A small update makes a big statement in the breakfast room

Every day when I’m sitting at my table, I stare at this blank wall…


{Just ignore the orange around the windows. I am about to hang some moulding.}


There are many things wrong with this photo (windows, curtains, Legos on the buffet, cooler on the deck, etc, etc, etc) but today I’m just focusing on the blank wall, so try to just ignore all the other faux pas and stay with me here.

I’ve stared at this wall for 5 months now trying to figure out what to put here. I’ve tried a plate rack (too narrow), a big round plate (too country), and several pictures (to wide). After months of rummaging through my stash, it finally occurred to me to try a shelf. And I knew just the one…

In May, while living in Beverly Hills, I bought this shelf from Goodwill.

I gave a full tutorial on how I modified it and showed you the final result:

After we moved to Texas, my cute shelf has just sat in a corner collecting dust. I couldn’t figure out where to hang it!

I tried it out in this space in the breakfast room and it worked perfectly.


I gathered up a few decor items I had on hand and set them on top. I’m still tweaking the items, but overall, I’m really enjoying it.


I still need something for the center, but I haven’t found anything that flows. I’ll stumble upon something soon enough.

Items on shelf:
* Mirror – Target on clearance
* Wood chip flower wreath – Target on clearance
* Candle – WalMart
* Candle Holder – Goodwill
* Plant & pot – IKEA


I’ve had the wreath sitting on top of my piano for months, and I’m so glad I finally found the perfect spot for it. I hung it to the mirror with a Command Hook.


So there you have it. A small update that made a big difference.

Now it’s time to focus on getting the moulding up around the windows and then the part I’m really excited about – curtains!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I’m looking forward to a fabulous week with you!

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  1. Looks great! LOL said my comment was too short! Well I think it’s a great improvement!

  2. This definitely adds some warmth to the space. I love the scroll work on the shelf!

  3. I love that cute little shelf!

  4. Love it!! But I think it still needs more there…still a lot of wall space left!! Ha!

  5. Love the wreath, very pretty! Would have never thought to put one one a mirror.

  6. Looks great!!! I love the wreath!

  7. Hi, That looks great! Did you place the wreath in a mirror?

  8. I’m the wrong person to ask, lol. Blank walls = blank canvas (to me). Although I’m trying to paint more on canvas and fabric lately – that way when I want to change things around, I don’t have to totally repaint murals.

    Love the shelf. I like the dark color. It pulls some of the kitchen over into that space now.

  9. Looks really cute! I especially love how you layered the flowers over the mirror. I had to laugh, too, about the legos. My little guy “decorates” our horizontal spaces with them, too. 🙂

  10. Love the wreath on the mirror! I am in love with your dining room table! Where did you get it?

  11. The shelf looks great there, it is so pretty and I love how you put the flowers on the mirror! 🙂 Happy decorating!

  12. That looks great! yes, that spot was screaming out for you to put something there, lol!

  13. I need to hit Target and see what else they have on clearance! I swear I am there everyday and the one week I don’t go everything gets marked down! 😛

  14. When I looked at the wreath I was thinking it was a reflection and thinking..where is it ..the ceiling? lol. Now I see you “glued” it to the mirror. I like the effect. Have fun with the rest.

  15. aww kinsey is so cute i love her she is my neice!!!


  16. hey allison this is rachael aka Capri Sun


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