Roundup of Spring Crafts from 2010

Last Spring, I blogged. And I had some cool doodads and doohickies. And even a few thingamajigs and whatchamacallits. Aren’t you just so beside yourself that you missed all this sheer awesomeness?

Ya, I’d be beside myself too.

No need to fear, I’ve trudged through the archives and unearthed 10 Spring projects you probably missed, but shouldn’t have. Yup, they really are that awesomespice.

The utter and complete magnificent-ness of these 10 Spring tutorials will have you going more nuts-o than Charlie Sheen on 20/20.

So sit back, turn off your kids, pause Two and a Half Men, and get ready for sensory overload. And get your mouse ready ’cause you gonna be clickin’ lots-o links.

Spring is for the Birds, which is basically Dollar Store birds and a goodwill tray. I love this so much I’m going to resurrect it from last year.

Cheap & Easy Easter Decor. I was going to say, “It’s cheap and easy, just like your mom”, but Ben said that I was taking my jokes too far and to not use it. Boo-hiss on him.

Magnets from Junk. I made magnets… from junk. And as my sister-in-law would say, “they are hecka cool”.

Not Just for Jamba Juice Anymore. Probably my most favorite project ever. Surprisingly it was never as popular as these top 10 fan favorites.

Painting Ceramic. Ugly beer pitchers from goodwill + spray paint + greenery stuff from Michaels = a pretty Spring arrangement.

Trash Stand. Leftover trash from this project and this project create anything but trash.

Paint me HAPPY! See this vase go from ick to va-voom.

Springing the Tiki Platter. My love for vinyl inspired this project.

Fire? Fire!!! Nah, not really. But this stand is definitely hot enough!

And finally, this Cloche heard ’round the world was created during the Spring season.

Cheese Dome turned Cloche. My claim to fame (that I didn’t even invent. I copied her, so go give her some lovin’ so I can stop feeling so damn guilty.)

And that, my friends was SO 2010.

Hopefully 2011 will be more entertaining then Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi.

Enjoy the links. Have fun reading!

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  1. I love your “spray paint attacks”! I have found all sorts of things to paint to breathe new life into. Keep up the wonderful job!!!!

  2. wow ~ i am new to your blog so i loved seeing all of these for the first time!

    please, please…..don’t turn orange like snooki!

  3. I wish it would warm up here in the upper midwest so I can get my spraypaint on! I tried some in the garage last night and it crystalized on me!

  4. Love the spring crafts! As always, super creative! 🙂

  5. Hey Allison–

    You are so funny! Reading your blog is just like hanging out with you in person–which I’ve only gotten to do for a little while at BlissDom, but it was fun!

    I’d seen most of your 2010 projects, but not all of them. No wonder you are famous in the blog world. Good projects, all of them!

    Hope you’re enjoying the springtime!

  6. What a great blog you have here, so glad to find you! 🙂

  7. You crack me up girl! I so want a cloche, but haven’t found one or figured out a way to create one yet. But I’m gonna…oh yes, I’m gonna.

  8. I actually caught all these the first time around but had forgotten about some of them. I love the numbered planter boxes. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  9. Your blog keeps me laughing, love the commentary! 🙂 and the AMAZING crafts!!

  10. How did you know that about my mom?!

    Seriously though, I love your projects AND your sense of humor. Keep up the good work!

  11. cute projects! I’m going to go check more of them out.

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