The cutest rhinestone butterfly bag you ever did see

Check out this adorable butterfly bag I made for my daughter!


Silhouette has a fun new product and I.Am.In.Lurve.



The first thing I did was go to the Silhouette store (from your software installed on your computer) and I downloaded this butterfly template. Then I cut it out on the special Rhinestone Template Material my kit came with.


The kit also comes with these rhinestones:


Next, I began the tedious process of inserting each rhinestone into the appropriate hole. It wasn’t hard, it just took a lot of patience. Then again, I chose probably THE MOST difficult Rhinestone project available. Most use one or two colors or sizes of rhinestones. This one used FOUR.


It took me awhile to get all my rhinestones in place, but it was so worth it because the results are just amazing.

Now that the rhinestones are all in place I took the Rhinestone Transfer Tape and set it on top of the rhinestones. This tape removed them from the template so that I could place it on my bag. Then just cover the transfer tape with some fabric or a towel and iron it. I used the leg of my pajama bottoms… no joke.


For the bag, I bought this 4-pack of bags from Hobby Lobby for around $7. I used only the blue one from the set, so now I have 3 additional bags left for more projects!


After lots of ironing, to the point that you are envisioning an iron mark burned into your fabric, the rhinestones should be set. Just slowly peel up the transfer tape to reveal your new rhinestone image! So easy, right?!!!


And here she is. But I’m thinking she’s still looking a little too boring for my taste.


I decided to dress up the handles with some fun polka dot grosgrain ribbon.

I simply pinned the ribbon over the handles and sewed it on at 2am. Yes, 2am. I gave up soda 3 days ago {pat on the back} and since then I’ve had INSOMNIA. Seriously, you’d think with no caffeine after an addiction like I had, I’d be snoozing day and night, but nope, I’m so wired I can’t sleep a wink. So I got up and sewed.


I don’t know all the technical terms for sewing. All I know is how to sew. So take this with a grain of salt. I used the foot that I assume is for sewing things like zippers on and I sewed along the edge as close as I could get.


Oh, and I also loaded my machine with hot pink thread on top and blue on bottom so it would totally blend in.

This is so boo-ti-full I want to just kiss it.


Silhouette_Rhinestone_HoH_06  Silhouette_Rhinestone_HoH_07

Is this not the sweetest little butterfly bag you ever did see?


And I’ll tell you what, I just made one little almost-seven-year-old-little-girl mighty happy this morning when I gave her her new gift… under one condition; that she let me photograph her before school for my blog.

She happily obliged.


And not 3 seconds later I dropped my somewhat brand new camera on the ground and jammed the lense. And I real for real started crying Right.There. Fortunately with a little elbow grease I was able to snap the lens back into place and it seems to be as good as new. Whew. I did not want to have to buy another new camera no more than 4 months after I bought this one.


Yes, I know she’s adorable. Seriously, stop. I know! She gets it from me.

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  1. so stinking cute! i need to make a bag for my daughter for dance class! off to hobby lobby soon!

  2. I LOVE YOUR POSTS! So much that I read them all, yes I said ALL in one day. The crafts and tutorials are wonderful, but what makes HOH so great is your personality that somes through in every post. You have me checking each day to see whats new 🙂

  3. ACK!!!! I LOVE IT! It’s soooooo cute! And YES she is TOTALLY adorable! 🙂

  4. hello! love the bag. i already have a silhouette and want to get the starter kit, but i was the code and it doesn’t take the 30% off the starter kit? am i doing something wrong? could we email me? thanks.

  5. Vintage Beachgirl says:

    The bag is adorable, definitely the cutest butterfly bag I’ve seen! The daughter is an absolute love, she does look very much like you!! She is beautiful and her face reveals how much she adores her new bag! Lucky girl to have talented Mom like you!!

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  7. I love the bag! The model really knows how to sell it 🙂 Which might sound weird but I watch a LOT of Project Runway and that’s what the designers say when their models show off their designs really well.

    For the insomnia, I’ve been there too. Do you like to drink tea? Drinking mint tea in the evening helps me get to sleep. If you like I can send you some dried peppermint from my container garden so you can give it a whirl.

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