I got my Canvas People canvas!!


Canvas People is still giving away a FREE photo canvas (but you’d better hurry!).

I ordered one and upgraded it to an 11×14 and after shipping my grand total was only $27.94 which was still cheaper than ordering it through Costco.



(And don’t you just love my mantle? Is it Christmas or Fall? I obviously can’t make up my mind! LoL. I moved some Fall stuff out of the way to display my new Christmas Tree made from flower pots so I could take pictures of it.)


At the end of last May Ben and I headed to Canada (my first time ever!) to attend a wedding for some friends of ours. While we were there we went to Niagara Falls (also my first time ever!).


I chose this photo to print on canvas because I wanted a picture of just my husband and I that reminded me of our fun weekend getaway together.

Let’s face it, most of our pictures in our house are of the children, and I wanted something (for once!) that was just the two of us.

And I also love the fact that when I look at the picture I smile because I am reminded of Jim and Pam’s wedding. 🙂 (I wish this was the wedding we attended, but ours was for Shalin and Aaparna!).


Okay, and let’s just keep it totally real here. One of the reasons I chose this picture as opposed to any other picture of Ben and I is because I DON’T LOOK FAT and my smile is nice. And I wore makeup that day.

So anyway, I am tickled pink about my new picture!! Saying I LOVE IT is an understatement. Seriously.

AND, the best part?! When it arrived it came with a $50 off coupon for my next purchase! So now I can get a 2nd canvas for almost as little as I paid for this one. SCORE to the double ORE.

Here’s the link if you want to hurry and order your free canvas before this totally awesome deal expires:

(Pssst: These are EXCELLENT Christmas gifts for the grandparents!)

Here’s the original image I sent to Canvas People. (Oh, and ordering was SO STINKIN’ EASY. It took me less than 5 minutes to sign up, upload my image, and submit it.


*Disclaimer: Canvas People is paying a small commission for EVERY promotion you see on EVERY blog. We are all getting paid for this, honey. Not just me. 🙂 BUT, I would have still ordered one AND promoted it FOR FREE because it’s just such a great deal and I LOVE IT.*

** If you are promoting Canvas People please do not use any of my photos in your blog post. I am also promoting Canvas People and this would be a conflict of interest. Thank you.**

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  1. Great photo of you and your husband. You look happy and content with each other. 🙂 Katharine

  2. I love your canvas picture! You chose a great photo:)

  3. I keep wondering if I should do one of these. Now that I see how yours turned out and how much you love it, I think i’ll go for it!

  4. I ordered one too! I had a hard time picking the picture…hope it turns out as good as your did!

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