The Red Lantern


Here’s the view of my entry way and family room from the front door.


Don’t look too closely or you might see the crap I shoved out of the way to give the illusion that I keep a clean house. 😉

Okay, the real reason for this post. The Red Lantern.


I’m finally on the lantern-bandwagon. I see lanterns all.over.blogland. And I love them. A lot.


When I was at IKEA a few weeks ago I totally scored on this red lantern. It was marked down to $9! I had to buy it that.very.second.

I wasn’t sold on the red and was considering spray painting it, but it has totally grown on me. I really love it now.


To festify it I just threw in a bunch of Target Dollar Spot ornaments and called it done.

There’s a silver lantern at Costco right now for $14 which is a good deal, but I’m keeping my eye on it hoping I can score it for less than that. Keepin’ my fingers crossed.

Ho Ho Ho!

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  1. The red lantern gives a pop of color against the black. Keep it red for awhile after the holidays and see if you like it – paint can always be a decorator’s best friend. I have lanterns scattered about – sometimes they add just the right touch.

    Merry Christmas and may the New Year be filled with many wonderful surprises.

  2. I am impressed. Looks so professional and welcoming! And done on a budget!

  3. Heather Anderson says:

    I’m totally eying the same silver lantern at Costco! I’d love a set of 3 for my new back porch! Cute little red one you have there!

    P.S. Miss you guys this Christmas!

  4. I’m totally swooning over the lantern! It looks beautiful with the ornaments in it. Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. Loving that lantern! SOOOOO cute!!

    Merry Christmas!
    Shopper Gal

  6. I have always loved lanterns, probably always will! I don’t have a big one though, I’ll have to keep my eye out for a sale. I love how it looks with the ornaments in it!! I have filled everything I can find with ornaments this year!

  7. J.L. Sanderson says:

    I couldn’t track down your post on Rodney White but I thought you might find this interesting …

    Could be good for a hallway “gallery”

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