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Ya, Casa de Hepworths is pretty LAME this year when it comes to Holiday decorating & the front of the house.

Well, the lights on the house (or lack thereof) is pretty pathetic, but I did do a few things to spruce up the front of the house so the neighbors don’t think Scrooge is living next door.

I was totally going to make the cutest Dollar Store wreath for Christmas (I was going to 1up my Dollar Store Fall Wreath that was so popular!), but I just got lazy and never made one.

Instead, I opted for a soft purdy wreath from IKEA and attached a big Dollar Store star on the front.

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I guess technically I could still call it a Dollar Store wreath since the red star is from the Dollar Tree. But somehow that just seems like cheating since the other 50% of the wreath is from IKEA.

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In spite of my sheer laziness, I still love the way it looks.

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Sometimes less-is-more.

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And that wreath! Can I just go off on a tangent for a sec and say how soft it is? I could seriously sleep with it smashed up on my face. It’s like a security blanket. I love it.

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I’ve got this window next to my door that is absolutely perfect for peeping Toms. Seriously. It doesn’t have any blinds or shutters on it, and at night when my lights are on, you can just slowly drive by my house and see clear to my back door.


So to help camouflage the view a tiny bit, the kids and I sat down and made some snowflakes!

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You can still totally see in the house, but your eye is drawn to the snowflakes instead of my couch.

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And last but certainly not least…

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The full view of the house.

I turned my Fall pillows around so they are only brown. Very dramatic effect.

And in closing, let me leave you with my Clampette-esque candy canes lining the sidewalk.

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They really are as crappy and trashy as they look. No, I take that back. They are more crappy and trashy than they look.

I bought them at a garage sale. They came in this huge box of crap (well, actually 4 boxes of crap) that I got for $10. I think they are from 1967.

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I pretty much put them out for the kids. The kids love them. And the kids begged to decorate the yard. So I gave them the box of lights. They wrapped the trees, strung lights on the bushes, and set up the candy canes (with my help). They were so excited about the candy canes that I couldn’t tell them no.

The candy canes will mysteriously disappear after Christmas. Hopefully next year we’ll have our act together enough to actually properly hang lights on the house.

So there you have it. The Hepworths take on the Clampettes, and we won!

Merry Christmas, y’all!

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  1. I miss you! I so bookmarked you as my bloggy friend! After my brother gets married, they will be looking for a house, I will tell them about yours!

    (FYI-you should see my big blue bridesmaid’s dress!!! Definitely Texas-style!)

  2. Those candy canes should “mysteriously disappear” on Ebay because if they are vintage ’60’s, you might make some good money on them! Love the wreath. Merry Christmas!

  3. I love the wreath! I am all about simplicity.

  4. Love the wreath! I bought a bunch of those $Tree stars for our transom windows in the living room – love their style! So I guess I shouldn’t mention that my husband bought big light up candy canes for our yard last year? And another batch this year?? Yeah, they’re for the kids… (actually, the toddler does LOVE them). LOL.

  5. Such beauty in a simple snowflake made by hand.

  6. Man, I am kinda regretting those candy canes now…

  7. I love the candy cane. Just think..all you need is a flamingo with a santa suit on it. lol The star almost looks like a Texan star so it’s perfect. My lights aren’t up either and my bow for the porch is in hiding (my daughter’s dad is protesting again). lol

  8. I too love your wreath! That red star is awesome!!
    And yes you bet the Clampettes’ hands down!! Ha!! The kids did a good job though!! Kudos to them!

  9. You should frost that window next to your door. Just buy some frosting spray from Michael’s, etc. and spray it on! If you wanted to get fancy you could add in some stenciling…

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