The Rodney White obsession continues, making it’s way to my family room.

I bought another Rodney White print on Craigslist.

I’m addicted. I can’t quit. I swear this is the last Rodney White print I will buy.



The desk in our family room use to look like this:

This picture is from this post.

I’ve been trying to simplify the mess. It’s now looking a lot better.


I first shared my complete and total obsession with Rodney White in July.

At that time I was 0 for 4. Yes, I said 4. I’m telling you it’s an illness.

Here are the other prints I have by him:

This one, “Life Needs More Green Lights” was originally over my fireplace, then over my desk, and now it’s sitting homeless in my room.

And this one…

…currently hangs in my guest bathroom, but it’s a little dark for my liking in that little room, so it will eventually have a new home somewhere else in the house, I’m just not sure where yet.

And then there’s my favorite one…

…which hangs in my kitchen.

And of course, my 4th one that is now in my family room.


Aren’t his pictures just so delicious?! I’m so smitten with them I just can’t even control myself. I really want to get this one too, but I fear that FIVE prints would be well above and beyond obsessive-compulsive.

When I posted about his artwork in July I showed you dozens of amazing pieces, so if you would like to see even more stuff by him, click here.

Aaaaand on a side note…

Let’s talk about this desk for just a sec, mmm-kay?!


Yes, it’s appalling. I know. And so is the chair. I’m workin’ on it.

I’m thinking I either want a long dresser for this space, or keep a desk here but one with drawers and a really nice parson’s chair, or something similar.

I’d love a dresser but then where would my kids sit while at the laptop? But, if I get a desk they can sit there on the laptop AND I can move all the art supplies from the kitchen to some drawers in the desk which will free up my buffet for lots more kitchen stuff for me!

Because I’m so practical I’ll most likely go with the desk. But hopefully at least one with the same colored legs this time.

Are you curious why there are 4 different color legs? The desk is from a pair of matching desks (the other is in the game room). Both were in my kids’ room while we lived in an apartment in Beverly Hills. We let them pick out the leg color, so of course they had to pick one of each. Lovely.

Am I the only one obsessed with Rodney White?

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  1. YES! I am the first commentor! 😀 I love your blog (i think this is the first time I’ve commented, but I check your blog every day, like a few times…. but I’m not a stalker… hehehe!) I tried to put you as the awesome blog on Vintage Revivals but someone else already did. 🙁 I love the prints too! Especially the cherry one! FYI you totally inspired me to spray paint stuff, which isn’t great for my parents… because now I’m obsessed with it, and the thrift store of coarse! 😀

  2. I LOVE Rodney White as well! I really want his Rain or Shine print for my kitchen 🙂

  3. I totally appreciate you keeping it real with the less-than-loverly desk area!! I struggle every day with where our humongo iMac will live… no place in our house is ideal! What did you do with yours?

  4. I think you’re looking at this the wrong way! You aren’t obsessive.. you’re a collector! Collectors are totally legit in their passion for a specific object. Congratulations on your collection!

  5. OMG, LOVE LOVE LOVE Rodney White prints, I too have never commented but stalk you…um…read your blog daily. LOVE your blog. LOVE. I do have a question about the prints, do you just order the poster and frame the prints yourself or do you normally get them mounted already? Just curious.
    Keep blogging, we stalkers…er…followers love you!

  6. i have wanted that seek happiness cherry picture for ages!!!! NOW YOU HAVE ME HOOKED!! love your choices!

  7. The prints are amazing!

  8. I love your new Rodney White print! It’s easy to see why you love them so much!
    I think a desk with a slip covered parsons chair would look great in that space! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  9. I LOVE Rodney White too! My sister got me hooked. Her house is like yours, FILLED with his prints. I only have 1 so far, but I want more!

  10. never knew Rodney White ’til your brilliant self introduced me! LOVE these paintings and am right there with you wishing I could own many of them! Love yours!

  11. I love Rodney White also. I have 2 of his prints so far. The one you just got hangs in my away-at-college son’s bedroom. The “dream” print is in my guest room. I will be happy when there is one in every room. Thanks for your great blog.

  12. Have you ever been to his web page? I love the video he has of how he paints.

    I would love to own one of his paintings! You are one lucky girl. Maybe you can group them like they did on the tv show that used his paintings.

  13. I love Rodney White, and I didn’t even know it! My aunt has the one with the cherries, and I so very badly wanted it, but since she said it was from Ballard I knew I could never afford to buy it! I’ll have to look for others of his elsewhere for maybe cheaper??

  14. WOW!!! These are FANTASTIC! They look GREAT on your walls too! I love Love LOVE the Lemon aid one!!! Thats my favorite too! 🙂

  15. I found your blog a few weeks ago and check it all. the. time. I love your ideas and you have inspired me to do several things around my house!! I have never commented but I had to on this post. I found one of these prints at Target. It is the one with the airplane that says How Great Would Life Be If You Lived a Little Everyday. It has moved a couple of times but it hangs in my living room. I am so glad that you posted your collection because now I know the artist!!!

  16. I am totally obsessed with Rodney White, too! I have big plans to put 4 2×2 prints in my dining room. I am hoping to DIY it and make it look like they are originals.

  17. I have the popcorn one in my basement and love it! I’ve almost bought the lemonade one a few times but keep stopping myself but now I’m totally coveting yours and I’m not supposed to covet things so if I just go buy it then all will be good again, right?? Although, that cherry one is pretty sweet too…

  18. I love your collection! I actually bought his lemonaid one on Beyond The Rack today for a lot less!

  19. Just picked up my first Rodney White ( your latest purchase) at KIRKLAND HOME……Can you believe it only $20! It was actually on CLEARANCE!
    I plan to get as many of his beautiful pieces as possible. I would like one in every room!

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