The pink fluffy poodle lamp; or, I found another use for all those leftover coffee filters

Hey Peeps! Did you have a fantastic Easter? We spent the long weekend chilaxin’ in a lazy river at a resort in San Antonio with some hotel points we had burning a hole in our pocket. Pure.Heaven.

So, ‘member that Coffee Filter Wreath I made? {How could you NOT remember because of it’s sheer awesomeness?}

Well, in case you are just itchin’ to check out that tutorial, here’s my Big Chunky Plumpy Funky Somethin’ Somethin’ Coffee Filter Wreath again.

Okay, so anyway… I said I had a few about 250 filters left over from that ring-o-awesomeness…

Is the suspense just killing you? Are you dying to know what on earth I could make with even more coffee filters? Okay, fine. I’ll tell you.

I made a lamp.

Okay, not a lamp per se, but the shade for the lamp. And then I busted out the spray paint. And now I have a lamp fit for a little princess or diva.

Coffee Filter lamp08  Coffee Filter lamp10
And just to point out the obvious here, this would be OFF and ON.

Yes, I know, total amazeballz, right?!

And now that I’m thoroughly convinced that I have your undivided attention, I will give you a play-by-play on how to make this fire hazard {kidding!} fluffy fire ball o’ goodness.

First, you’re gonna need a shade. And a lamp. {OMG DUR!}

Coffee Filter lamp01  Coffee Filter lamp04

The shade I dug out of my sister’s garbage can and the lamp my mom gave me. I’m sure most of you probably have, or your mother probably has, a lovely gold lamp like this lying around. I’m sure it came from JCPenney in about 1989.

Now just start gluing the coffee filters to the lamp. To see how to fold them, glue them, and give yourself several 1st degree burns, check out my tutorial here.

Coffee Filter lamp02

When I got about this far (see above picture) I decided that it looked like one of those curly white wigs they use to wear in like the 1700’s.


Isn’t that guy just so hot? I mean, look at him! He’s smoldering. I’d be smoldering too if I had that wig on.

And thus, the official House of Hepworths 1700’s wig was created. So basically now you know how to make a lamp and a wig for your next office party.

Coffee Filter lamp03

You can’t tell but I’m totally smoldering under the shade. Smoldering I tell ya.

Yes, I really went there. Uh hua. Oh ya.

After I was done screwing around with my George Washington wig, I finished gluing the rest of the filters on. Then I decided to tackle my ’80’s lamp.

What on God’s green earth would be better than HOT PINK with ruffles? Nothing! (said in my most convincing Napoleon Dynamite voice.) Well, maybe your mom. But nothing else.

So I spray painted it hot pink because your mom wasn’t available.

Coffee Filter lamp05  Coffee Filter lamp06

Hmmmm… did I prime it first? Um… uh… hmmm. I can’t remember. Ah! NO. No, I did not prime first. I just went all free willy, threw caution to the wind and sprayed it with the paint. And in case you can’t read the can, the color is Krylon Watermelon.

The paint seems to be sticking just fine with no primer for me, but if you copy my tutorial… prime or don’t prime at your own risk!

Coffee Filter lamp11

This lamp’s pinker than Paris Hilton’s wardrobe. And I love it! (both Paris and the lamp.)

Don’t these ruffles remind you of a tuxedo shirt? Or a poodle? Or, honestly, just a bunch of coffee filters glued to a lamp shade? Your call.

Coffee Filter lamp12

And in closing, let’s end with something completely and utterly unrelated to the lamp…

Coffee Filter lamp07  Coffee Filter lamp09
Not to be Captain Obvious here or anything, but these pictures are with the lamp OFF and ON. 😉

Does that dresser remind you of the TiVo button or is it just me?

Or maybe an old school tv?

…I’m now giving you a minute to get all your laughs out… take your time… Are you done? Co’. (That would be “cool” for all you uncool people that don’t know what “co'” means).

That dresser is in line for a makeover. It took a number, and it’s very far down on the makeover list. But it’s time will come. One day, it’s time will come. Bawahahahahaha (cue Count Dracula music here).

Coffee Filter lamp08


“Awesome?” Or “OMG Allison what on earth were you thinking? FAIL!”?

