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Pizza Bites (guest blog Planner Perfect Meals)

Today I've invited Jenny from Planner Perfect Meals to share a recipe for you! Jenny has an awesome recipe blog with tons of easy yummy recipes! In addition to her recipe blog, she also has a blog called Planner Perfect which is a blog about getting organized! She's got loads of great organizational ideas over there {and you guys know how I feel about being organized!} PLEASE pleazzzzze stop by Jenny's recipe blog and give her a big fat warm HoH welcome. And now {{drum roll}} please enjoy our main attraction for the evening... Pizza Bites: These pizza bites are fun, … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #42

We had another hit of week last week with Hookin Up party #41! Here are several fun link-ups: I LOVE the retro look to these Bleach Stamped shirts by Making the World Cuter: Want new floors? Paint them like Little Blue Chairs did! Shabby 2 Sweet spray painted these vases. I love her color combinations! I LOVE THESE HEADBANDS made by Funky Polka-dot Giraffe. I really want some {hint, hint!} ;) An Argyle Wreath. I've never seen an argyle wreath. And I'm pretty much lurving this one made by The Crafty Scientist. Do you have any big empty … [Read more...]

Family Portraits!

Do you remember when I had a clothing crisis because I scheduled a Family Portrait? Well, after everyone and their dog stepped in with an opinion, I finally came up with this little ensemble. {Thank you to everyone AND all their pooches for helping me choose outfits!} Are you just dying to know how the pictures turned out? I'm in LOVE. LURVE. LU--RRRRRVVVVVVVVVVVEEE.    Anyone who can make me look this good can obviously preform miracles. Because, let me just say, I.Never.Look.This.Good. Ever. Cute Couples' Alert. Be forewarned. These pictures … [Read more...]

How to make adorable accessories from DUCT TAPE

Yes, you read that right. Yes, "adorable" and "duct tape" are in the same sentence. No, I'm not insane {at least I hope I'm not!} ;) Last week I whipped up some ca-ute accessories for my daughters room made from, you guessed it... Duct Tape. I first showed these cute accessories over at Someday Crafts. Srsly, are these not just the cutest things ever? And I made them all with zebra-printed Duct Tape and random accessories laying around the house. I first saw this Duct Tape at WalMart and was smitten. How can I incorporate it into a project? Here's a play-by-play of … [Read more...]

House Tour: Office/Craft/Sewing/Computer Room

So I said in my Piano Room Tour that I was giving the Dining Room Tour next. I lied. I'm giving the Office Tour. Here's my current office situation. "Work In Progress" would be an understatement. It's {semi} functional, but not pretty to look at At.All. I must like torturing myself, because the amount of office moving I've done the past 6 months is about as ludicrous as the Violent Torpedo of Truth tour. Winning. When we moved in back in August I threw all my decor in our hideous Barney dining room that has since undergone a paint makeover. It was insufferable. After … [Read more...]

How to make a big statement on an even bigger blank wall; decorating with plates.

It's that time again! Time for {another} post about my mom (and dad's) house. :) Remember when I introduced you to my mom? ** Wow, this picture has caused quite a stir! Yes, that is my mom. No, she wasn't 10 when she had me. She was 22, which makes her 52 now! (Don't kill me mom!) Yes, she looks great and is wrinkle free!! I hope I age as gracefully as she has. ;) In that same post I helped her hang moulding in her dining room... When I was finished with her moulding she mentioned that she wanted some help designing and hanging a White Plate Wall. I was all over that, … [Read more...]

Share. Inspire. Create. #5

{If you aren't sure what Share.Inspire.Create. is, click the button to read all about it} I've Shared lots of ideas and tutorials with you. I'm thrilled I was able to Inspire you enough to Create one of your own! Seriously, you guys are amazing. I'm so blown away by all the talent there is in this world. I'm honored that you would be inspired by me enough to make one of your own. Today, you are the star! Check out these amazing crafts by my even more amazing readers. Please take the time to visit them and leave them some comment lovin'! In no particular order... (except maybe … [Read more...]