make your own storage boxes

Many of you know I just moved into my house.

And with a new move comes lots of additional expenses including all the accessories you need just to get settled – drawers, baskets, organizers, etc.

I’ve waaay over spent lately on trying to get this house livable (and not even decorated!). I wanted some open storage boxes for the shelves in my garage but I just am sick of spending money! So I improvised.

And I’m happy to say that I’m actually quite happy with the outcome and plan on making at least 4 more storage boxes.


What do you end up with that’s free when you move and unpack?


Moving Boxes. Lots and lots of moving boxes.


I took a square moving box and cut it in half with a box cutter.

It makes the perfect open storage box for a garage!


Not only does it hold all my spray paint, but it actually pulls in and out from the shelf quite easily and is very sturdy (after all, it is made to hold lots of heavy stuff!)


I took the other half of the box and taped the ends together to create another open storage box.


I’m obviously AWESOME at eyeballing exactly where the middle of the box is to create two equal halves.

So, um ya… anyway… I put all my little random stuff in the 2nd box. You know, the things that I use all.the.time. and want right there next to me in an easy to find location…


I’ve got stuff like caulk, utility blades, WD40, wood glue, paint stirrers, liquid nails, Gorilla glue, steel wool…


Am I the only person that thinks these items are a “must have” and keep them close to me?

In case you are tying to get a glimpse of what is on the shelf next to my homemade storage boxes, here it is.


Mainly cans of paint, a tarp (mainly for painting), saws that I borrowed from my dad, and of course random pieces of broken tile, because why wouldn’t I have a pile of random pieces of broken tile?!

And just to keep it totally here, I’m NOT as organized as I try to lead you to believe…


Lets see… piles of tools not put away, piles of boxes of nails and screws, trash from when I cleaned out my car, cans of spray paint, a drop cloth, piles of broken tile that I found on the side of the road, small wooden drawers I found on the side of another road, more piles of crap… But hey…

at least the spray paint is organized!

How do you organize your garage? Or how do you NOT organize your garage? haha.

Do you keep your garage clean enough to park your car, or is it stuffed with so much crap you can’t even walk through it?

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