 🙂 Keep the giggles coming!

  18. Ok, I did take the time to watch your 7+ minute video and you are SO funny! I’ve followed your blog for a while and always enjoyed it but between the “pretty butt” video and this one I totally want to be your friend! 😆

  19. Oh my God, you are so funny! You should be a stand up comic! Great job, Allison. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I am a fan!

  20. P.S. To prove my devotion, I just became a Follower and subscribed via email! 😉

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