Painting the piano {the idea stage}

On Monday I showed you my new PB inspired mirror above my piano:

I mentioned that this piano is getting a makeover!

Yay! I can hardly wait to start this project!

(No, I haven’t started it… yet.)

PS – I’ve already taken down the guitars. I didn’t like them either!

I’ve been collecting links for refinished pianos so I can decide how I want to do mine. Here are a few refinished pianos I’ve seen lately.

I could paint mine RED:

Blue Cricket Design painted hers RED.

My Life… Unplugged. also painted her piano RED.

Or maybe a shade of BLUE:

Crap I’ve Made painted hers TEAL.

Pugmire Studio painted theirs bright blue.

Craft With Me painted hers pale blue.


Design Mom chose a bright green for hers.

Or cream?:

All Things Thrifty painted her piano cream:

I could glaze / antique it:

All Things Thrifty then took it a step further and glazed it.

And We Sailed On painted theirs a more rustic look.

Classic Capmbell antiqued hers.

Or stick with basic black:

Mom2jope painted hers shiny BLACK.

A Dash of Parsley gave her piano a black shabby chic look.

I could sand it down and stain it:

Jordan Colburn sanded his down and stained to show the natural wood grain.

If I were in a really crazy mood I could…

The Modern Hive painted her piano with chalkboard paint.

Here’s a fun one:

Here’s one painted like a fireplace!

How do YOU think I should paint my piano??

Here’s mine again:

I’ll let you know how I *think* I’m going to do mine once I hear all your ideas!

Also, these are just some ideas of how I could paint my piano. I’m open to all ideas!

If you’ve blogged about painting your piano, add a link in my comments section! I’d love to see it.

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  1. I want to paint our piano, too. I’m a sucker for white. It won’t be for a while, but that’s my plan. It badly needs a tuning, too, lol.

  2. Cool post! Thanks for including my piano.

    I really liked some of the bright vibrant colors. Very distinct, but it might be hard to get a really even finish.

    Good Luck!

  3. I like the more sedate versions, since a piano is a really big piece of furniture. The teal is really pretty.

    The fireplace one cracked me up though – some people’s creativity/cahones!

  4. Ok, that fireplace piano is CRAZY.

  5. I’d paint it black. I like all the brights but I’m just not all that brave!

  6. I loved all things thrify glazed piano and that fireplace was just plain crazy…but I have caramel walls and white trim like you and my piano is black and that is the anchor color I started with in my home and built the other colors around. It works great if you like black, easy to accessorize with.

  7. bestest sister ever says:

    I <3 "Teal by Crap I've Made" or "Black by Mom2jope". But, then again, mom gave it to you and not me… so do what you want. *tear* 😥

  8. bestest sister ever says:

    where did my post go?

  9. bestest sister ever says:

    Okay, I said…

    I love “Teal by Crap I’ve Made” or “Black by Mom2jope”. But, then again, mom gave it to you and not me. *tear* That’s just my two cents… 😥

  10. Personally, I like the rustic look of And We Sailed On. I grew up with a piano that was once teal with black glaze, and then stained dark red, and though it was fun both times, it dictated the room.

  11. black if you’re going for “traditional”
    red if you’re trying to make a statement 🙂

  12. I think painted like All Things Thrifty painted and glazed hers. That is beautiful!!

  13. I totally love the lighter blue one with the upholstered bench. Then the first red one. I can’t wait to see what you do!

  14. Play Me I’m Yours stopped me in my tracks! What an awesome way to draw the kids to practice- make it look like a toy!

  15. You could always modpodge it with scrapbook papers! But to tell you the truth, I like a more natural look to pianos, but you gotta do what you like.

  16. I am loving that chalkboard paint one – how cool!! And the fireplace-painted one rocks too. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours! 🙂

    Aimee @ Justkiddingaroundatlanta

  17. My vote is for the chalkboard paint. It’s so cute! :mrgreen:

  18. The calm tiffany blue one is nice. The chalkboard one is fun. The second red one looked more burnt orange to me (but i see through longhorn glasses – so oranges pop out at me all the time)

  19. I’d paint it black, it would look so pretty next to your walls 😉

  20. I love the lines and overall shape of your piano – very classic. I would stay within that ballpark and either stain it a rich, deep espresso, or paint it a classic black. I think it would look like a million bucks!

    Curious to watch what you do with it! 😀

  21. Amber @ Two Nuts in a Shell says:

    I really LOVE the rustic looking one from “As We Sailed On.” (I’m actually heading over there to see how they did that!) Either that or a high gloss black. I will admit I also reeeeeally like the chalk-board paint one, but only if it’s kept nice and clean like the photo, which just a smidge of a chalk drawing.

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  22. I love the shabby distressed or antiqued painted look. I had a piano just like that and I had no idea how to paint it and it didn’t fit in out living room (literally) so I gave it to a friend. I am very interest in seeing how you do your!

  23. Hello Allison! I have a feeling this project is going to be great! I love the distressed and glazed look! Your piano also has two really great rectangular panel details. What about attaching a thin piece of styrofoam board wrapped in fabric in the top one to make a memo/picture board? and coordinating the fabric to a newly refurbished bench seat? or paint a neat stencil inside the rectangle? or add some ogee trim? I think the color has to depend on what the rest of the room looks like! Have fun brainstorming!

  24. Me personally, I like the high gloss black lacquer look for a piano. That’s just me.

  25. I like the black. And the distressing. I am not too crazy about the fireplace one. That’s just kinda weird to me….no offense to whoever it belongs to. Though it would be fun to watch your guests be confused! 🙂

  26. I like the All Things Thrifty Piano that is antiqued and glazed. I think you should glue a decorative wood carved piece on the front and then paint over it to dress it up a little bit. I don’t think that style is one you would get tired of anytime soon and it would fit into any room! If you want to have a little fun, paint the piano bench a bright color and then switch it out when you are ready for a new look.

