How to peel a pomegranate

I’m going to show you how to peel a


I know this isn’t really a recipe, but I suspect there are many out there who don’t know how to get all those little seeds out of a pomegranate.


Heck, I didn’t know how to peel or eat a pomegranate until I was 28!
{I’m not kidding.}

I avoided the orange-sized red fruit like the plague for 28 years because the idea of peeling one was so intimidating. Finally, I just sucked it up and bought a few, went home, and googled “how to peel a pomegranate”. It’s not hard or scary! And if you do it *my* (googled) way, your kitchen wont even look like you murdered someone in there. πŸ™‚

There are lots of ways to peel a pomegranate. Trust me, I know – I googled it, remember? If you have a better different way feel free to share in the comments section. But I’m still probably going to always do it this way regardless. Just sayin’.


So, get your pomegranate ready by washing it.

Next, grab your tools. You’ll need a knife, cutting board, and a bowl with tap water.


Slice the top off your pomegranate.


See the red juice? I’ve made one cut and I’m well on my way to a slaughterhouse if I’m not careful.

Next make several shallow cuts around the pomegranate, but only through the skin, not clear through the fruit.


Now put your fruit into the bowl of water. It’s best if the water covers the pomegranate all the way, but obviously my bowl wasn’t quite big enough. It still works, you just have to be more careful about the red juice getting everywhere.


Now, while the pomegranate is completely submerged, use your hands to start breaking it into pieces along the cut marks you previously made.


It is very important to keep the pomegranate entirely under water while you do this. When some of the seeds pop, and they will!, the juice goes into the water instead of all over your nice clothes and kitchen.

Just keep breaking it into chunks.


The water also softens up the skin and acts as a lubricant for the seeds so they detach from the skin easier.

Here’s what your chunks will look like.

HoHryrpomegranate09  HoHryrpomegranate10


Now, with your thumbs and fingers while still under water, gently work the seeds out of the skin. They should pop out fairly easily. You don’t need to pull on each seed. Just press against entire rows of them at a time and they will pop out and sink to the bottom of the bowl.


As you remove all the seeds from each section of skin, discard the skin from the bowl.

Once you have removed all the seeds from the skin, pick out any additional skin pieces from the bowl. Now pour the water and seeds into a strainer or colander.


From there, pour them out onto a paper towel to remove the excess water.


Next you may want to sift through them and pick out any mushy ones. They generally look like this:


Take a step back and admire your yummy pomegranate seeds!


You can add them to salads or recipes, but I prefer to just eat them by the fist-full.


See – not intimidating anymore! Don’t spend $6 on a small pre-peeled package (they usually only contain about 1/2 a pomegranate’s worth of seeds). Next time you’re craving one, just buy the whole fruit and peel it yourself.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!
    For me… BEST BEST EVER! I’ve always wanted to know how to do this! And you have just solved the life long struggle with pomegranates for me! lol.
    I posted this on my facebook and twitter page πŸ™‚

  2. We JUST learned this trick in the produce aisle last month! Seriously, we never knew. And we love pomegranates! We put them on our cereal every morning. YUM!

    Ok, so this is the only recipe I think I’ve ever posted, or maybe the second one actually. πŸ™‚ Ha! Thanks for the chance to pretend I am a recipe girl πŸ™‚

  3. Just love your parties…and all your fabulous ideas! Yay! Haven’t had a recipe to post in a while. I’m excited to share Chicken Marsala. It’s one of our faves.


  4. Thank you so much for posting this…I literally had no idea! My boys love pomegranates and they literally cut them in half and attack them with a spoon. Needless to say,I don’t really eat them because I didn’t know how. This I could do. I will now add this super fruit high in antioxidants to my diet more regularly. Thanks again!

  5. I never tried peeling a pomegranate before. I’ve always purchase pre packaged juice from our local farmers market. Thanks for showing me how!

    Ps. i just voted!

  6. Thanks for hosting – I don’t share many recipes, so I think they are generally pretty yummy when I do – LOL πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you for this! I’m 33, and I’ve NEVER peeled a pomegranate! Next time I’m at the store I think I’ll pick one up!

  8. Ah, I will have to remember to tell my mom how to “deseed” the fruit like this. She breaks them apart and pulls out the seeds as she goes. Thank you.

  9. Pomegranates just got added to my grocery list! We had these at a B and B 2 years ago and I remember how good and how pretty they were!
    First time visitor to your blog, and so glad to find you! Love your blog!

  10. First time to your site thanks to The Inspired Room, I’m 53 and have never even bought pomegranates. Always look at them at Costco and have seen an increase in great looking recipes using them. Now I can’t wait to give them a try. Off to browse your site! Thanks.

  11. Love this! I’m 26 and I have to ever peel a pom (I used to babysit and one family would have a container of pre-peeled seeds…yum!) can’t wait to try, and to look around your blog a little more!

  12. YUM! I love Pomegranate Arils. My neighbor used to have the biggest tree in her back yard. Miss that!

  13. I have another way for you to de-seed your poms…My family has always had pomegranate trees since I was a child and my Grandma taught me to do this…cut your fruit in two pieces under water, as you suggested…then grab a wooden spoon and whack the skin side of the fruit while your holding it over a bowl, cut side down…every seed pops out whole…crazy, but true!

  14. But you wasted all that nutritious and delicious pomegranite juice. Drink this stuff or add it to your morning juice. It’s so healthy!

  15. I squeeze out the juice first (great in gravies)

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