House Tour: Piano Room

It’s been 6 months since we moved into our home. I think a tour is in order!

As of right this second, here’s my current Piano Room {still in progress}.


The Piano Room is to the left of the entry way/foyer.


I’ve been working to get this room presentable as it’s one of the first rooms you see when you come to my front door.


In addition to a huge wall treatment for the empty wall still in the planning stages and hanging some curtains, the most obvious update needed are the mismatched and clashing chairs. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect chairs for this space (I welcome any ideas from you guys!).


The piano still hasn’t been painted, but the color isn’t horrible, so I’m stalling on this huge undertaking.


For the most part, this room mainly just needs some finishing touches and tweaks. There are still a few large additions needed to the room (as mentioned above), but after those things are taken care of, I’ll have to just tweak this space with finishing touches like additional artwork and light accessories.

I’ve wanted to compile a list of all my Piano Room links into one post for easy access, so finally, the time has arrived! Here are all the links at House of Hepworths, in chronological order of every post I’ve made about this piano room.

I first shared this room before we closed on the home when I gave you a MLS House Tour in July.

By August 5th we were all moved in and still trying to unpack.
“We just moved in” house tour:

I toyed with the idea of painting the piano in “Ideas for painting the piano”.

Finally the day came to start the Planning and Phase 1 of piano room makeover

Phase 2 of the makeover included a “How to hang moulding” tutorial.

And finally, the Moulding is Finished.

Over Christmas I decorated a Fancy Christmas Tree for this room.

Then I gave a tutorial on How to add moulding to rounded corners.

A few Target deals after the Holidays.

I bit the bullet and bought New Lampshades.

I sewed two Cloth Napkin Pillows.

And then got rid of the gold by giving my mirror a Beachy Mirror Makeover.

Which brings me to today, with my most recent photo of the Piano Room makeover.

I’m hoping over the next few weeks to give you guys a complete and updated tour of the house. Also, as soon as I figure out how to draw a floor plan of the home, I’ll be showing you that as well. I’ve tried a site online to draw up a floor plan, but they are hard to use!

I feel like my Piano Room makeover is just dragging on and on, but honestly, it’s only been 6 months! And in addition to this room, I have a 3600 sq ft house I’m trying to decorate, so I guess in the grand scheme of things, I’ve done pretty dang good.

Up next: The Dining Room update.

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  1. Beautiful room and I applaud you for the “real estate” vacuuming job! If only I had a piano, a room for it to go in and someone to play it!

  2. Beautiful room…but where are all the monograms? 😉

  3. Dang, girl–check out those vacuuming lines!

  4. Are you willing to paint and recover the chairs the same so they look alike but in a different shape??

  5. LOL I freaking love vacuum lines, I wish I could get carpet MADE with those lines so I felt like my house was always clean.

    Besides wanting to roll around in your clean carpet… uh..

    Lots o’ good work girl! I love the color of the piano, personally.. 🙂 but I do love me some painted wood. I’d be super duper torn. and major jealousy towards your 3600 sq feet. My house hates your house right now. 😉


  6. Holy meticulous vacuum lines, Batman! 😉

  7. No kidding – that carpet looks spotless!

  8. Looks awesome! Are they vacuum lines on your carpet?

  9. The vacuum lines have captivated us all! The carpet looks great, as does the moulding.

  10. I recently discovered your blog and love your decorating style. I may be in the minority here, but please, please, PLEASE DO NOT paint your piano. It is gorgeous the way it is. I can’t get over the little curve at the bottom of the legs to the soundboard. I wish my upright grand had that. I even looked at all of the inspiration photos and, while fun, none were as timeless as your piano right now. Just my two cents. Thanks for listening. I feel much better.

  11. I never knew how much you guys love vacuum lines! Man, if only I’d known I would have blogged about carpet months ago! lol

    Those lines stayed that way for 5 minutes, tops. And I had to threaten my kids with their lives if they stepped foot in there between vacuuming and photo taking. After I was done snapping photos though, Build-a-Bear clothes and legos were all over the place!

  12. I have wall in my dining room like in your piano room. I’ve got beadboard and a chair rail done. My plan for that wall is a wall of “R” ‘s Different styles. Maybe a really big R in the center and then “collage” off of it. Can’t decide if I will paint them all the same color or a combination of coordinating colors. Like your house, mine is also a work in progress.

  13. Please tell me you just had your carpets cleaned, because no one’s floors should look that good!

    Ok, as for the piano room it is coming along nicely. I love the turquoise mirror over the piano and I can’t wait to see what kind of art you pick for the big wall! And as for the chairs, I don’t know about style, but they definitely should be comfy. Comfy chairs = a room that will get used!

  14. Love the ecclectic mix of furnishings in your piano room! The mirror color is so pretty. Have you considered refinishing the wood instead of painting the piano? The wood looks so beautiful.

  15. if the chairs are comfy you could reupholster them?

  16. I want a room that was a reading/piano room that was away from the media stuff. I would want a huge chair with an ottoman in the corner (or more toward the back wall) plus 2 smaller or chairs or a love seat by the window. It’s funny cause I keep on thinking the piano is still on the back wall and then I see these pictures. I think it will be your favorite room even before you are done. I forgot if you know how to upholster furniture, but if the chairs were the same fabric it would unite them and then have matching or carefully mismatched pillows.

    Continue to have fun in all of 3600 square feet….

  17. I just found your blog and I’m loving it!! Curious to see if you painted the piano or not. I have one that could really use a coat of something pretty, but I’m just not brave enough!! 🙂

  18. can’t wait to see your painted piano! what do you think about a setee or a chaise in your piano room? love the way those look. covering/painting the chairs would be nice, too. if you like the bones.

  19. Allison,

    It is so lovely. Please don’t pain the piano. I think it is beautiful as it is. Do you mind telling us your pain color on the wall? It is so gorgeous. It looks like gray, at the same time show hint of green/purple. Do you mind email to me, if it may be problem to share company name and color? Thank you!


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