Fit for a {K-9} Princess {or Prince}; stylish food containers for your pampered pooch


Last week my sister came over and I made some labeled bins for her Dogs’ food. She has 3 fur babies and each has it’s own particular food (don’t ask why. I have no idea).

Meet my sister Merideth and her husband Dan:
{Merideth is an awesome hair stylist in Austin, TX. Contact me for her contact info.}


I also posted another picture of them over Christmas (Mer is in blue). Just ignore Ben’s wonky face:

So anyway, Merideth has these three dogs that she honestly believes are her children. Here are two of them:


I swear Judge reminds me SO MUCH of Dan. I don’t know what it is about that dog, but I can’t see Judge and not think of Dan. Sammy is their brand new puppy. You’d think for a puppy he’d want to run around crazy all the time. Nope, that dog would rather sleep than do anything else. Once, he fell asleep with his face in the water bowl.

Merideth knew exactly what she wanted for her dog food bins. I think she just used me for my Silhouette machine.

The labels were really easy. Basically she scoured all my fonts until she found a specific one for each of her children dogs that she felt matched their personalities.

I printed up the labels and stuck them to the lid of each bin.


The plastic on these bins wasn’t completely smooth, so we did have a little trouble getting the vinyl to stick. It’s all good though. We just busted out the Mod Podge. Merideth Mod Podge’d while I applied the vinyl.


She also brought over this big plastic tub for dog toys. I just cut out the vinyl extra long so it would fit around the bin. Then I used a flat scraper from my kitchen to help stick it around all the grooves in the tub.


I LOVE the way they turned out. Aren’t they srsly so adorable? The crown and font for Phypher’s bin is so ah-freaking-dorable. I may copy that and label something for Kinsey (my child, not my fur baby.)


When Merideth got home she emailed me a few pics of the dogs with their toy bin. I don’t know why the wiener dog Phypher isn’t in the photos. She’s pretty old so she was probably asleep or something.


And that, my friends is how you can easily make personalized dog containers. Or, not. Personalize your coat container. Or your kitchen cabinets. Or whatever floats your boat.


And in closing, I’ll leave you with the dog pictures again. Who can resist dog pictures?



I’m glad Merideth came over and forced me into making her labeled bins (at eleven freaking o-clock at night I might add!). They are so much cuter than what I probably would have done – a sharpie.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love vinyl?

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  1. Heather Hayes says:

    Stop giving me reasons to want a Silhouette…

    BTW: I totally thought I was the only one who said “Wonky”….see I knew I liked you for a reason! 🙂

  2. Soo cute!! I want to put our dog food in a cute tub!!!

  3. How cute! I love them! The possibilities are endless with vinyl!

  4. Those turned out GREAT!!!!

  5. Merideth Calderwood says:

    Hello House Of Hepworths!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing my project with your fans! YES, Phypher the Princess Weenie Dog Was “asleep or something” for the photo shoot…. It was late at night for a old weenie (about 6pm) and was under the covers at the foot of the bed LOL!

    Judge the Black, Pitt-old English bull Mix & Sammy the White, Great Pyrenees were up with Mommy (me) for a midnight wrestle…. (we have quite the Trio, dont we?? Im going for a Brad & Angelina thing….lol… j/k)

    To answer any questions you may have about the 3 different foods for 3 different dogs…
    Heres the short of the short story: Old Weenie is over 7, so if you have old dog you know they eat “senior” food…. (poor oldie!). Her large Little Brother has irritable bowel (yuck… yes its awful) from being bottle fed [by me] since he was 10 days old – so he has “special food”, he is also a “special” dog so its fitting, LOL [I think he truly believes im his mommy!!! I do! hahah]! And as for the huge 4 month old puppy (yes only FOUR months! OMG)……. Hes a puppy, so thats self explanatory; Puppy food for him – and when he is all big and grown up, he wont have to have that special irritable bowel food either (thank God!).

  6. Merideth Calderwood says:

    PS, Im glad I was actually wearing something CUTE that day!

  7. What a great idea and, of course, it looks fabulous!! Love the fonts you chose too!!
    The dogs are so cute!! Would have loved to see the wiener dog though. I love them! Grew up with them!!!

  8. You mean it’s not enough to just scribble their names on the bucket with a permanent marker? When my husband did them he was being so careful to make all of the letters the same size that he spelled one of the dog’s names wrong. She will forever be C-hole (instead of Chloe) to us.

  9. Such a great idea!! Would come in very handy when we have to board the dogs — masking tape with Sharpie-written names isn’t quite as cute 🙂

  10. Super cute – both the bins and the kiddos. Maybe you can show us a pic of Phypher as a follow up?

  11. that’s such a cute project!

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