pom-pom terra cotta christmas trees

Hey friends!

Today I’m {finally} going to show you my 3rd and final Christmas Tree I made from terra cotta pots.

This is the first one I showed you guys almost 3 weeks ago:

And then a week later I showed you my favorite of the three – the silver Christmas Tree.

Here are one and two together:

The final tree I made is a pot larger than the other two.

I just used an additional larger pot on the bottom to make it stand taller.

(For complete instructions on how to make these pots, click HERE.)

I wanted a fun tree that my kids could enjoy, so I used pom pom balls as the “ornaments” on it.

I found the cutest pom pom balls at Hobby Lobby in a big package with a variety of sizes. I love that they are sparkly.

Kinsey had a blast helping me glue them on. I just added blobs of hot glue to the pots and then she stuck the pom poms on.

For the topper, I used some of my 1 1/2″ grosgrain ribbon from RABOM to make a bow.

I tied a bow and glued it to the top of the pot and then glued a big pom pom ball in the middle.

This tree has had several homes over the past month. I couldn’t make up my mind where to put it.

It sat on the bar by my sink for a few weeks.

I actually really liked it on the bar, but I ended up moving it to make room for a few other Christmas decorations (and my new Scentsy jar).

In the end it finally found a permanent home (until after Christmas at least!) next to my piano in my newly renovated piano room.

So there you go! It only took me a good three weeks to get all three posted (even though I made them all the same day!) but better late than never, right?!

If you’ve made a terra cotta Christmas tree (or any other craft for that matter!) I’d love for you to send me your link or pictures so I can feature you in my Share.Inspire.Create. post each month.

Also, here are the links again to my First tree (the green one) and Second tree (the silver one) just in case you want to see them again.

I’m on a mission to post ALL my Christmas crafts and “stuff” before we actually have Christmas, so bear with me the next week as I get these last-minute Christmas posts cranked out. I love Christmas and all the decor, but I’m excited for January so I can start posting about regular stuff again. 🙂

Happy Holidays, my friends!

For quick reference, the other two posts:


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  1. Love the Terra cotta pot Christmas trees!! And the poms make it so festive!! I like the bling on them as well!!
    Hugs and Merry Christmas

  2. Oh! I like the bigger one! You should make an even BIGGER one! and use it as your tree next year! ;D

  3. Love it! I had these on my to-do list for Christmas, but I think it will have to wait until next year!

  4. Ooh, the pompom one is now my favorite! What a genius idea, witty and adorable!

  5. I made my own version of these trees following your tutorial!!

    Check it out!


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