Evolution of the mantle


My fireplace mantle has gone through several transformations since we moved in.

First we had this

…which isn’t even decorated at.all.

I set the Rodney White artwork on the mantle while we were moving in so it didn’t get ruined and it just kinda ended up staying there.

I hung the artwork and added a few accessories, but the overall look just wasn’t working.

This setup is a FAIL!


I LOVE my art and I LOVE bright bold color, but after a month or so it just started to hurt my eyes.

I need my family room to be more subtle and relaxing so I took down the art and added a mirror that I’ve had for at least 15 years.


I also swapped out some of the accessories for a more Fall look.

In addition I took the candlesticks and gave them a new coat of spray paint and added gourds on top.


The colors are Rustoleum Nutmeg and Heirloom White.

But the black frame was still too harsh for me. I want this room bright, white, and soothing.

So I painted the frame white.

I’m already loving it so.much.more.


This is my “almost finished” decorated Fall mantle.


I’m going to add some fall leaves and maybe a few nuts to give it more texture, but I think so far it’s coming together nicely.


The ceramic pumpkins are from Dollar Tree. I can’t believe I found something ceramic at Dollar Tree that I don’t want to spray paint.


The pumpkins and gourds are real. I purchased them from the grocery store.

Also, the glass hurricane I bought in Los Angeles at Goodwill. You might recognize it from this post:

(New Life for an Old Shelf)

I like it much better with bright orange pumpkins and gourds in it!

So, in the past two months my mantle has morphed from this:


to this:


Now I just need to PAINT already!

Oh, and did you notice the crappy newel on the left of the fireplace hearth?

I got it free from a guy who was throwing it away while we were snowboarding last winter in California.

(Yes, the same trip that I broke my rib on…)

Anyway, this newel is eventually going to turn into a candlestick. Eventually.


Happy Fall, y’all!

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  1. I love it! I also love that you’ve only lived there for a few months and you’ve already had MULTIPLE mantles!!

  2. Love decorating for fall! The leaves are changing colors here and it is bee-u-tee-ful!

  3. It looks great! PS I spray painted those dollar tree pumpkins silver ala Pottery Barn. Aren’t they are so cute and versatile for being so cheap? Great work!

  4. Love it!!!

    And just for grins and giggles… what about putting the “crappy newel” up on the mantle… to the left of the mirror. ????

  5. Nice change! Love the artwork but the autumn colors love wonderful.

  6. Mantles are so much fun to decorate! Love yours!

  7. Love it! That mirror looks so different — I thought it was a different one! The power of spray paint, I swear.

  8. I love the mirror in white!

  9. Came here via The Nester 🙂 and love the frame painted white! Happy Fall!

  10. I too love the mirror in white! It really pops on the mantle. I missed those pumpkins at Dollar Tree…darn. I am going to have to pay a bit more attention.

  11. Looks much better I agree. That mantle needed to be brighter, but not red brighter. Perfect job, and those ceramic pumpkins are the cutest. Thanks for linking up to **Amaze me AUgust** I really appreciate it. 🙂

  12. While I am partial to black, painting the mirror white in this case looks great. Can’t wait to see what you decide for the walls.

  13. Great job! I always enjoy seeing the “evolution” of your projects 🙂

  14. Love it! Yes, that white frame around the mirror is JUST what that mantel needed. It looks great!


  15. I like the addition of the fall decor but the frame isn’t doing it for me. sorry 🙁 the size/scale is off and it doesn’t reflect anything pretty. Mirrors are tricky because they should really reflect an image you want to look at. How about adding something big and chunky, some books, or boxes and take away the two smaller pumpkins on the right and move the three-some to the center. 🙂

  16. Glad you could join my Fall Decorating Party! It’s fun to see how your mantel has changed and evolved over time.

    P.S. I refer to my blog as HoH, too (Hooked on Houses), so I feel right at home here. Ha. 🙂

  17. Love the mantel both ways. I love the print but the white mirror is softer. Great job.

  18. Love all your fall inspiration!!! I hopped over from Hooked on Houses.

  19. Your transformation is amazing. You definitely achieved soothing. And I love the crappy newel too!! 🙂

  20. Great look on the mantle now.The white mirror is way better…and of course I noticed the post! What a question!

    Can’t wait to see that transformed!

  21. Looks great Allison! I LOVE the new white mirror. What a difference that made!

  22. I love the hurricane!

  23. I absolutly LOVE your decorating Style! Thanks for visiting me blog Everything Else I love! Luving the mantle and the new color of the fram, I love white and tou have the perfect word to describe it ” Relaxing” -Thanks for ispiring me!

  24. I love that hurricane. Your mantel looks great.

  25. looks great. Love that you painted the mirror white. It looks so good. Cute idea to put the Gourds on the candlesticks.

  26. It is amazing what a little paint can do. It gave you a total new look. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I love the simplicity of your Fall Mantle. You’ve given me some great ideas. I’m away from home this week on business and consequently have only done one small seasonal decor change…..but as soon as I get home 🙂 Lovely, just lovely.

  28. I love your new mantel look! So simple and yet makes such a statement. The mirror changed it completely!

    Stop by and visit me sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal.

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