Silhouettes with the Silhouette; plus a promotion!


I busted out my Silhouette Machine again today.

This time I decided to dress up two of my lamps!

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

I cut out a few flourishes with my Silhouette Machine and added them to some lamp shades.



It was so easy. I just cut them out on white card stock with my Silhouette Machine, and then used a teensy tiny bit of lightly tacky glue to stick them to the inside of the shades.


When the lamp is turned on you can see the flourish silhouette. Isn’t this bird just so adorable?


And the fun part… when the lamp is off, you can’t see the image anymore. It’s just a fun little surprise when the light turns on.


While I was making my cute little flourish silhouettes my son came in and begged me to make something for him. We browsed the Silhouette Store and found these fun 3D images of a football and a baseball cap!


Aren’t they just so cool?

My son sure thought so!


The cap used one sheet of brown card stock, but the football we decided to make life-sized, so it took 6 sheets of card stock.


He’s the next Colt McCoy!


Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

Did you know that Silhouette is having a crazy good deal this week only?

From Monday, January 17th through Saturday, January 22nd you can purchase a machine for $225!!! Eek! This deal includes:
* Silhouette Machine
* 2 rolls of premium vinyl
* 1 roll of transfer
* Home Decor CD

($395 value for only $225!)

Order the machine bundle and use the code HoH4ever at checkout.

If you already have a Silhouette Machine…

You can purchase any PREMIUM VINYL for 25% off!! Just use the same coupon code: HoH4ever at checkout.

Here are a few past projects I’ve made with my Silhouette Machine:

I customized a few Caboodles for Christmas Gifts…

I made custom HoH logo artwork for my office:

Kinsey got a cute new t-shirt:

And I had fun cutting out mini snowflakes from cardstock:

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

Remember, from Jan 17 to Jan 22nd, the Silhouette Machine Bundle is $225 and all Premium Vinyl is 25% off.

What a deal!

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  1. I know this wonderful machine is on sale and I still can’t afford it. Wow! I guess I’ll just keep looking at all the great stuff you make with it. The lampshade decor is very cool!

  2. Love the lamp shade embellishments! I might have to try that myself. 🙂

  3. Loving the lamp shades!! Very cool!! And that football and baseball cap are amazing! What a great machine!

  4. WOW. I love that lamp shade idea! Thanks for all the examples of stuff you’ve made with it. I got a Silouette for Christmas, and I’m ashamed that I have yet to make anything cool with it. (insert sad face) I’m going to order a couple of vinyl sheets using that 25%off code. Thanks!

  5. The lamps designing idea is more then perfect. Really it is some thing to get with no cost at all. Thanks alot for sharing such a nice and lovely stuff.

  6. Awesome, keep the ideas coming. 🙂

  7. LOVE the lampshade idea! Super cute.

  8. love the lamp I may try that too. You’re son looks mighty happy with the paper football. Thanks for sharing

  9. The lamp silhouette is adorable! I love it!!

  10. I kind of want a silhouette after seeing all your posts but I already have a cricut expression and bought Sure Cuts a Lot to go with it. Where do you go to browse the shapes you can download to use with the silhouette?

  11. I love the lamp shade! The whole “surprise” thing is a fun idea, and yes, the bird is adorable!!

  12. April in CT says:

    So ashamed to say I got a Silhouette for Christmas (my hubs RAWKS! Was a huge surprise) and have yet to even plug it in!! Shame, SHAME! When I do you best believe I’m making one of those birdies for a lamp in our living room. I’ve been wanting to do something to spruce it up and this is IT! Thanks! :o)

  13. Love that bird silhouette inside your lamp! It’s darling.

  14. @Amanda,

    Thank you so much! I’ve finally hopped on the bird bandwagon!

  15. @Orangesugar,

    You can browse the shapes if you go to their site and download the software for your computer. You obviously wont have the machine to cut the images, but from the software on your computer you can view all the bazillions of shapes.

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