Painting my foyer with DUTCH BOY paint

Dutch Boy Paints emailed me about a month and a half ago and offered to send me four gallons of paint to try and review on my blog.


Do *I* want four gallons of FREE paint? Sign me up!

They sent me a color deck so I could select my colors.

(Image borrowed from A Design Story)

Oh my oh my. I don’t think I’ve ever been SO INDECISIVE in my entire life! What room should I paint? What color should I pick? Should I get a few different colors? I hemmed and hawed for at least a week or more. I’m sure Dutch Boy was wondering what on earth they’d gotten themselves into!

I went to the Dutch Boy Paints website and selected their Inspiration Gallery where I saw this picture:

They had me at Foyer and Honey Bear.

I’m usually so “safe” when it comes to paint, but I thought I’d go out on a limb and try out yellow for my entry way. The official color is “Honey Bear” and I ordered it in Satin finish.

I was like a kid in a candy store the day they arrived!


First off, these paint cans are off the hook. I mean, seriously look at them! They have a pour handle on the side of the container, a handle on the top to carry, and they are plastic!

And then I opened one of them up to check out my new color when I discovered a POUR SPOUT inside the lid.


Srsly? Why oh why aren’t ALL paint brands packaged this way? Dutch Boy had my heart just with the paint container alone.

Here’s my foyer/entry way that I was going to test out my new paint on:


Basic builder beige. And you can’t really tell here but these walls are dirty and disgusting! I’ll show you a picture at the end of this post with a close-up of these disgusting filthy walls.

So I started to paint…


This paint goes on great. It’s smooth and thick and coats really well. And the best part? IT DOESN’T STINK! It’s got this Arm & Hammer action going on which eliminates that horrible migraine-induced-high-on-fumes headache I usually sport when I’m painting.

Here’s a close-up after only ONE coat of paint. ONE COAT people!


I did paint two coats though just to be “safe”.

And “after” both my coats of paint:


I’m sure this is solely because of the color choice, but I LOVE THIS COLOR. During the afternoon it looks bright yellow, in the morning it looks pale buttery yellow, and at night I swear it looks beige. It is such a beautiful color and will look even better when I get those other two rooms you see painted a light gray.

One reason I chose yellow is because I’m planning on painting the majority of my house a gray color with yellow accents, so I figured a yellow entry way would really work well with the rest of my color scheme. (You can see my indecisiveness about the gray on this post.)


I’m still not completely finished. I have to rehang all my decor and I have to paint that gawd-awful purple room (I mention it in this post under Dining Room) and the other room a gray shade. This yellow already looks so fabulous, I can hardly wait to see it up against the gray!

Oh, and one more teensy-tiny detail I forgot to mention… I still need to actually finish painting my entry way!


I couldn’t reach because it’s a two story foyer, and I’m TERRIFIED of heights, so I have to wait until my husband will climb up there and paint for me, or until I cave and hire a painter guy to come finish it for me (probably the latter).

And now for the much anticipated side-by-side Before & After comparison.

This is one photo. I took a picture of the corner wall where the staircase starts. Now I REALLY need to paint the stairway. It is so grotesque!


Yikes. Yup, that “before” section is how the entire foyer looked before I painted it. Gross!

So, to sum up, I LOVE this Dutch Boy paint. While researching about Dutch Boy for this post I realized they are owned by Sherwin Williams. No wonder the paint is such top notch quality. Sherwin Williams and me are tight, but I might have to start having an affair on Sherwin with the cute little Dutch Boy.

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  1. I can see why you fell in love with the can. That is awesome! I do love that color though. Very pretty and would work so well in my home as well 🙂

  2. Wow, I didn’t know Dutch Boy was owned by Sherwin Williams! I just used a lot of Sherwin Williams paints and it didn’t cover as well as your Dutch Boy did…..

  3. Virginia P. says:

    This color is lovely! Such a warm welcome to come home to every day.

    I’m about to paint my living room. Did you wash your walls before painting? If so, what did you use? I’m not really sure why washing walls is recommended, but I want to do things right.

  4. Wow! Those containers are awesome! I’m wondering with you – why don’t all paints come with a pour spout? It would life while painting SO MUCH easier!

    I love the yellow color you picked, and I think it’s gonna look amazing next to the gray you’ll be doing! I can’t wait to see it. 🙂


  5. You just sold me…I have to paint swatches from Dutch Boy taped on a wall…I didn’t know about the containers, so now all I have to do is make a choice (which for me is hard to do) Your foyer turned out gorgeous!


  6. Oh I LOVE that color you chose. So warm and inviting.

  7. thats a great color, i usually dont like yellow but its sooo buttery!

  8. I am so very jealous. They sent me some paint too, and I still haven’t been able to use it yet. I don’t know if I will ever be able to finish stripping off the wallpaper border in my kitchen. Curse wallpaper!

  9. Love the new color! And it will look great with gray!!

  10. I think that might be the color of my bedroom…especially as you’ve described it as soft and changing throughout the day! Great job!

  11. Get me a tall ladder and I will paint the second floor for ya! ;D

  12. Please share how the affair is going. lol That is similar to the paint color that I have in my entry and living room. Then I have a burnt orange wall. Can we say pumkin? lol My almost 80 year old designer dad helped me with the colors. The orange wall was a risk but it’s so striking!!! Now I have cherry wood (laminate) floors through out. I can relate to the yellow changing and it always puts me in a happy mellow mood. 🙂

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