Whirlwind weekend at GE in Kentucky

This is NOT a sponsored post. I’m writing this of my own accord because I feel like it. I was not asked, paid, or perk’d to write this post.

Sunday through Tuesday I was on a whirlwind trip to Louisville (Lul-vul), Kentucky as a guest for GE Appliances.

GE Appliances has been developing a strategy for how to get get more deeply involved in social media and the bloggersphere.

They invited a small group of bloggers for a luxurious learning, sharing, and cooking opportunity at the GE Monogram Experience Center in Louisville, Kentucky. They titled it the “GE Momsperience!”

Me with the President and CEO of GE Appliances, James Campbell

I had the amazing opportunity to be one of those bloggers invited to this fun GE Momsperience. I met a few GE Employees while attending Blissdom, and as a result, they chose me!

We were each allowed to invite a friend to attend with us, so I brought along my IRL bestie Beth who blogs at Free Stylin’.

Beth and I on the shuttle to the Austin airport in route to Kentucky

GE_momsperience_HoH_02  GE_momsperience_HoH_03
This was both of our first time to Kentucky, so we were just a little excited!

We stayed at 21C, a 90-room boutique hotel, contemporary art museum, award-winning restaurant and cultural civic center nestled in the heart of Museum Row in historic downtown Louisville.


The hotel doubled as a contemporary art museum and had art sprinkled throughout the entire hotel. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the art we saw:

GE_momsperience_HoH_22  GE_momsperience_HoH_25

I was a HUGE art geek in Middle and High School, and I have always loved contemporary and abstract art, so this hotel was right up my alley. I loved every second of it.

GE_momsperience_HoH_23  GE_momsperience_HoH_24

While at the GE Monogram Experience Center we learned all about GE appliances, the GE company in general, and even had a cooking class with two 5-star chefs!


I’ve definitely come to appreciate GE more as a company now. I was really impressed with how gracious all of their employees are and how much they each believe in their product. You can tell just from talking to them that they love GE and stand behind their products 100%. That says a lot, IMO.


We also had the unique opportunity to meet the Mayor of Louisville, Greg Fischer.


GE treated each of us like Rock Star Celebrities; and I enjoyed each and every second of it! 🙂

I’ve never had a cooking class in my life, so to get to prepare a meal with two amazing chefs was just a huge treat for me. I really learned so much about cooking. Maybe now my oven will get a little more use. haha.


And here’s me with my masterpiece. I am amazed that something I cooked tasted so delish.



They had each of us write out a laundry confession. Here’s mine. (No judging!)


One of the highlights of the trip was our trip out to Churchill Downs.



We had a tour of the Museum there as well as an amazing dinner. The previous night GE treated us with a Derby Hat Party, so each of us had big fun hats to wear on Derby night.

I had the pleasure of meeting Traci at Blissdom and was so excited to see her again at GE.


Loralee was absolutely hilarious. She and I hit it off in about 2.5 seconds. It was sarcasm and jokes all night.



I also got to finally meet Char from Crap I’ve Made. I was giddy as ever to get to meet her, and she is just one of the funnest most hilarious people on this planet. If she would agree to it, I swear I’d be her best friend.


I’ll spare you with an overload of museum pictures, but I just have to show you this dress they have on display worn by Anna Nicole Smith:



I love celebrities and all things celebrity related, so getting to see the dress that Anna Nicole Smith wore was pretty much awesomespice.

It absolutely amazes me that because I sit at home and blog in my pj’s, I get to have opportunities like this. I pinch myself that this little ol’ blog has made such an impact that people and businesses will actually pay to fly me out and wine and dine me so they can have my opinion. Wow. I am truly humbled and so blessed. Who would have ever thought anyone would care what I have to blog about, much less invite me somewhere just so I will share my opinion with them.

GE even sent us home with a swag bag full of laundry and kitchen goodies!


One of the best experiences in my life so far, hands down (besides getting married, my kids births, yadda yadda).

