How to decorate the top of your cabinets; an easy trick

Have you ever wanted to know how to add stuff to the top of your cabinets without the items getting lost below the crown moulding?


See how you can see the bottom of each item?

{An updated version of this stove area can be found here. This photo is obviously from before I painted.}


I’ll show you my dirty little secret…





I balance all my decor on top of little boxes that are approximately the same height as the top of the cabinet to where the crown moulding meets.

But won’t the boxes show, especially if they are slightly too tall like mine are?



When you stand on the floor you have to look up to see the tops of the cabinets {dur}. The angle is enough that it totally blocks the view of the boxes but still allows you to see the entire decor item.


See how you can see the entire Wheatgrass tin and numbers instead of just the top 1/3 of it? They are all balanced on little boxes (…on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky tacky. Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same. There’s a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one, and they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same… NAME THAT TV SHOW for 5 points!)

And now, here’s a play-by-play on how to decorate your cabinets with little boxes and ticky tacky.



First you need your decor items.


I bought a bowl from IKEA (that actually ended up being too big, but fortunately I had the same bowl in a smaller size in my stash), a glass milk jug from goodwill, a vase that was my grandfathers, and the white vase from this post.

Now gather up your supplies!


I’ve got several mini boxes from some dishes, a large plate rack from IKEA (that I ended up not using), and a mini gold plate holder from walmart.

Make sure your little boxes are the right height. In the past I’ve used bowls turned upside down, stacks of CDs, cardboard from the recycle bin, etc. Just find something you can set your decor on top of.


Now, all you have to do is tweak your decor until you like the way it looks. (I’m totally going to spray paint that gold plate holder, don’t worry.)


And there you have it. Perfectly placed decor on top of cabinets. I promise no one will ever know your little secret unless they are at least 8 feet tall.


{The big green plant post can be found here.}

These wheatgrass tins can be found here and here. And here are links to the knife block and cloche with the green apples.

Do you have any other awesome tips or tricks for decorating?! I’d love to hear them. I’m always looking for new ideas.

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  1. What a great idea, I had been trying to think of a way to decorate the tops of my cabinets, I will definitely give this a try. BTW I LURVE the wheatgrass containers, sooo cute.

  2. Weeds!! (The theme song you “sing”) – love that show!!

  3. Thanks for the idea! I’ve never thought of boxes…I have used left over 2X4 pieces, books, etc. Anything to elevate. I love the wheat grass containers too!

  4. My first thought was…isn’t she worried about them falling over during an earthquake?? But then I realized you don’t have to worry about that, haha!
    Looks nice, great idea!

  5. I have used phone books and they work great also! I used them to elevate some items on top of my hutch. The only problem was that you could see the phone books when you came down the steps from our kids bedrooms. I have used ivy garland to disguise it, but most people that come in our house do not go upstairs, so it is not a big issue.

  6. Looks great! BTW, I’m following you on Twitter now, I can’t believe I haven’t done that before, lol!

  7. I’d do mine but my cat likes to get up there and knock things over. lol

  8. hehehehe such a simple little trick thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying, “dur.” My husband was convinced that my family and I made it up! I have evidence now!

  10. What a great idea! My cabinets go all the way to the ceiling, but if they didn’t I would totally use this!

    And thanks, I now have the Weeds theme song in my head! LOL!


  11. Ah, your kitchen looks so clean! I’m working on dishes and floor right now, hoping to get that peaceful feeling again.

  12. That’s exactly what I did!! I actually used a Little Debbie Swiss Rolls box at one time! That and phone books…some ripped in half so they won’t be too tall! Lol!

  13. The boxes are a great idea! I have the same style cabinets and have been piling up old magazines to prop items up above the crown molding.

  14. oh how I Love Weeds! and great idea, I have the same cabinets and im waiting to get my sihlouette to finish decorating up there

  15. Can I just say that I have been using this trick for years??? hahahahaha…I use blocks, boxes, upside down bowls, whatever I have to prop up my decorations on top of my wall units for cabinets.

  16. YUP, it looks like a UPS depot on top of my cabinets!

    I also use greens and white lights up there for the holidays and the boxes keep the decorations from slipping back.

  17. bestest sister ever says:

    Awwww, I miss Andy Botwin gracing my tv screen with all his sexy handsomeness. Thanks. And now I’m wondering how on earth Nancy is going to get out of her latest mess. You! You had to go and bring that all back into my mind again!! A Netflix night it is then…

    Oh, and your kitchen is pretty. =)

  18. Great idea!! As always…thanks for sharing!!

    Hope you’re well,

    Bernadette @

  19. Ha ha… (I just use old paperback books and capri sun boxes!)

  20. LOL!!! I never thought about boxes!! I keep my cookie jar collection on mine so they are pretty tall enough.

  21. Tallulah Eulallie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! My next project is adding crown molding to my kitchen cabinets, and I was wondering how I was going to be able to see my collection of ceramic pitchers above all that trim. Problem solved!

  22. What a great idea!!! Thanks for sure!!

  23. I love that look. But my cabinets are mounted so that the tops are concealed. Can’t explain with out a gallon more of coffee but I know that you understand. LOL and the tops of your cabinets look so clean. My mom has exposed cabinet tops but there is probably 2 inches of dust up there.

  24. Ah thanks you! I was thinking of placing a board up there but now that is even better than my idea! Thanks for sharing your tricks with me.

  25. Haha, yay for Weeds!

    What an awesome idea! I put my teapots on top of my cupboards, but I lose them up there all the time. This idea is so simple, it’s kinda sad I hadn’t thought of it before!

  26. Love your ‘supplies’… I also have raised my collection of glass with old bowls turned upside down… love to see such items at the tops of cabinets…. only thing.. my glass gets so dirty and I need to take them all down once a month to clean….
    Good post

  27. thank you for this post! i totally need to work on mine…they are as tall as yours but not as wide :o( love your ideas girl! hugs!

  28. I did the same thing in my kitchen. Except, instead of boxes, I used old phonebooks. Love it!

  29. Ha ha ha, I’ve done that before too! That’s too funny. I felt like my space was a little too cluttered and so I tool everything down about a year ago. I’ve thrifted so many new things that I could probably use that space and give it another go. Now I just need to find some small boxes. ha

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