Armed and Dangerous; new business cards

Look what just showed up in my mail!



Want a closer looksie? (You know you do)


Why on earth do I need business cards?

Well, Vista Print was having a sale and I got sucked into the promotional hype and bought 1,500 cards so I ordered a few… ahem, cough cough, 1,500, cough… sorry, I had to clear my throat there…

Also, I’m headed to

next weekend!


And I figured I might want to give my new future BFFs a card so they can remember me and look me up when they get home.

Also, I’m hoping to score some tickets to

If I can pull this conference off I’ll need even more cards to pass around.

Plus, they just make me feel special.


Vistaprint Everything for $0

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  1. love those! Just got mine today as well! The hubs works at the place I got them from so mine were hand delivered. Ooh lala! Its WAY fun to have cards to share!!

  2. They are adorable & so fun! What a great idea- I have people ask me all the time about my blog (people I know in ‘real’ life who have heard about it) and it would be nice to have something like that. Can’t wait to hear about your fun trip coming up!

  3. I really like them. Just got my Vista Print cards in the mail last week but I only put my phone #, website and email. I listed myself as a Crafty Creator 😆

  4. oh man, I keep thinking of getting cards made! Love yours! They look great.

  5. Those are awesome! I had the person who created my blog header make me my blog cards so I just print out sheets of them and cut them as I need them. I went to CHA craft & hobby show in January and wanted them to hand out but I kept forgetting. But that’s ok cuz I just love having them anyway!

  6. Those are cute!! Now I think you should make your blog match your cards! ;D

    I need to get some ordered before Blissdom too!!

  7. Well I would definately hire you 🙂

  8. bestest sister ever says:

    pretty cards… hehe.

    Why didn’t you get orange polka-dot ones though? You kinda have a theme going on with orange.

  9. Love your cards and they are pink!! Fabulous! Have fun

  10. Have a great time. I’m hoping to go to the one in San Diego, next March.

    The cards look great!!


  11. Congratulations on your cards — they look beautiful!

  12. I totally get the business card thing! The last time we had a giant wooden fish, a cake dome, pavers and spray paint in the cart at Home Depot, and someone asked, “What are you doing with THAT stuff?”, I wished I’d had a few!

  13. Love em! Hey, I hand out more blog biz cards than my regular art cards! Go figure!

    Two little updates in my blogworld – I host a weekend paint party, Passion for Paint – would love for you to stop by for a visit.

    Also, just started if you have any interest in feng shui.

  14. Oh yeah, I get it too. I was even thinking as far as making a car sign, or personalized shirts, hats, etc, with my info on them, lol. Much later maybe when my blog is something to really talk about, but maybe now, since I can’t wait forever, lol. Yours are cute, and make me realize I was not so weird after all. 😆

  15. Getting caught up on my blog reading. These look great!

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