The phone is {finally} ON-the-hook

So, have you just been driving yourself mad wondering what ever happened to that Phone Pop-Art I made for my sister’s room?


Let me remind you that my sister is TEN. So this isn’t weird or random or anything. It’s not like I’m giving my 28 year old sister this hot pink art that only a ten year old can truly appreciate.

Well, I finally drove to my parents house which is just so impossible considering they live a whopping 10 minutes (or less) away. I know, right? I never get to go visit my family because they just live too.far.away.

But I finally sucked it up and made the long trek over to their house. And once I was there, I actually hung up the pop art instead of what I usually do which is walk in the door, head to the heart of their home – their kitchen, and load up on whatever coma-inducing gooey goodness my mother has whipped up for the day. And then from there I head to the living room to flip through magazines while fighting off the heavy eyelids. And then I throw in a little Homer action by slouching, sticking my hand in my waistband, and drooling all over myself while the yeast from the 10 Krispy Kreme that my mom picked up that morning takes over my gluten-intolerant intestines.

So ya, instead of doing that, this time I went to my sister’s room and hung her art. And then I went to the kitchen.


At first glance it’s cute, no? Well, I just feel the overwhelming urge to point out that my mom is elbow deep in a room overhaul for this spoiled little girl which is why the rug doesn’t match the drapes. ( I did not just say that.) … Which is why the wallpaper border and rug don’t match the bedspread. Much better.


Did you notice the art and the side table are both Hot-to-the-freaking-HOT PINK? I am never going to admit to you that I bought TWO gallons of that eye-twitching pink to paint my daughter’s closet with. Fortunately for Sully and Randall, they get to keep doing the scaring instead of being scared to death by pink. I’d like to thank my hubby for dragging me to California just in the nick of time last year to save that poor closet from having a Pepto explosion.

Anyway, the art is hung and surprisingly doesn’t look too awful with the blue and yellow walls. My mom is going to paint soon, but with a color palet of light pink, hot pink, white, and black, she wants to paint the walls… you guessed it… pink. But I’m saying “No! No! No!” to pink walls.

So, my lovely friends, do you have any suggestions of colors that would look fabulous with a black & white zebra print and hot pink room?


There has got to be a color that is not in the pink family that goes with pink and black. Bueller? Bueller?

There you have it. Finally. After months of sleepless nights, you can now rest easy knowing that the art is hung, and the tweeny-bopper is happy.

I guess I’m going to owe you another update eventually with the finished room. Maybe I’ll help my mom finish one day, that is if we can stop drooling and eating and get our butts in gear and actually work.

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  1. Love it! I adore the color on her nightstand. It looks like the Krylon Bubblegum I used on a Chandy!

  2. My daughter’s room has pink and white stripes with a chair rail and bright pink on the bottom. I’d suggest a silver grey to offset all the pink, black and white. It’s going to be gorgeous when she’s done. I’d do it white or grey, more pink would be too much. My sister did my daughter’s room. In this post there is a picture of her room:

  3. I love the phone art piece you made!! So cute. And even with all the colors/patterns the room still looks great and fun. You ask for some ideas…My (13/14 yo) cousin used a bright green and hot pink with a b/w zebra print in her room and it is super cute and fun.
    Good luck! and can’t wait to see pics of the finished product!

  4. Rug doesn’t match the drapes!!! hahahaha…I had to laugh out loud at that one. You surely did say it sister 😉 I love that wall art. So cute.

  5. Very cute! Glad you clarified her age though – lol.

    Love it!

  6. Love the pop art!
    I just redid my daughter’s room in the same color scheme. We painted her walls purple. The color we used is by Kilz at Walmart and called Bedtime Story. It’s beautiful actually. If you’re interested I can take a picture and send to you. I’d first have to have her clean her room though.

    Anyway, we were having the same dilemma and tried the purple. I’m glad we did. It made the black, white and hot pink POP. 😉

  7. It might be a hard sell for a 10-year-old, but I think gray would complement the black/white/pink well!


  8. My first thought was a pretty silvery gray for the walls. I see a few other people had the same idea. A large hot pink framed mirror and some shiny silver accessories would look great.

