Share.Inspire.Create. #3

It’s time to Share, Inspire, & Create!

Guess what time it is… It’s the last weekend of the month!.. which means…

{If you aren’t sure what Share.Inspire.Create. is, click the button to read all about it}

I’ve Shared lots of ideas and tutorials with you. I’m thrilled I was able to Inspire you enough to Create one of your own!

Here are all the amazing crafts & projects you guys have been busy working on!

The Whisonant’s made a TERRA COTTA CHRISTMAS TREE:

Kat’s Almost Purrfect World made a TERRA COTTA CHRISTMAS TREE:

A blog called Jeremiah 29:11 made some HURRICAINES:

This Little Light of Mine made some HURRICAINES:


Life in my PJs made a beautiful CHEESE DOME CLOCHE:

3rd Times a Charm made a TERRA COTTA CHRISTMAS TREE:

La Force Be With You‘s mom made a TERRA COTTA CHRISTMAS TREE:

Thanks so much for letting me share your crafts with everyone!

Have a great day. Check back starting tomorrow morning for tons of fun posts!

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  1. What exactly does you mean when you say a subscription to their online store? Does the 9.99/month get you freebies or something? That’s a great price!

  2. you are too too good to me! Thank you for posting my giveaway, you are the BEST EVER!

  3. Alison, Thanks for including me in your blog post.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years


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