These shoes rule – organizing shoes with an IKEA hack

In October I showed y’all some shelves my hubbs hung for our shoes.

It’s been so nice having somewhere to stash all our shoes.

But we still have too many SHOES.

Okay, on a totally inappropriate side-note, a friend introduced me to the funniest video on youtube called “Shoes”.

The song (and the best part) starts about half way through. Don’t let kids watch this.

I swear, since last year when Billy showed me this, I cannot think about shoes without thinking, “These shoes rule. These shoes suck! Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.”

Okay, so anyway, the point of the post is that I still didn’t have enough space for all the shoes!

Now in case you didn’t know or forgot, I live in Texas. It’s cold like 2 weeks a year here, so we all wear flip-flops for a good 11.5 months a year. We have A LOT of thongs. 😉

So in addition to our shoe shelf, I bought this shoe organizer from Target for about $7.


On a 2nd side note, notice the shoe organizer is clear? Lots of people use these on their door for crafts and toys, so if you want a CLEAR one, they are at Target.

I just hung it up with 3 nails on the wall next to the shoe shelf.


I was going to hang it lower, but the breaker box is in the way. O-well. It still works.

We use the hanging shoe organizer for the flip-flops and the shelves for all the other shoes.


And in case you are wondering if I “staged” the photo… Nope, I really do organize all our shoes by age starting with hubby. He gets the top shelf and pockets, I get the next shelf (or two) and pockets, and so on down to our daughter.


I know it seems so anal to organize like this, but there really is a method to my madness. The taller the person, the higher the shelf. It’s like Goldilocks and baby bear, each shelf is just right for each person.

And if you are my yorkie, Chase, this is what you see.


When you open the door to go in the house the door covers up the shoe organizer, but honestly it hasn’t mattered at all… except Kinsey did get squished behind the door once… Oops. 😉


The moral? I like my shoes organized.

These shoes rule. These shoes suck!

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes!

So, are you freaky anal about the way you organize your shoes? Or is it just me??

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  1. I love using those organizers for mittens, scarves, hats, and sunglasses, too!

  2. ours are in a big pile at the front door and I HATE IT!!! But trying to get my husband to pick up his shoes is like pulling teeth. I have given up. I am so jealous of you right now 🙂

  3. Thanks for the great idea, I need to put one up in my kids bedroom for all the shoes that are hanging around the closet floor. It looks great!!

  4. Too many shoes? Aren’t shoes like yarn–you can never have enough? lol!

  5. I love your mad organization skills here…nothing freaky about it. Its fabulous and easy on the eyes!

  6. I just LOVE this! I am looking at the biggest, ugliest pile of shoes on the floor, right next to the front door, right now…We live in California and there are 6 of us and you would not believe the pile of fllip flops! GOTTA get the clear organizer today! Well…actually…I better get a few.

  7. I love it! Our shoes are always a mess, too, and I’ve been meaning to do something about it. Hahaha, I love that video! I saw it about 3 or 4 years ago, and when I whenever a friend and I went shopping together, we’d do the same thing!

  8. SO funny you wrote this Allison! I have a shoe organizing tip that is scheduled to post later this week (It’s totally different than yours though). I have a total shoe fetish and own a ton of shoes, but most of mine are boots, since I live in the Northeast and it’s always cold! Happy 2011

  9. WHOA! The vid was OOC(out of control!) but i did have a great laugh. We have a serious shoe problem at our house too. nobody, including myself follows the rules about putting shoes away. maybe that flip flop, light shoe organizer is the way to go. thanks for the reminder!

  10. I wished I could do this. I don’t really have any wall space close to our Garage door to do this. Yours is perfect because it’s almost like you have a little “foyer” in your garage to do it.
    Great idea…I thought the comment about using the shoe organizer for mittens and sunglasses and such was a good idea.

  11. Nope I am just as freaky anal about how all of our shoes and flip flops get put away. Being in Hawaii, we do wear slippers (Hawaiian speak for flip flops) almost all the time. The kids have to wear sneakers to school, but they usually aren’t home more then 10 minutes before the sweaty socks come off and slippers on. But its at least once a day I have to go in and reorganize our hall shoe closet to my specs lol.

  12. what a GREAT idea for flip flops!!!! I am heading to Target to get one of these for my closet! I always have a pile of flip flops!

  13. Now that I have cleaned the diet coke off of my computer (I blew it out of my nose while watching that video). That. Is. Funny! You are so wrong. LOL

  14. Since I’m 5’4 I’m organized that way too. My kitchen cupboards are put extra high because they weren’t dropped like they were suppose to be (my house is a cold war house..put up quick). Anyways, I moved my dishes to the pass through cabinet and have pills on the bottom shelf on lazy susans. My sister is 5’6 and has longer arms and legs than I, so she couldn’t understand why I organized that way. She kept on wanting to change things and I told her no.. I’m short! My arms are shorter than they are suppose to be too.

  15. So nice and organized! I am jealous!

  16. what a nifty way of hiding the (ugly) breaker panel.

  17. When I was little, we had similar shoe shelves in our laundry room. Everyone got one shelf that was just for them, and any shoes that didn’t fit there had to be kept upstairs in your closet!

  18. We are working on a major “shoe problem” here too 🙂 Great idea for the flip flops…and I love the shelves for the shoes too. Thanks!

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