Room Re-do’s 2010

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A Few of My Favorite: Room Re-Do’s 2010

I’ve compiled all the room overhauls I’ve done this past year for you to enjoy in one easy to find location (’cause I’m nice like that. And ’cause I want to link it to Layla’s awesome party!)

Most of my renovation posts are from our previous home (now on the market if you want a home in Dallas, Tx!). Here are all our Duncan Drive home renos:

Master Bathroom renovation (in our previous home)

Before & After

Before & After

(I did ALL the tile work – and everything else you see – 95% ALL BY MYSELF. I’m more proud of this bathroom than any other room I’ve ever tackled.)

Family Room renovation:

We took our family room from this to this:

Before & After:

And we also added new chunky baseboards to the family room:

I also patched some tile from the kitchen to the family room that previously was carpet:

Before & After:

Update the 2nd Bath:

Before & After:

Update the Closet with Paint:

Before & After:

Remove a wall and cabinets:

Before & After:

At the beginning of August we moved into our new home in Austin, Texas!

So far, since we’ve moved into the new house I’ve…

Obsessed about remodeling our stairs
(haven’t done it yet but I’m gearing up for it)

Somewhat decorated my Family Room
(still working on it!)

Fixed a water leak and patched a hole in the closet

Hung pictures on my staircase wall

And my favorite renovation in our new house…

Added moulding to our piano room

There you have it! My Room Re-Do’s for 2010!

She’s having several parties, so get ready to see A Few Of My Favorite: Room Re-do’s, Tutorials, Thrifty Tips, & Blog Posts over the next week or so.

Thanks Layla for the small kick in the booty that I needed to sit down and write this round-up post.

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  1. LOVING the chunky baseboards in your family room!! Great before & after pics!!

    Shopper Gal

  2. Seriously, how on earth did you get all of that done this year? Didn’t you obsess about every detail? Oh wait, that’s me. Nevermind. I’m going back to spending a month picking out some picture frames. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  3. PS – Everything looks amazing! I know we at least share some vein because of your post about the moulding and rounded corners the other day (i.e. something “bothering” you). 🙂

  4. I love linky parties! and you’ve got some great things to look at. And I agree, your family room looks wonderful!

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