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Pinwheel Wreath; dollar store style

Ladies and Gents, be prepared to be shocked. I made another Dollar Store Wreath. {I have a thing for wreaths.} Yup. I did. And this time it's a Pinwheel Wreath for the Spring and Summer! Yippie! Are those pinwheels not just the most freaking cute thing you've ever seen? I found these Pinwheels at the Dollar Tree. They were just so mini and adorable that I just had to create a project to use them for. After a little more browsing, brain-racking, and scheming I finally came up with a great wreath idea. On that same trip I also purchased some floral grass and a … [Read more...]

Caprisun bags & totes the hit of the school!

I am a little obsessed with Caprisun bags. Seriously. Are they not just the cutest things ever? And lunch sacks? Dying. I've streamlined my initial lunch sack. It now has a handle, less velcro, a flap closure, and is less bulky at the top. They are pretty much a huge pain in the patootie to make so I'm not going to give a play by play right now. Maybe some day. Here's my tutorial on how to make the little bags though.    I also have been making these oh-so-cute large caprisun totes. They are great for school or going to the pool. The big … [Read more...]

Hookin Up with HoH #50

This is my 50th link party! Holla! Wow, have I really been hosting a weekly link party for FIFTY weeks?!? Well, here's to another 50! Here are my favorites from last week: Check out this oh so cute wire memo board by The Gunny Sack. ORANGE? check. CHEVRON? check. TEAL? check. This coat rack by The Sweet Survival is 'da bomb. OH-em-gee, does this chicken look so delish or what? Get the recipe over at La Force Be With You. Looks can be deceiving. This breakfast is actually a plate of cookies. I LOVE cookies in the shape of fun stuff. Get the deets … [Read more...]

HoH vacation poll

Please take a minute to stop by my Facebook Fan Page and answer the very quick poll I just posted. If you don't have Facebook, or are just too lazy to click over, you can answer in the comments here if you'd like. Here's the poll: I'm going on a road trip this summer for 3 weeks. Would you rather... A) Keep reading the regular home decor and craft posts that HoH usually blogs about. B) Read about HoH's road trip for 3 weeks straight (no craft or home decor posts) C) Half and Half. Regular posts plus vacation posts mixed in. D) I don't care. I'll read whatever HoH … [Read more...]

The Hostess Twinkie Challenge

A few months ago Ben, the kids, and I were eating at Pluckers... The waitress asked us if we'd like to try the Fried Twinkie for dessert. Travis, our 9 year old, goes, "What's a Twinkie?" Whut Whut???? (cue record screeching here) {{Did he seriously just ask what a Twinkie was?}} Not knowing what a Twinkie is is a crime against humanity. How on earth could we have let this happen? Obviously we just had to get the Fried Twinkie at that point. Every child in America should know what a Twinkie is by the time they are at least 2, if not younger. Image borrowed from … [Read more...]

I’ve been doing a lot of stripping lately. That, and giving the bird too.

I swear, this dining room WILL get finished if it kills me. I've pledged to finish the dining room before starting any other huge projects around these here parts. And I'm working my badunkadunk off trying to prove I can actually follow through with a project, start to finish. After months of obsessing about my undying love for the Thomas Paul aviary fabric, I finally put my money where my mouth is and ordered two large samples of it. Ordered at Calico Corners Oh, aviary fabric, how I love thee! I did not know it was possible to love a fabric any more than I already did, … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY: Ribbons & Bows Oh My

* This Giveaway is now closed * The winner is comment #27 - Tara from 3 Guys On A Mission Who wants $100 worth of totally awesomespice ribbon?! This weekends giveaway is from the crazy cool ribbon and accessories company, Ribbons and Bows Oh My! otherwise known as RABOM. Ribbons and Bows Oh My! (RABOM)'s ribbon is literally the best quality ribbon I've found. The grosgrain is THICK so your bows and crafts will be perfect and hold their shape, unlike most grosgrain that is thin and floppy. I have purchased huge quantities of ribbon from them and trust me, they are … [Read more...]