Are you “Team fluffy poodles and pink”, or “Team boring builder beige”?

I know, I know, that question was loaded and wasn’t fair. But neither is life. Get use to it. {Oh SNAP! You just got TOLD!}

So are you fluffy and pink, or builder beige? There are no other options. You must pick one. And if you pick wrong, I will stalk you, hunt you down, and paint everything in your house pink.

(This is where you tell me you love pink and the lamp has rocked your world.)

::smooches:: xoxo

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  1. LOL, I totally took a picture of myself with a lampshade on my head while working on a post for next week on Friday night!

    Great Minds And All!

  2. Love this Allison! Definitely rocks my world 😉

  3. Well shut my mouth I don’t know which looks better the finished fantabulous lamp OR your very chic hat!

  4. Love it. Love the hot pink, love the fluff!

  5. Nadine in Nevada says:

    I LOVE your blog. You have the same warped sense of humor that I do. 😀

    Your lamp is adorable – however in our house it wouldn’t last more than a day because my cats would take it as a challenge. Ah well – can’t win ’em all!


  6. hahahaha the pic of you with the lampshade on your head kills me! Almost as much as the smoldering….lol

  7. Pink! I love the pink! Now, get out of my bushes so I can cut them to the ground. Muahahahaha (I kill me)

  8. You should give credit where credit is due. LIz Marie did this exact project 4 days ago.

    • Oh snap. I just got told. If I had copied another blogger, I’m the 1st person that would give credit where credit is due. But thanks for assuming that A) I actually know who Liz is, B) assuming that I copied someone and didn’t give them credit.

      I guarantee you I did not copy Liz. Gluing coffee filters to inanimate objects is not a brand new thing. We all assume we are the one to invent something when in reality, this lamp shade was probably invented 50 years ago.

      I ALWAYS give credit to other bloggers. Always. I am not that person who rips someone off and pretends I invented it. But thanks for the accusation. I appreciate that.

      Well, at least thanks for introducing me to a great blog. Liz’s blog seems like one I will enjoy reading. If I ever link to her I’ll make sure I give you full credit.

      Also, I tried to email you privately about this, but your email address is FAKE. I’m sensing a troll?

      Oh, one more thing… in my coffee filter wreath post TWO WEEKS AGO I wrote this at the end… “And I’ve got one more awesomely cool project in the works with the remainder of my 250 filters. Hopefully I’ll finish soon so I can show it off to you. ”

      How can I copy someone before they even post about it?


  9. This might be weird or kind of random, but you’re looking skinny in your lapshade-hat picture. I think when ever someone is looking skinny, you HAVE to compliment them!

  10. Two things – LOVE the pink wreath AND the builder beige. Actually, not so much the builder beige but I stare at it on my own walls on a daily basis, so it holds a bit of familiar comfort.

    Second thing – Good on YOU, Allison, for standing up for yourself to such an accusation. As a fellow blogger, I understand completely the frustrations of people deciding that they have a right to vomit their stupidity all over your comment section. When I was reading the comment thread, I first caught myself doing a circle snap, “Oh, NO SHE DIDN’T!!” kinda thing. I was ready to full on jump to your defense and was so glad to see you had handled your own. 🙂 Sometimes it feels like I have to “play nice” and just take the good with the bad in this blogging business, so it’s inspiring that you have shown the other options! 🙂 Thank you!!

  11. You just crack me up! Thanks for the laugh! Now it’s off to bedtime (does it really have to be Monday tomorrow?)

    Happy Easter!

  12. ok, so what i was gonna before i read your hate mail (btw…love your comeback! seriously?! anyone reads your blog on a regular basis would KNOW that you give credit where credit is due) is that you are feisty, especially on that post! i haven’t ever met you, but i hear your voice with each and every post.

    I love reading your posts and getting a good laugh! The quotes were too much and the lamp shade head, i burst out laughing!

    Your lampshade looks beautiful! I LOVE the watermelon color and the fluffiness of the filters!

  13. I love your projects and good for you with your come back on the above rude post.

  14. I love your mantle decor. And I love this lamp. All of it. The color is great, the coffee filters are great!!! And way to go defending yourself. You are awesome.
    love your blog!!!

