Guest Blogging at Someday Crafts

I’m guest blogging over at Someday Crafts!

Click on THIS LINK to see what on earth I’ve created with this crazy zebra-striped Duct Tape!

You won’t want to miss this!

I’ll post my Zebra Duct Tape tutorial in full here at House of Hepworths next week.


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  1. Ca Ute! What a fantastic idea.

  2. When I ran out of Christmas wrapping paper and was too tired to go get more, I used regular ol’ Duck tape that I had on hand. They were silvery and shiny and actually quite lovely.

  3. Ok, seriously?? are sooo my creative idol…lol..That zebra tape is something I would see in the store and say, “pffuh! Who would buy that?” and then I’d see our blog and say..OMG! I should buy that!!” I love what you did.

    btw…I stenciled my first monogram today…I’m hoping to post that project soon..just need one more “ingredient”…

    thanks for continuing to inspire,
    Bernadette @

  4. Such a great idea!! There are so many different, fun designs for Duck tape now. I love it!!

  5. This Is such a good idea I am so bored right know and I got alot of duct tap for Christmas (I asked for it not knowing how to make anything) and All i know how to do is make wallets and floweres. Good Ideas though Keep up the good work!

    Kelsey W

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