  9. By the way, your little aliens on our posts are a hoot. I think I always end up with the same one. Maybe I should start putting my makeup on before I comment….

  10. My oldest daughter’s room is painted a pale but bright yellowish lime green and she has hot pink curtains and zebra striped accents. It looks amazing together!

  11. No, not pink! I can’t say I would agree with the green that they normally pair with those colors either.

    Maybe gray…

  12. Turquoise is very nice with hot pink, black and white. It gives an awesome pop of color while toning down the hot pink.

  13. Looks awesome! The room is adorable.

  14. My daughter’s room is done in those colors, too. I did cave to the pink walls, but I used lime green as an accent color. Could be cute on the walls.

  15. OMG do NOT let her go pink, I’m speaking from experience! My mom was always pretty relaxed about letting us paint our rooms whatever we wanted in high school. As long as we used our own money and didn’t get it on the floor, she could care less. So my sister wanted her’s to be pink/zebra. I took her to the store, we picked out a color, got home, painted it, and it looked like someone threw up pepto all over the room. We kept thinking, “man this is gonna be awesome”, despite my mothers warnings. But after it was up, it was like “oh great, now we have to pretend like we love it so mom can’t say I told you so”. When you turned the lights on, the room literally had a pink glow to it.

    I would suggest, as said above, that grey/silver would look great, or if that’s too boring or dark, I think a nice pale yellow would look good too. I wish you guys good luck! 🙂

  16. Allison, that is fantastic. It’s like every little girl’s dream.

  17. My spare room/craft room/collect all room is gray, orange and a hot pink color. I love it and I’m far from 10 years old. I got the idea from a comforter that I got at Target. I just love the gray with the pink.

  18. I know this is going to sound crazy, but if you get a pink that is really light it would look like a neutral. The pink has to be really really light, but it would look fantastic with the black and with the dark and hot pinks going on.

  19. It’s perfect! Looks awesome in her cute room! 🙂 You’re such a good sister!

  20. @Roeshel,

    Thanks! The room is far from done, but it’s coming along. We are hopefully going to tackle scraping the popcorn next week and adding a chair rail and painting the walls. Then after that we get to paint furniture. Oy. So much to do!

  21. @Reeta,

    First off, HI FRIEND! It was nice to see you the other day!!!

    Okay, as for the room, we are actually probably going to do that, mainly because I already have light pink paint from my daughters old room (it’s almost white it’s so light). But I’m thinking of adding a chair rail and then painting my dark gray Slate under the rail. I think the dark gray would make it all pop, especially the hot pink side table. Thoughts?

  22. @Andrea,

    OMG haha about the hot pink room! I almost painted my daughters entire closet hot pink last year. What was I thinking? Thank goodness I never did it. We may do a pale pink – almost white and a gray combo. Also, I’m dying to paint her bed silver. I love it!

  23. @Rae Ann,

    We’ve really been going back and forth on the lime green. I know it would look great, but my mom isn’t sure she wants to add green to the palate. I’m sure your room is amazing!

  24. @Leitha,

    OMG that first room is fabulous!!! I’m forwarding it to my mom right now. All the rooms are fabulous actually. I LOVE that dark pink bathroom. So glam!

  25. Yep! A green would do it up nicely!

  26. cute room! Love the telephone pop art!

  27. I think you’re right Allison. A Slate gray chair rail and light pink on the top would look fantastic! That is perfect for a 10 year old. I can’t wait to see it!

  28. Here are a couple of amazing looks that keep you away from the pink walls:

    You could adjust this look by painting the walls pink and putting this technique over them. Choose the black and white designed papers to apply on top of the pink walls. Just having the pink peek through. –

    You could paint the walls white and have an accent wall look like this – pink&searchType=photos

    If you scroll down the page you will see an absolutely adorable idea for the walls! Only a pop of pink with the flowers:

    Good luck with whatever you and your parents decide to do!


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