Here are all the other bloggers who were in attendance:

Craft/Home/DIY Bloggers:
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Crap I’ve Made
Beneath My Heart
Creative Kristi
Therapy for Roses
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Where Women Create

Mommy Bloggers:
Just Another Mom of 2
The Mommyhood
Of Such is the Kingdom
Blonde Mom Blog
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Food Bloggers:
Love Feast Table
Broccoli Cupcake

Lifestyle Bloggers:
Loralee’s Looney Tunes
Charlene Chronicles

Photography Bloggers:
Mommy’s Camera
Bon Appetit Hon

Cleaning and Curator Bloggers:
I Dream of Clean
Be Different, Act Normal

Nancy and Megan of GE,

THANK YOU for the fabulous mini vacation!

The ONLY crappy part about my entire trip… I never once got to meet Jack Donaghy.

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  1. So great to meet, hang out, and cook with you! What great photos of the event you have! I look forward to keeping in touch.

  2. Well, how fun to read this post. I’m from Louisville, and my Dad worked at GE for over 45 years. He started the Apprentice Training Program there when he moved from Erie, PA, to Louisville. Glad you had a fun visit!

  3. Ha! Love your laundry confession! : )

  4. How fun! We were { } this close to moving to Louisville a couple of years ago. We ended up in Portland instead, but who knows–life may still take us there someday.

  5. It was such an amazing trip! So nice to get to hang out with you!

  6. Oh, wow!!! That looks like a lot of fun!!! I live about two hours from Louisville, but have always driven through The hotel/museum looks really awesome. LOVED your derby hat!

  7. You are just the cutest! The laundry confession…too funny!

  8. Hey! Glad you had a great trip.

    * edited by HoH to remove a controversial topic. *

  9. Great post! Thank you for everything!! 🙂

  10. Wow! How exciting and I love your pics!! The hats were fabulous! You all looked so beautiful!
    Loved your laundry confession!!! Ha!!
    What an amazing experience! Glad you got to go!!

  11. So glad you had a great time in Kentucky! I’ve lived in Kentucky my entire life and I LOVE it here! Your laundry confession is hilarious! Mine is similar, only I keep our clothes piled high in baskets and on the extra bed in my boys’ room 🙂 DH can’t stand it but I tell him he should be happy that I even wash his clothes, lol.

  12. So glad you visited my home town! 🙂 I love Louisville! It looks like ya’ll had a great time.
    I love GE too! Being a hometown girl, lots of my friends and family work or have worked there over the years!


  13. It was so fun to meet you! We look forward to getting to know you better over here at your table. Loved, loved the hat with the orange. It was a happy hat and made us smile.
    Loved your recap.
    Kristin & Chris Ann

  14. How fun! Looks like an amazing trip. I just wanted to say that my laundry confession would be identical to yours. Ha!

  15. All these pics are great!! Looks like a ton of fun!! Now, where can I get me that laundry sign!! ha!! You look SMASHING in that black dress!!! Poor Char’s foot!! Did you know Kate with Chic on a Shoestring Decoration sprained her foot too! And confession time: I LOVE Anna Nicole Smith!! The world just isn’t the same without her crazy antics. And her poor daughter. Every girl needs her Momma!

  16. Sounds like you had lots of fun, loved all your pics. I am going to have to check out some of the blogs you shared.

  17. What a wonderful opportunity for you! Looks like an amazing time! Congratulations!

  18. Merideth Calderwood says:

    Allison, you should have put in a shout out to your & Beth’s AWESOME Hairstylist! Merideth @ Mesa hills Salon, Austin Texas!


  19. Yeah for you! Lucky girl! I bet it was fun! Char is incredible and Loralee is from my town! What a fun trip.

  20. I had SO much fun meeting you!!!! I’m still on a break (I know) but we have to stay in touch, you! xooxox

  21. I LOVED your laundry confession!!! That would be mine too, except sometimes, it takes me longer. 😉

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