Fall wreath updated for Winter

Back in September I created a Martha knock-off wreath for Fall…

I was going to take it down now that it’s Winter, but I really like it and am not ready to hide it away until next Fall.

I went to Hob-Lob and bought two beady picks for .50ยข each. I took both of them and just wrapped them together so the beads faced away from each other.

Photos - 6524

I literally just wedged the beady stuff in between the ribbon and the wreath. (I changed the ribbon out as well).

Photos - 6525

Now I’ve got a wreath that will last through the Winter as well.

Photos - 6526

It was an easy cheap fix to make my wreath last just a little longer.

Photos - 6527

Maybe for Spring I’ll bust out the spray paint. ๐Ÿ˜€

So there you have it – my Winter wreath.

Fall & Winter:

  Photos - 6526

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  1. Very inventive! It does make such a big difference and with so little time and dough! These are the best kind of solutions.

  2. I love it! My hubby would also love the fact that I could make it last through a couple seasons! I’d love to see you spray paint it LOL

  3. Perfect!!!

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