  15. Im a bit of a lamp girl so I this this is really cute & creative.
    Call me blonde , cause I am , but are paper filters a fire risk ?? or are they ok as long as they are glued on correctly ????
    Love your blog by the way … I am new to blogging 🙂

  16. I totally love that lamp girl!! I’m glad you gave us a minute to catch up on our laughing ’cause i definitely needed it!! Too bad my mom wasn’t available, she would have helped draw the smiley face on the shade and never ONCE gave you that “what on earth is wrong with you?” look! 🙂


  17. This is so fun! And so pretty! Thanks, also, for the great laugh! You’re hilarious.

  18. LOL, LOVE the lamp, it is SO cute….we don’t have those huge coffeefilters here (as far as I kno duh) but love the idea. GOOD for you on your reply to the “kind” blogger 😉 LOVE the hat…do you know in England (and Australia) they still wear those wigs in court??? YUP the do! And bet they are smouldering as well hahaid
    Hugs from Marian from the Netherlands

  19. The lamp shade on your head is a great pic!! You are rockin’ it girl for sure!! One problem though…that fluffy lampshade makes me want to break out the poodle skirt and dance the twist??!!!
    Dang! Where the heck is that skirt anyway!!!??? Ha!!
    And pink is definitely the color to use!!! I might add a ribbon and bow to the top to finish it off?? What do you think?
    Have a good one!

  20. Oh baby jabezus! I am sitting in the ER with my daughter reading your blog and litterally LOL… All the sick people gave me violent looks. Sheese! What a NUT you are….LOVE YOUR GUTS! LUBz the Lamp Shade Hat!

  21. if you only knew the entertainment you provide me with!!! i was cracking up during the entire post (never knew george washington could look so GOOD!)….and then got to the comment section! oooh snap! 🙂

  22. Girl…you are waaaay funny….i love ya….keep up the good work, that’s to say, keep inspiring us all. I wish you had been around when i was a brand new wife and mom…but even now, you rest on my shoulder everytime i go into the thrift store (what would allison do with this little flappydo??) 🙂 again i love what you do…kay

  23. Do you like that watermelon color? I have been looking for a rocker girl kind of pink to paint a garish gold mirror and was wondering how this color looked after a few coats. I found a small can of hot pink at michael’s i wanted to try, too.

  24. 1st. To the Troll: Get over it! Most likely you are “Liz” and just looking for a way to get your blog name out there. But do you think people are jumping to get in line to read your blog? UM, YEAH, NO!

    2nd. Allison: Did you seriously say “snap”? Twice?
    Didn’t leave the valley girl in the valley did ya? 🙂 LOL
    Between that and the pink lamp I suddenly want to go see if leagally blonde is on tv. oh and find some watermelon jolly ranchers. That pink was the same color as my bedroom when I was 8. 🙂

    3. After the weekend I had this was a good laugh. Thanks!

  25. HOLLA, PINK!! Love it. And I’m so fluffy, ruffly, and pink. No boring-ness here. No way, Jose.

  26. You should definately put this on:
    SO dang funny!

  27. Brandee, I was thinking the same thing!

  28. I’m linking to your post about boxes because you totally inspired me to do my own versions. And because I give credit where it’s due (when I remember). I swear I have good intentions, but I get so distracted SQUIRL! and tend to forget where I was when I’m done being distracted.

    However, I’m sure I linked to you in my upcoming post. I’m sure.

  29. Oh my word Allison! I {LOVE} your new lamp and I {LOVE} your smoldering hot lampshade wig photo where you are looking super hot and skinny and I {LOVE} that you just verbally B!%&# slapped the fake e-mail accuser!

    I also really {LOVE} run-on sentences.

    I freaking {HEART} the crap out of you!

    You need to send that comment along with your response to Mandi’s new blog My Favorite Hate Mail:)

  30. “Team fluffy poodles and pink” all the way. I LOVE bold and fun decor. Just like the fabric that will soon be my curtains!

