Goodbye past, hello future!


It’s time to retire the ol’ blog layout, header, & buttons.

I’ve loved every second of the orangie blog. It’s where this blog came from. It’s my roots.


But as they say, “It’s time to grow the hell up!”

You may have noticed I removed the original header a few weeks ago & put up a basic temporary one.


And now I’ve finally gone and changed the whole darn layout.

Here’s the very first button I ever made:


I want to be embarrassed by it, but it just reminds me of my first days living in Los Angeles when I was bored and depressed and missing Texas. I created a blog to help fill the void while I was in California for 6 months.

Now I’ve got a better button, but it’s still not great (as Lorie has pointed out to me on numerous occasions. Don’t worry, we are friends IRL so she’s allowed to text me and ask if she can please make me a new one because mine isn’t centered. That’s a true friend! ;))

I’m still waiting for my button, Lorie!

And of course I will never forget how sweet and kind Nikki from Creative Knack was to make me a plate based on the look of my blog.



And I will love it forever! And it’s hanging on the wall on my staircase, so I can see it every day!


I LOVE my new layout. I want to thank my amazing husband Ben for staying up until almost 5am getting everything moved over for my new stream-lined look.

He is SO AMAZING at all this coding and HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MYSQL, & PHP (say wha?).

(I had to ask him what all those “coding things” were called so I could add them to the post.)

I still need a new header and hopefully some new buttons. I’ll get to it soon!

Click around. See all the new tabs and functions I’ve got goin’ on. And check back soon and click some more. I’ll be making even more updates and changes over the coming weeks.

So, goodbye to the orange, hello to the future!

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  1. I love it — although I’m always going to remember you as the bubbly orange girl! LOL

  2. I know how absolutely frustrating this can all be!!! Right now I’m working on a new website, and for the past two days I’ve driven myself completely insane!!! The best of luck to you in keeping your sanity!

  3. I’m confused. Is the new blog a white background with a light blue header and dark blue, plain jane font? Because that’s what I’m seeing. Or do you still have a reveal coming up?

  4. Hi! Great job with the new blog formatting. You have a very sweet husband. I’m enjoying looking around here, and have decided to follow along! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your new house. We’re in the beginning phases of a huge renovation project on our new (to us) beach house.

  5. Change is good:-)

  6. Love it and LOVE your All projects list!! How simple to find things now!!

  7. Looking forward to what you have up your sleeve. Katharine

  8. How exciting! Can’t wait to see it when completely finished! 😉

  9. Hey! I’d recognize my screen shot of your old blog anywhere! I’m loving the new design, haven’t heard from you in awhile, hope to hear from you soon!

  10. Wow this looks great! Such hard work your husband put into it. He has done a great job.

  11. Love your new look!! It looks so fresh & clean, although I liked your old look too 🙂 I’m so glad you have a husband to help you ~ I would be lost also with all the coding!

  12. Obviously inspired by the cooler you personalized. Very streamlined…great job.

  13. Nice new blog 😀

    I miss Texas, too 🙁

  14. L.o.v.e. HoH….. and would love to try that cleaning product!!!

  15. let me first say i adore your blog, i love because of the bubbly tutorials and lots of color and pictures….and i also understand the need for change but i cant say i like this new look at.all. it just doesn’t look that inviting.

  16. Vivian (and everyone), I know my blog doesn’t look like much right now because I don’t have a header, but I guess I was primarily posting to let everyone know that I was in the middle of making changes so please be patient with me. I think I jumped the gun on the switchover post. My header is in the works as we speak, and I’m bringing back some of the orange. Also, my husband is going to change some colors around for me, so be patient, and hopefully this thing will look great in the end. I like this template so much more because I can do so many things with it that the other template didn’t let me do. For example, I can have more tabs at the top and I can make my sidebar split into two columns. There are other more technical things as well, but overall this template will allow me to do so much more as a blogger.

  17. Oh, I like the new coding. Your hubby did an awesome job! Now all it needs is a little facelift – but the hard stuff is all done! Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!


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