On Target for Christmas this year

I’m in full-blown Christmas mode here at the Hepworth house!


IMG_0491  IMG_0495

Target has the hook-up this year, yo! If you want to decorate for Christmas on a budget, Target has packages of plastic ornaments in their Dollar Spot!!!


They come in 3 different sizes and a variety of shiny and glittery balls. The colors are great! I purchased several packages and have gone to town decorating everything but the kitchen sink with these ornaments!


I filled some large vases.


And some small ones.


And my versatile tray even looks better with some bling on it.



Add a few mini balls to a tall candle holder.


And even my mini truffle dish looks adorable with mini ornaments.


I can’t get enough of these!

And a huge package for only a dollar? Srsly. Best deal this season.

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  1. I just did a post on this that I will be Hookin’ Up on Thursday! I think I need to go and get some more…


  2. i bought like $20 worth when i was there lol i went crazy

  3. looove ornaments in glass containers! yay! wish we had target

  4. I love all the ornaments, they look so festive in all of your different containers!! It is so hard to not be in the Christmas spirit when it is everywhere you go 🙂

  5. You would never believe they are only $1… they look really good!!! Guess where I’ll be going tomorrow!!!!!! Thanks for letting us know about the deal!!!

  6. Love love love the bling on the tray…fabulous!

  7. The ol’ Target dollar spot really comes through, doesn’t it? Love the mini balls, especially. (Couldn’t help but think, “Do you DUST all those when you finally take them down?!” I know, I know…what a buzz kill. It’s how my mind works.)

  8. I love those Target ornaments! Any time I’m there they seem to find their way into my cart. My husband thinks I’m nuts, he saw my bag as I was coming in the last time and said “more ornaments?” I didn’t think he noticed my obsession, lol…

    I finally used some of the mini glittery ones in a wreath, woo hoo!

    Great job, love what you’ve done. 🙂

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