  27. tangled zen says:

    I really didn’t think I’d have an opinion – although I played piano, I’ve never owned one. However, looking at the pianos that were painted made me feel a little sad. In my circles, pianos have always been one of those things that were considered very special to have. I agree that it would be nice to refinish it – but the age and the history seems to call out for more than painting it red, or with chalkboard paint, etc. If I were you, I would go with something classic to honor the heritage of your beautiful piano.

  28. Although the black ones are really classic and pretty, I would never do that because I HATE to dust!! (and I rarely do..don’t tell!) I would do cream or white, with or without a glaze. I liked the idea of using the inset for a memo board…you could also just do ribbon on the sides and use it to hold the music many options! 🙂

  29. Well I know I HATE dusting away that natural protective coating that coats my dark furniture, so that wouldn’t be an option for me. Love that bright blue one & all the other blues. I think a pretty glazed creamy color would be nice & make the inset part like a fabric covered memo board with ribbons. OR if you like to dust then I was thinking of a black & white harlequin design would look interesting.

  30. I’m partial to the bright blue. I’m completely chicken to paint a wall a bright color, so my furniture gets the treatment, when I can.

    The fireplace one is awesome though. Creative people blow me away.

    Can’t wait for the “after” pictures!

  31. My fave is the teal… Love it! Love. It. I also like the black shabby/sanded look. That fireplace one is HI-larious!

  32. I think it looks great as is, but if it has to change, I’d go with the classic glossy black or possibly the cream if you’re going for a less-formal look.

  33. I would vote to sand it down and re-stain it. The wood that its made out of is so important to the sound, and should be showcased. However, I get that its a major project. If you do go with paint, I’m loving the cream/antiqued one!

  34. Thanks for including my piano! I love when I am not the only one staring at it!! Ok why didn’t I see the chalkboard one when I was doing it?? That is cool, but man that would break the bank! So I like almost all of them, but you saw my piano and I saw the red piano before I painted mine and my husband told me NO even though it’s awesome!
    I am a plain jane in most parts.
    I totally would have done the blue, but he said think of the resale value and my choice went to black or brown after that. Oh and when I did primer my piano looked bad white ;).

  35. 😆

    Loving this post.

    I have a old ugly piano in my bedroom, that was brought in through the window when that part of the house was being built in the 60’s. The Hubbie wants to take a chainsaw to it, since no one plays it, or even knows how. But I suggested taking it apart and having it put together, and selling it cheap lol. Now that I’ve seen this post I’ve done a 360! I want to do mine metallic gold! I love the chalkboard paint Idea too.. Can’t wait to see what you do to yours and how you do it.. So that maybe I have some guide lines for mine 🙂

  36. love the fireplace one…creative! 😀

  37. My cousin made the fireplace one!! Awesome that you found it, because I was going to suggest it!

  38. I just found your blog, and I’m LOVING it! 😀 I think you should paint the piano your basic black. I just think it would suit the style of the piano best. Good luck.

  39. My vote is for either the teal or the black, I think both of those are stunning… I’m not so sure about red… I think you’d get tired of it quickly (I know I would anyway).

    Tania 😆

  40. How about cream with chalkboard paint above the keys?

  41. I like the glazed look, and I think the chalkboard above the keys would be adorable! Or you could get vinyl lettering that says “Practice Makes Perfect” and put it above the keys.

  42. I think I have to vote for turquoise! Or at least a bold color. Ooooh! Maybe a color that goes with one of your paintings from that guy whose name I can’t remember. THAT would look great over your piano (since you are planning on moving it from over the fireplace. And I definitely think the guitars need to go someplace else.

    Can’t wait to see what you have planned!!

  43. Hi, new in these parts… but just had to tell you that I think a nice rich taupe might be neat. Similar to choosing black or cream, but yet different. Good luck on your project!

  44. I like the black, rustic, or glazed looks!

  45. I usually love color, but as a piano lover I am finding myself going more classic. My vote is to either re-stain it or go black. (Of course the “Play Me I’m Yours” was awesome.) White or creamy pianos have always looked 70’s to me for some reason. To be just a little daring maybe do the inset above the keys in chalkboard paint. Good luck. I’ll be interested to see what you do.

  46. personally, I love the pale blue with the glaze, but not sure if that one will go with your wall color. If not the pale blue, I like either black or white or cream 😀
    Good luck & can’t wait to see the finished product!

  47. I’s go for red

  48. The bright bold colors look great. Paint it whatever color will go with your decor. I’m dying to paint my own piano and will be checking out these others to see if anyone did a tutorial. LOL


  49. I like the bright blue but it wouldn’t work work in too many homes. The chalkboard one is cute!

  50. I like the teal because I have a bathroom painted that color. I don’t think you should put a piano in a bathroom though. 😛

    Won’t painting a piano change the quality and tone of the sound?

  51. Shabby chic gets my vote

  52. The rustic look would look great in your room it seems.

  53. I love this idea I wish I had room for a piano. I love love the shabby chic look because thats what I do to wood pieces anyways. But the chalkboard paint ones is also a fav as well as the rustic. Can’t wait to see it all done.

  54. I’m DYING over the bright blue piano!!! Do I dare?????? 🙂

  55. cindyrella43 says:

    I saw one that was yellow, it was pretty cute. I also loved the red. I guess I think a piano should have a new life with a new color for pianos. Can’t wait to see what you choose I am sure it will be awesome.

  56. Hey, I was wondering if you ever painted it? I have a similar one and I would love to paint it. However, I’ve wondered if it will affect the sound of the instrument? Do you know? There’s a darling white one in the new Garnet Hill catalog…

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