  31. Hi Allison! I’m your newest fan thanks to Little Miss Momma posting this on Facebook and I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE this lamp!! I just re-did a lampshade, but now I think I’m going to have to re-do it. Thanks, thanks a lot.. 🙂

  32. LOVE your blog and all your cute ideas!!!!

  33. I love this lamp but I love the picture of you with it over your head almost more than I love the lamp- ALMOST.

  34. Allison – LOVE the lamp! LOVE the response to the rude comment!!

    I laughed SO hard when I got to the “lamp hat” picture! It totally took me by surprise and I cracked up! I already knew you and I have the same sense of humor, and when I showed the hubzy, he didn’t think it was that funny – which confirmed it! 😉 But please don’t stalk, hunt, and paint my house pink on his behalf – he just doesn’t appreciate good comedy! But you are so welcome to come to my house and we can paint whatever you want – we would have oodles of fun!! =)

    Mara @ Super Savings

    p.s. that dresser totally reminds me of the Tivo logo!!

  35. This is adorable!

  36. LOVE your lamp and the pink is perfect! I LOVE your sense of humor especially with the lamp shade on and the smiley face! Too funny! Also the guy with the wig is hot Lol

    I also saw your wreath tutorial and that is gorgeous! I may have to try both of these!

    Oh to the person (Hannah) that was being cruel to you,well I can name a lot of people that have made the lampshade, and your response to her was right on. What’s up with people that like to be mean?

    p.s. thank you so much for listing the paint colors on the wreath tutorial page! I have been searching for the perfect gray colors as I am loving gray right now! Yours are perfect!

    p.s.s. Your a sweetee and ignore mean people! Booo on Hannah if in fact that is her real name

  37. Visiting from Favorite Hate Mail. Love this lamp (and your response to the crazy person). I am now following! Can’t wait to see who else you rip off, hahahahaha! I’m kidding of course 🙂

  38. Nicole Pruetz says:

    I too am visiting from Favorite Hate Mail. I am now a follower of your blog and love it. I love your reply to her…even though you shouldn’t even have to respond!! AT least I found you now, so thanks to her for that:)

  39. Love it! The pink base TOTALLY makes it!

  40. This is too cute! I hope you will share at my party Craft and Tell Tuesdays!

  41. You’re amazing and I love your blog. I love that you stand up for yourself and your aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. It’s a craft project, something you can share and something others can change to fit their needs and style, but not something so original that you are going to get copyrights and patents for it.

  42. That is a sweet lamp for a diva!!! It will look amazing with her duct tape accessories! Lucky girl!

  43. I LOVE this idea! Great job!!

  44. Bahaha, somehow I missed this post, but I’m SO glad I saw it now 🙂 You crack me UP! The 1700’s wig was totally unexpected, in the best way possible 😉 And that man IS truly *smoldering* (although I personally think yours was better).

    And…I PROMISE I didn’t steal this idea from you…but it’s in my line-up of projects to do for my new girly crafty area!! Dang it! AND I have to defend Liz Marie…I doubt she had anything to do with that stupid comment…she’s a great blogger with great ideas, and I don’t think she would ever accuse you of “stealing” an idea. Sheesh! And now I will have to link to 2 of you guys when I end up making mine!! 🙂

  45. Love the post; especially the part of about the wig. The lamp shade is really cute! Perfect with the pink base. Oh to have a girl!

  46. haha…I’m totally thinking:
    “You broke my smolder” 🙂
    Great looking lamp! AND I’m your newest follower!

  47. OOOOoooo! I love your lampshade! You did it differently than mine – my filters are my topsy-turvily (that’s a word you know) placed so it totally looks different! And I did mine top to middle, bottom to middle… it’s cool to see how the same project can look different depending on the crafter. LOVE the color of your lamp. BEAUTIFUL GIRL! 😉

  48. Dude we are blogging ESP-ers. I swear as the good Lord is my witness I did the same thing lol. I love how great minds think alike. haha…mine is a little different and I used gigantor filters but still same concept. Rock and roll!

    Deb @ Dejarenew

  49. oh my lerdy… you make me laugh. Like, every day. Seriously. Ahhh…. it’s like a ‘script for happiness coming here. Thanks a bunch sweet cakes!

  50. Ummm…so your hilarious AND crafty…bestest combo I can think of!!! Hardee har…!!!! Love your coffee filter wreath…I hope I can make mine as fluffy and plump as yours!!! Love it!!

  51. Team fluffy poodles and pink! My daughter will love this. GORGEOUS! And I must say, the wig made me smile 🙂 You rock!

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