An explosion at the Hepworth house


Holy crap! I’m pretty sure a bomb went off in there!

Yes, this is was our closet under the stairs.

This is how my children “organize and put away”.


I wish I could say this looks like this “because we just moved in” (cough, six weeks ago, cough), but honestly, if I devote my time to one thing, the rest of my house ends up looking just like this closet.

I’d say I tripped over and pushed aside this crap for a good two weeks before I finally threw in the towel and cleaned it up.

Oh it was an undertaking! I moved all the games to another closet, I folded all the blankets, put all the nerf toys in a bin, and I even organized the DVDs into piles. I’d outline the method to my organizing madness with DVDs but this post would be too long and you all would discover I’m totally nuts and back away very slowly – and then run screaming.

Okay, so anyway, after like at least two hours or more, the closet now looks like this:


I would love some shelving in here for the DVDs, and maybe some more shelving for baskets and things, but for now


Screaming? Me? I’m not screaming. I’m just excited!


And if you haven’t figured out already just how incredibly dorky we are, check out my husband’s home-made modified DDR pads!

I’m considering making a post about how to make these pads, because honestly they rock and feel like you are playing at an arcade, but really? Would anyone even really care? Are my husband and I (and my sister) the only three dorkiest people on the planet that we actually made mod-DDR pads?

(But seriously, they do rock)

So cheers to me for organizing the “Harry Potter closet” as my kids like to say.

Oh, and srsly. If you really do want a tutorial on the DDR pads, let me know in the comments section. If I get a good response I’ll type one up.

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  1. I have a couple of closets that look like that too ~ the before picture, that is 🙂 Talk about skeletons! I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  2. I want to see those IRL!!

  3. That is a fantastic transformation!! I wish I had that under the stairs closet. Perfect idea to store all of those items!!

    Shopper Gal

  4. Harry Potter closet, lol. I have a friend who puts her scrapbook stuff in her Harry Potter closet under the stairs! I don’t think I’d be able to do that…no windows!

  5. DDR on your website – nice…very nice. Maybe we should mount the DDR pads on the wall in our living room – that would make some good decor, right? 😉

  6. Is a DDR pad one of those pads where the directions tell you to move left or right while you are trying to dance?

  7. Your closet looks terrific! And yes, you definitely need some shelving and baskets in there. I never knew you were acquainted with Harry Potter. Cool!!

  8. Not being nasty here just wondering if it would be functional for your family if you stored the DVDS in those big CD zippered cases. You can even use the cover of the movie along with each DVD. It just cuts down on all the plastic cases that you have to store.
    We also have a closet under the stairs except its hidden in our woodwork so most people never know its there:) fun!

  9. You are not along on your DDR craze… I have asked my hubby to make a platform for the mats for years now and its still not done! I would L-O-V-E a how-to before 3 kids + mom dancing and jumping on a slippery mat on carpet = 1 trip to the er! The closet looks so much better! Way to go!

  10. I would LOVE to know how to make DDR pads!!! That would be cool!

    I have a few closets like your ‘before’ shot. I have had the kiddos clean and organize the bonus room closet and it looks great for about ONE DAY!!!!

    It totally stresses me out…….:)

  11. My daughter would love the DDR pad! She always complains that “dancing” on the pad on carpet is so not cool.
    We store our DVDs in the zippered cases too – kids movies in one, adult in another. Organized by genre, then alphabetical 🙂 Yeah, that’s my husband, not me.

  12. Um, yes please to the DDR pad! Anytime you can make something cool like that, please share!!!

  13. I’d like to know how to make killer DDR pads. I don’t think it’s dorky but what do I know? I like to play Raving Rabbits because you control the game with your butt (you have to sit on the balance board to play it.)

  14. My husband and I would totally make and use DDR pads. We also love Rockband.

  15. Would love DDR Pads!!! Must know how to make !! I would be so cool!

  16. I too would love to see the DDR pads.

  17. Just saw your post on getting your closet organized. I am ashamed to say that ours has been gathering clutter for 4 years since we moved into our brand new home. So six weeks is nothing. This is inspiring for me to see. I cannot even imagine what I will find in our closet.

  18. great job getting that organized, dont forget to update when you get shelving in there too!
    i wish i had more closets!

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